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Delve into the World of Coffee: Exploring the Best Coffee Podcasts for Enthusiasts and Professionals

Coffee has become an integral part of our daily lives, whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day break. With so much interest in coffee, it’s no surprise that there are podcasts dedicated to this beloved beverage.

Coffee podcasts cover industry issues, brewing techniques, sourcing, roasting, and sustainability while keeping the listeners entertained with interesting stories and guest interviews. In this article, we’ll explore the different coffee podcasts available, focusing on:

The Coffee Podcast

This podcast delivers insightful discussions about the coffee industry, science, and sustainability issues.

The Coffee Podcast

The Coffee Podcast is a popular podcast that offers its listeners an in-depth insight into the world of coffee. It is hosted by Jesse Hartman, who is a certified coffee roaster and professional cupper.

Jesse has many years of experience in the coffee industry, and his podcast reflects his enthusiasm for coffee.

The Coffee Podcast delves into issues such as the coffee industry, brewing techniques, sourcing, roasting, sustainability, and coffee science.

Discussions on coffee industry issues

The Coffee Podcast is known for its engaging discussions on the most pressing issues in the coffee industry. Jesse and his guests go in-depth on various topics such as sourcing, roasting, and brewing.

They provide valuable insights into the coffee industry that coffee enthusiasts and professionals will find interesting. In the podcast titled “The Ethics of The Coffee Industry”, the host and his guests discuss the dark side of the coffee industry.

They dissect issues such as unethical sourcing practices, exploited labor, and the economic challenges faced by coffee farmers.

Brewing techniques

The Coffee Podcast also focuses on brewing techniques. In this podcast, Jesse shares his knowledge about the different coffee brewing methods and provides tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

He discusses the differences between French press, drip, and pour-over coffee. Listeners can learn about the nuances of each method, the grind size, the different brewing times, and the ideal water temperature.

Some of the most popular podcasts on this subject include “Dialing In Your Espresso” and “Six Brewing Methods for Coffee”.

Sourcing, Roasting, and Sustainability

Sustainable sourcing practices and roasting are essential for the coffee industry.

In “The Science of Coffee Storage”, Jesse delves deeper into the importance of sustainable sourcing practices, as well as the impact of storage on the flavor of coffee. In the podcast titled “Roasting Science”, listeners can learn about the different roast styles, the role of heat, and the chemical changes that take place during the roasting process.

Additionally, “Sustainable Coffee Farming Practices” provides valuable information on how coffee farms are reducing their carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices to support the environment.

Series on Coffee Science

The Coffee Podcast regularly features a series on coffee science. These episodes take a deep dive into the science behind coffee, including the physics of brewing, the impact of temperature, and the chemical compounds that affect the flavor of coffee.

Listeners can learn about the role of water, and the effects of caffeine on the human body. The latest series is on Coffee Chemistry, which focuses on the chemistry of coffee and how it affects the taste and aroma.

These podcasts are not only informative but also entertaining, as the host and guests keep the listeners engaged.


Coffee podcasts have become a popular way for coffee enthusiasts to learn about the industry, brewing techniques, and current issues.

The Coffee Podcast is a great example of a podcast that delivers valuable information and engaging discussions on coffee.

From the coffee industry to brewing techniques, sourcing, roasting, and sustainability, the show covers a wide range of topics related to coffee. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a coffee professional looking to learn more, The Coffee Podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Coffee podcasts have become increasingly popular as more and more people look for a deeper understanding of their favorite beverage and the industry surrounding it. Two such podcasts worth exploring are the:

Coffee Sprudgecast and

Boss Barista.

Both deliver valuable insights and discussions on current coffee events, industry issues, and world events. In this article, we’ll dive into each and explore what makes them unique.

Coffee Sprudgecast

The Coffee Sprudgecast offers top-quality content for coffee enthusiasts who love to stay up to date with current events and gossip in the coffee world. Created by two coffee bloggers, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, Coffee Sprudgecast is their audio extension of Sprudge, a specialty coffee website dedicated to sharing industry news, gossip, and reviews.

The podcast offers a mix of informative and entertaining content, making it perfect for anyone looking to stay informed about the world of coffee.

Education on current coffee events

Coffee Sprudgecast focuses on delivering the latest in coffee events and gossip directly to its listeners. The podcast provides informative content on what’s happening in the coffee industry, whether it’s the opening of a new coffee shop or the latest advances in coffee technology.

Some recent podcasts that have gained popularity address issues such as the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the coffee industry and the controversy surrounding the World Barista Championship.

Interviews with coffee experts

Coffee Sprudgecast also offers its listeners a chance to get up close and personal with coffee experts, restaurateurs, chefs, baristas, and cafe owners through interviews. The podcast has featured various high-profile guests, including James Hoffmann and Scott Rao.

The hosts dive deep into the lives of their guests, discussing their career paths, coffee philosophies, and latest projects. The interviews are fascinating, informative, and personal, providing a comprehensive view of what it takes to make it in the coffee industry.

Boss Barista

Boss Barista is a podcast that is dedicated to empowering and uplifting people who work in the coffee industry. Hosted by Ashley Rodriguez and Jasper Wilde, each episode focuses on topics that matter to people in the coffee profession.

Boss Barista covers an expanded range of topics, such as world events, gender, race, sex, and ethics, making it a perfect platform for people who want to gain valuable insights into the coffee industry and the world beyond it.

Focus on current world events and coffee industry issues

Boss Barista offers a unique perspective on world events and issues related to the coffee industry. Their podcasts delve deep into topics such as the coffee industry’s impact on the environment and sustainability efforts, particularly through interviews with industry experts such as SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) USA President Tracy Ging.

They also explore the impact of the pandemic on the coffee industry, highlighting the struggles of baristas and cafe owners and providing valuable insights into how coffee professionals can pivot and adapt to the current economic climate.

Provides value to the coffee workforce

Rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of coffee, Boss Barista places a significant emphasis on the people who work in the industry. The podcast delivers valuable information to coffee professionals on topics such as improving working conditions, creating an inclusive workplace, and fostering better collaboration between team members.

They discuss issues related to the gender and racial disparities that exist in the industry and offer solutions to overcome them. With this expert knowledge, coffee professionals can focus on adding value to their work and the industry.


Coffee podcasts have become popular platforms for learning about the coffee industry, events, and news.

Coffee Sprudgecast and

Boss Barista are two such podcasts that offer unique perspectives on the coffee industry by focusing on different aspects of the industry.

Coffee Sprudgecast focuses on current coffee events, industry gossip, and interviews with coffee experts, while Boss Barista provides insightful discussions on the coffee industry’s latest issues and provides educational value to coffee professionals. Both podcasts provide valuable information to those interested in the coffee industry.

Coffee is ME and

Keys to the Shop are two podcasts that offer valuable insights into creating and running a coffee business. Each podcast has a unique focus that draws on the vast industry knowledge of its hosts and guests.

In this article, we’ll dive into each podcast and explore what makes them unique and informative.

Coffee is ME

Coffee is ME is a podcast that delivers insightful discussions on building a coffee business in the digital age. Hosted by Karysa Faire, a coffee business consultant and digital marketing expert, the podcast focuses on the essentials of building a successful coffee business with a strong online presence.

Coffee is ME targets those in the coffee industry who are looking to grow their business with the use of digital marketing strategies.

Building a coffee business in the digital world

Coffee is ME offers in-depth discussions about launching and growing a successful coffee business. Karysa shares advice on how to use social media effectively, create an engaging website, and utilize digital marketing tools to reach customers in the most effective way possible.

Her insights are particularly useful for those new to the industry, providing insights into how to start a coffee business and build a strong online presence. In episodes like “The Future of Digital Marketing for Coffee”, listeners can learn about the latest in digital marketing strategies and how to apply them to their business to drive success.

Interviews with emerging and established coffee professionals

Interviews on Coffee is Me are with both emerging and established coffee professionals who share their experiences and advice. The conversations are educational and provide valuable insights to anyone interested in the world of coffee.

Each interview is unique, featuring different professionals sharing their views on topics ranging from coffee quality to business management. The guest speakers offer practical advice that listeners can apply to their own businesses or professions.

Keys to the Shop

Keys to the Shop is a podcast focused on providing advice to coffee professionals in building and running a successful coffee business. Hosted by Chris Deferio, a coffee business consultant, author, and coach, the podcast offers insights from experts in the coffee industry.

Keys to the Shop provides valuable information for business owners, coffee managers, and individual coffee shop enthusiasts.

Essentials of building a coffee business

Keys to the Shop offers comprehensive information about building a coffee business. This includes topics such as roasting, supply chain management, customer service, team building, and coffee technology.

By focusing on the essentials, Chris and his guests offer a wealth of knowledge to coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. The podcast provides useful information for starting a coffee business, streamlining operations, and improving processes.

Founder’s Friday interviews with successful business owners

Keys to the Shop has a segment called “Founder’s Friday”, which features interviews with successful business owners in the coffee industry. These interviews aim to share insights into the unique aspects of running a coffee business.

The interviews encourage listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and provide valuable advice on how to overcome common obstacles. Additionally, the podcast delves into guest business owners’ personal journeys and the challenges they have faced while building their businesses, which provides motivation and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.


Coffee is a burgeoning industry, and it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and business practices. Podcasts like

Coffee is ME and

Keys to the Shop are valuable resources for anyone interested in starting or building their coffee business.

Both podcasts offer unique perspectives on the industry that are educational and informative, focusing on specific aspects of the coffee business.

Coffee is ME is suitable for those looking to develop an online presence, while Keys to the Shop offers insights into essential coffee business practices.

Together these podcasts encompass the comprehensive information needed to become a successful coffee entrepreneur. Two popular coffee podcasts that cater to coffee enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and skills are “I Brew My Own Coffee” and “Cat and Cloud.” Each podcast offers unique insights into the world of specialty coffee, providing education, tips, and advice to listeners.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these podcasts stand out and how they can help coffee lovers enhance their coffee experience.

I Brew My Own Coffee

“I Brew My Own Coffee” is a podcast dedicated to educating and empowering coffee enthusiasts in the art of homebrewing. Hosted by Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele, the podcast offers a wealth of information on various homebrewing techniques, specialty coffee, and even home-roasting.

It is designed to guide listeners through the process of brewing their own exceptional coffee right in the comfort of their homes.

Coffee homebrewing education

The primary focus of “I Brew My Own Coffee” is to provide education on homebrewing techniques. The hosts meticulously explain the different brewing methods, such as pour-over, French press, and espresso, covering grind sizes, water-to-coffee ratios, and brewing times.

This detailed and in-depth approach allows listeners to understand the nuances of each method and experiment with their brewing techniques. Whether you are a novice or an experienced homebrewer, the podcast offers something for everyone.

Tips on creating specialty coffees at home

“I Brew My Own Coffee” goes beyond just teaching the basic brewing techniques. The hosts delve into the world of specialty coffee, sharing tips on how to create exceptional coffees at home.

They discuss aspects such as selecting specialty beans, understanding flavor profiles, and utilizing different brewing devices to enhance the taste and aroma of the final cup. Furthermore, the podcast explores the addition of flavored syrups and other ingredients to elevate the homebrewing experience.

These insights encourage listeners to explore new flavors and techniques to create their own specialty coffees.

Cat and Cloud

“Cat and Cloud” is a podcast hosted by Jared Truby, Chris Baca, and Charles Jack, who collectively own Cat and Cloud Coffee, a renowned specialty coffee company. This podcast aims to share their specialty coffee knowledge while also focusing on building authentic and meaningful relationships between employees and employers.

Specialty coffee knowledge

The hosts of “Cat and Cloud” have a deep passion for specialty coffee and a wealth of knowledge to share. They explore a wide range of topics, including coffee varieties, processing methods, roast profiles, and the impact of origin on flavor.

Listeners can expect to learn about the intricacies of the coffee bean and gain a deeper understanding of what makes specialty coffee unique. The hosts’ enthusiasm and expertise make each episode engaging and informative, leaving listeners with a new appreciation for specialty coffee.

Focus on real employee and employer relationships

One standout aspect of “Cat and Cloud” is its emphasis on fostering genuine relationships within the coffee industry. The hosts discuss the importance of creating positive work environments, treating employees with respect, and empowering them to grow both personally and professionally.

By focusing on these aspects, the podcast provides valuable insights for coffee business owners and managers on how to build strong and productive relationships with their employees. Additionally, they explore topics such as career development, work-life balance, and mental health, offering listeners a well-rounded perspective on employee-employer relationships.


“I Brew My Own Coffee” and “Cat and Cloud” are two coffee podcasts that excel in providing valuable information and insights to coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to enhance your homebrewing skills, create specialty coffees, or gain a deeper understanding of the coffee bean itself, these podcasts have you covered.

With “I Brew My Own Coffee,” you’ll receive education on homebrewing techniques, while “Cat and Cloud” offers specialty coffee knowledge and focuses on fostering authentic relationships within the coffee industry. By listening to these podcasts, coffee enthusiasts can expand their knowledge, skills, and appreciation for the world of specialty coffee.

For true coffee aficionados looking for a deeper understanding of the industry,

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lectures and

Coffee Jobs are two podcasts that offer invaluable education and insights. The SCA Lectures delve into various topics related to the coffee industry, while Coffee Jobs provides interviews with coffee professionals and offers education on coffee business and entrepreneurship.

Let’s explore each podcast in detail and highlight how they can expand our knowledge and passion for specialty coffee.

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lectures

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lectures provide a comprehensive education on the coffee industry. As an authoritative organization in the specialty coffee world, the SCA ensures that their lectures cover a wide range of topics, offering listeners valuable insights into the latest scientific developments, coffee trends, and industry practices.

Education on the coffee industry

The SCA Lectures are the perfect platform for listeners to immerse themselves in the world of specialty coffee. Through these lectures, coffee enthusiasts can gain a deep understanding of the coffee industry as a whole.

Whether it’s exploring the history of coffee cultivation or understanding the economic factors that affect coffee production, the lectures provide a comprehensive overview of the industry landscape. By delving into the topics like sustainability, fair trade, and coffee certifications, the SCA Lectures help listeners navigate the ethical dimensions of the coffee industry.

Wide range of topics on coffee science and developments

The SCA Lectures cover an extensive range of topics related to coffee science and industry developments. Listeners have the opportunity to learn about the chemistry of coffee, the impact of different processing methods on flavor, and the science behind brewing a great cup of coffee.

Additionally, the lectures explore the latest advancements in technology, machinery, and quality control measures within the coffee industry. By staying up to date with these developments, coffee enthusiasts can apply the latest knowledge to their own brewing techniques, enhancing the quality of their coffee.

Coffee Jobs

Coffee Jobs is a podcast that provides valuable insights into the coffee industry through interviews with industry professionals. Hosted by coffee entrepreneur Mike Nelson, the podcast offers a diverse range of perspectives, providing listeners with both inspiration and practical advice for navigating the coffee world.

Interviews with coffee professionals

The heart of

Coffee Jobs lies in its interviews with coffee professionals. Through these interviews, listeners get an inside look into the lives, experiences, and insights of individuals who have achieved success in various coffee-related fields.

From renowned baristas to coffee roasters, cafe owners, trainers, and even green coffee buyers, the interviews cover a wide range of roles within the industry. The personal stories and shared expertise from these professionals serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring coffee enthusiasts.

Education on coffee business and entrepreneurship

Coffee Jobs goes beyond individual interviews and provides valuable education on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of the coffee industry. Listeners can expect episodes that cover topics such as opening a coffee shop, branding and marketing in the coffee industry, understanding the coffee supply chain, and navigating the complexities of starting a coffee business.

By offering this insight, Coffee Jobs prepares coffee enthusiasts for the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in their own coffee endeavors. The podcast aims to empower its listeners with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the coffee business.


With the ever-growing specialty coffee industry, podcasts like

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lectures and

Coffee Jobs serve as indispensable resources for coffee enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge and involvement in the industry. The SCA Lectures educate listeners on a wide range of topics, covering everything from the origin of coffee to cutting-edge developments in coffee science.

Coffee Jobs, on the other hand, offers personal interviews and practical education, equipping listeners with the tools to navigate the coffee business and entrepreneurship successfully. Together, these podcasts provide a rich tapestry of education, inspiration, and insights, fostering a deeper appreciation and passion for specialty coffee.

Stone Creek Coffee is a podcast dedicated to mastering the art of specialty coffee. Hosted by Eric Resch, the owner of Stone Creek Coffee, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for coffee enthusiasts at all levels of expertise.

With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, Stone Creek Coffee provides education and insights that are beneficial for both beginners and experts in the world of specialty coffee.

Mastering the art of specialty coffee

At the heart of Stone Creek Coffee is a deep passion for specialty coffee and a desire to share that passion with others. Eric Resch and his team at Stone Creek Coffee have honed their craft over the years, striving for excellence in every aspect of coffee production.

Through this podcast, they pass on their expertise and help others master the art of specialty coffee. Listeners can expect to learn about the nuances of coffee flavor profiles, brewing techniques, and the sourcing and processing of specialty beans.

Simplified knowledge for beginners and experts

One remarkable aspect of Stone Creek Coffee is its ability to deliver complex coffee knowledge in a simplified manner. The podcast caters to both beginners looking to enter the world of specialty coffee and seasoned experts seeking to refine their skills.

Eric Resch takes great care to explain concepts in an accessible way, making it easier for listeners to grasp and apply the information. Whether it’s understanding the various brewing methods, perfecting the grind size, or experimenting with different flavor profiles, Stone Creek Coffee breaks down the complexities of coffee into manageable pieces of knowledge.

Education for beginners

For beginners, Stone Creek Coffee acts as a guide, providing foundational knowledge and a solid understanding of the basics of specialty coffee. Listeners who are just starting their coffee journey can benefit from episodes that cover topics such as coffee bean varieties, flavor notes, and brewing essentials.

These episodes lay a strong foundation, ensuring that beginners have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and explore the world of specialty coffee with confidence.

Insights for experts

Even seasoned coffee professionals can find value in Stone Creek Coffee’s episodes. The podcast doesn’t shy away from diving deep into advanced topics that interest coffee experts.

In episodes designed for experts, listeners can expect discussions on topics such as advanced brewing techniques, the science behind coffee extraction, and innovative trends in the specialty coffee industry. These episodes provide insights and inspiration to help experts further refine their skills and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving specialty coffee landscape.

Guest interviews and stories

Stone Creek Coffee also features guest interviews and stories from individuals in the specialty coffee industry. These interviews provide unique perspectives and insights into various aspects of the coffee world.

From baristas to roasters, cafe owners to coffee growers, these conversations offer a comprehensive view of the industry and the passionate individuals who contribute to it. The stories shared on the podcast inspire listeners and create a sense of community, connecting them to the broader specialty coffee world.


Stone Creek Coffee is a podcast that offers a valuable resource for anyone seeking to master the art of specialty coffee. With its focus on simplicity and accessibility, this podcast provides education and insights that appeal to beginners and experts alike.

By breaking down complex concepts, Stone Creek Coffee empowers listeners to enhance their coffee knowledge and skills. Whether you’re just starting your journey into specialty coffee or you’re a seasoned professional looking to refine your craft, Stone Creek Coffee has something to offer.

This podcast is an excellent companion for coffee enthusiasts who aspire to elevate their coffee experience and immerse themselves in the world of specialty coffee. In conclusion, coffee podcasts offer valuable education, inspiration, and insights for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

From delving into the intricacies of specialty coffee to providing tips on homebrewing, coffee business, and industry developments, these podcasts serve as indispensable resources. Whether it’s learning about coffee science or fostering authentic relationships within the coffee community, these podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge.

The diverse range of topics covered caters to beginners and experts, simplifying complex concepts without compromising on the depth of information. By immersing ourselves in these podcasts, we can deepen our appreciation for the world of specialty coffee and elevate our coffee experience.

So, whether you’re a coffee lover or a coffee professional, tune in and embark on a journey of discovery and growth in the coffee world.

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