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Customize Your Dutch Bros Drink: Healthier and Tastier Options

Ordering Decaf Coffee at Dutch Bros

Some people mistakenly believe that decaf coffee is the same as caffeine-free coffee. However, there is a significant difference between the two.

Caffeine-free coffee is made from beans that have naturally low levels of caffeine, while decaf coffee is made by removing caffeine from regular coffee beans. If you’re looking for a coffee with reduced caffeine, it’s important to know how to order your decaf beverage at Dutch Bros.

Difference between Caffeine-free and Decaf

Caffeine-free coffee is less stimulating, allowing you to maintain your normal sleep patterns without sacrificing your love of caffeine. Decaf coffee, on the other hand, still contains a small amount of caffeine, typically between 0 and 7mg per cup.

This amount is significantly lower than regular coffee, which has between 70 and 140mg of caffeine per cup. It is essential to know the difference when choosing the right coffee for your health and well-being.

Special Instructions for Ordering Decaf Beverages

When ordering a decaf beverage at Dutch Bros, there are a few important things to note. Firstly, you should always request decaf explicitly.

It helps to avoid any misunderstandings, ensuring that you get the beverage you desire. Secondly, you can ask for substitutes such as non-dairy milk or sugar-free syrups if available.

Lastly, you can ask for extra flavors or shots of espresso if you prefer your decaf a little stronger.

Decaf Frost Flavors

Dutch Bros offers a range of delicious flavors in their Frost beverages, including various decaf options. Let’s have a look at some of the popular decaf frost flavors at Dutch Bros.

Overview of Frost Flavors

Frost is a frozen version of Dutch Bros’ signature drink, the Rebel. It is a cold, creamy blend of ice, milk, and a variety of flavors inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s local ingredients.

At Dutch Bros, you can customize your Frost with your favorite flavors, add-ins, syrups, and toppings for an extra boost of flavor and texture. With so many variations, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

Top 4 Decaf Frost Flavors and Their Descriptions

  1. Strawberry Frost: This is a sweet, creamy blend of strawberries, white chocolate, and vanilla. It is a popular choice all year round, with a refreshing touch.
  2. Cotton Candy Frost: This is a decaf Frost flavor that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It blends blue cotton candy syrup with a creamy base for a delightful and nostalgic taste.
  3. Ninja Frost: This is a rich, chocolaty decaf Frost flavor that combines smooth chocolate milk with smooth creamy flavor. It’s a perfect drink for chocolate lovers.
  4. White Chocolate Frost: This decadent flavors has a velvety smooth texture with a creamy white chocolate taste. It’s the perfect treat for those who love indulgence.


In conclusion, understanding the difference between caffeine-free and decaf coffee is important when ordering your beverage at Dutch Bros. Always remember to ask for decaf explicitly and request substitutes or extra flavorings as needed.

Decaf Frost beverages offer a range of delicious options while providing a lower amount of caffeine. With so many decaf flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find a Frost beverage that satisfies your cravings.

Other Drink Modifications at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros serves a wide variety of coffee drinks, energy drinks, teas, smoothies, and other specialty beverages. While these drinks are delicious, some customers may be concerned about the high sugar and calorie content found in many of these drinks.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can modify your drink to make it healthier and more suitable for your dietary needs.

High Sugar Content in Dutch Bros Drinks

Many Dutch Bros beverages are high in sugar content and calories. Their popular blended drinks and frost beverages, for instance, can contain 60-100 grams of sugar per serving.

To ensure that you’re consuming a healthy amount of sugar, be mindful of the nutritional facts of the drink you’re ordering. At Dutch Bros, the company provides nutritional facts for all their beverage offerings, which include the calorie count, sugar content, and other relevant nutritional information.

Sugar-free Syrup Substitution and Calorie Content

Many people prefer sweetened beverages, but too much sugar can lead to a variety of health issues. Fortunately, Dutch Bros offers a variety of sugar-free syrups as a substitute for regular syrups.

By doing so, you can reduce your sugar intake significantly. A sugar-free syrup substitution also decreases the calorie count of your beverage.

A Sugar-free syrup reduces your calorie intake by about 53 calories per pump. When you’re placing your order, ask for a sugar-free substitute as an alternative for regular syrup, and you will be surprised how sweet your drink tastes in the end.

Dairy-free Milk Options and Sugar Content

Dutch Bros offers plant-based milk options that are free from dairy and lactose, making them a suitable option for people with dietary restrictions. Plant-based milk options available for alternatives include soy, almond, and coconut milk, among others.

While plant-based milk options are convenient for people with dietary restrictions, it’s important to note that they can contain added sugars. Be mindful of the sugar content and request for the drink to be made without the sweeteners to further reduce calories and sugar intake.

Dutch Bros Drink Options

Variety of Coffee Combinations and Options Available

Dutch Bros offers an extensive range of coffee drinks, and the variety can be overwhelming to navigate. However, browsing their menu and asking the barista for recommendations for a coffee or drink to meet your tastes can lead to your desired drink.

While Dutch Bros offers set drink combinations, they can customize your beverage to your liking, including the strength of coffee and espresso, the milk type, and flavorings. Dutch Bros prides itself on meeting its customers’ specific tastes.

For instance, if you prefer your coffee iced, fatty milk substitute or sugar-free vanilla swirling with your cold foam, the barista can make necessary modifications according to your wishes. Determined amount of Caffeine and Sugar in Mixed Drinks, But Flexibility in Coffee and Espresso-based Drinks

Besides a variety of coffee combinations, Dutch Bros serves several other drinks that are mixed with non-coffee ingredients.

These commercial drinks have an exact amount of caffeine and sugar in them. However, for coffee and espresso-based beverages, Dutch Bros provides flexibility in the amount of caffeine and sugar since it is measured and added by the barista.

For instance, if you require double espresso in your latte, that is offered and a scoop a flavor syrup to help enhance your drink’s taste.

Caffeine-free Options Besides Decaf Coffee

For people who are sensitive to caffeine, Dutch Bros offers a range of caffeine-free drinks. Instead of coffee, you can opt for Dutch cocoa, Dutch soda, lemonade, smoothies, and a variety of frost flavors.

Dutch cocoa is a decadent chocolate milk, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle that offers a sweet treat, while Dutch soda is a mixture of carbonated water and a flavored syrup for a fizzy beverage. As for smoothies, you can opt for a strawberry, peach, or mango flavor for a fruity, refreshing option that still satisfies your sweet cravings.

The lemonade at Dutch Bros is available with flavors such as Arnold Palmer, Honey Lavender, and Mango flavors.


In conclusion, with the option to substitute sugar-free syrup and plant-based milk, you can modify Dutch Bros drinks to make them healthier and suit your diet. The variety of coffee and non-coffee combinations at Dutch Bros are vast and customizable, giving the consumer the perfect beverage to suit their tastes.

Additionally, caffeine-free drinks such as frost flavors, Dutch cocoa, Dutch soda, lemonade, and smoothies offer a variety of options for people who are sensitive to caffeine. In conclusion, Dutch Bros offers a vast range of beverage options, including coffee, energy drinks, teas, smoothies, and specialty beverages.

These drinks can be modified to reduce excessive sugar and calorie intake by substituting sugar-free syrup and plant-based milk. Customization is also available to adjust the caffeine and sweetness levels to tailor-fit each individual’s tastes.

Dutch Bros also provides caffeine-free options like Dutch cocoa, Dutch soda, lemonade, and smoothies for people with sensitivity to caffeine. Recognizing and modifying your drink orders to lower sugar and calorie intakes is essential for maintaining good health and wellbeing.

With these options in mind, you can still enjoy delicious Dutch Bros beverages while keeping your dietary needs in check.

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