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Discover the Best Peruvian Coffee Brands: A Guide for Coffee Lovers

Peru Coffee: A Guide to the Best BrandsMany people are not familiar with Peruvian coffee, despite the fact that it is one of the most diverse and high-quality coffee-producing countries in the world. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Peruvian coffee brands that will certainly impress even the most experienced coffee drinkers.

1. Volcanica Organic Peru Coffee – Best Overall

Volcanica Organic Peru Coffee is one of the best examples of Peruvian coffee, made from the finest 100% Arabica beans from Tres Cumbres, Peru.

This coffee is all organic and hand-picked by local farmers, which means that every bean is processed with the utmost care. The result is a well-balanced, medium-bodied coffee that boasts rich flavors of chocolate and caramel, along with a mildly acidic undertone.

This coffee is perfect for people who prefer a clean, smooth cup of coffee without any overpowering notes. 2.

Coopers Cask Peruvian

Coopers Cask Peruvian coffee is unique due to its distinct cold brew process. This coffee is sourced from the Cajamarca region of Peru and grows at high altitudes.

The beans are roasted with a beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity, creating a complex flavor profile. Then, instead of hot brewing, Coopers Cask cold brews the coffee for 24 hours, which results in a perfectly smooth and rich cup of coffee.

Coopers Cask Peruvian is an excellent choice for people who prefer their coffee to be sweet, strong, and full of body. 3.

Java Planet Peru Coffee – Best Decaf Pick

Java Planet Peru Coffee is a highly sought-after brand, famous for its organic, 100% chemical-free decaf coffee. Sourced from small family-owned farms in the Chanchamayo region of Peru, this coffee is grown in high altitude conditions and has a well-balanced flavor with a medium body.

The decaf process used to preserve the bean’s flavors is a Swiss Water Process, which uses a unique filtering method that does not harm the environment, ensuring a clean end product. 4.

AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Coffee

The AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Coffee is perfect for people who prefer pre-ground coffee and want the added assurance of a Fair Trade Certification. Sourced from various cooperatives in Peru and roasted in the United States, this coffee is USDA organic certified and every purchase supports fair trade practices.

The coffee boasts a smooth, balanced richness with a subtle nutty flavor and hints of chocolate. You are sure to enjoy this flavorful coffee, any time of the day.

5. Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Peru

Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Peru is a bold and smoky coffee, ideal for anyone who loves a dark roast.

This coffee has a strong and bold flavor with a rich, earthy note from the Cajamarca region. The smoky flavor is perfectly balanced and not too overpowering, making it perfect for coffee aficionados who enjoy a robust and intense coffee experience.

This coffee is also affordable and comes in bulk, making it an excellent option for people who want to enjoy a high-quality coffee without breaking the bank.


In this article, you have learned about the top 5 best Peruvian coffee brands that are well worth trying. Each brand has its own unique taste profile, making it easy to find one to suit your individual taste preference.

With its rich history and diverse regions, it is no surprise that Peru has become one of the leading coffee-producing countries. We hope this guide has inspired you to try some of the best Peruvian coffee brands on the market and helped you discover a coffee you will love.

3. Buyers Guide: How to Select the Best Peruvian Coffee Brand

Peruvian coffee is renowned for its delicate, mellow, nutty, and sweet flavor profiles.

But before you dive into selecting your first bag of Peruvian coffee beans, let’s go over some critical factors to consider.

Origin and History of Peruvian Coffee

Peru produces some of the world’s most excellent coffee beans, and it has a rich and exciting coffee history that dates back to the 1700s. The country is home to 200,000 coffee farmers, and the coffee industry supports over 200,000 families.

The three primary coffee-growing regions of the country are located in the north, central, and southern regions. As you shop for Peruvian coffee, you may want to pay attention to the region where the coffee is grown, as it can impact the coffee’s overall taste.

The history and geography of Peru coffee production should also inspire greater appreciation for the coffee, and those who cultivate and harvest it.

Flavor Profile of Peruvian Coffee

Peruvian coffee is mild, smooth, and well-balanced, making it an ideal option for coffee drinkers who are not fond of bitter or acidic coffee. The coffee is known for its nutty and caramel-like hints with subtle chocolate undertones.

The flavor profile of Peruvian coffee can vary depending on the region where the beans are grown, the bean variety, and the processing method used. It’s essential to select a brand that lists the flavor notes on the label and choose a variety that aligns with your taste preferences.

Roasting and Freshness

Roasting is a crucial factor that affects the taste of the coffee. The roasting process helps to develop the flavor profiles of the beans, bringing out their natural sweetness, acidity, and aromas.

When it comes to Peruvian coffee, a medium roast level is most common, as it helps to preserve the coffee’s natural sweetness and nutty notes. Always check for the roast date on the packaging to ensure that the beans are fresh.

You want to look for a brand that roasts in small batches, to ensure maximum freshness and full flavor potential.

Grind and Convenience

Coffee grinds are available in pre-ground or whole bean form. Pre-ground coffee is suitable for people who want to save time, but it can sacrifice freshness and flavor.

Whole beans are fresher and retain their full flavor potential for a longer time. If you have a coffee grinder at home, whole beans are an excellent option.

It’s best to purchase coffee beans at local coffee shops or roasteries that use top-quality equipment and roast their beans fresh to order.

Sustainability and Certifications

Peruvian coffee is often produced by small producers who depend on coffee for their livelihoods. As such, sustainability is of utmost importance.

Look for brands that support sustainable farming practices, fair trade principles, and certifications such as Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance. These certifications affirm that the coffee was produced in a manner that supports sustainable livelihoods while promoting social justice and environmental conservation.

4. Recap of Top Recommended Peruvian Coffee Brands

Now that you realize what to consider when selecting the best Peruvian coffee brands let’s recap some of the top recommended brands.

Volcanica Organic Peru Coffee and Coopers Cask Peruvian are two of the best brands currently in the market, both offering high-quality options. Java Planet Peru Coffee is the best decaf pick, while Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Peru is an excellent option for dark roast lovers.

Finally, AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Coffee is a budget-friendly and convenient option that still maintains excellent quality standards. In conclusion, selecting the best Peruvian coffee brand is a personal and exciting process.

The country’s rich history, diverse regions, well-balanced taste profile, and sustainable farming practices produce unique and delicious coffee. Follow the tips above to select the best Peruvian coffee brand to suit your taste preference, while staying conscious of quality, freshness, and sustainability.

In conclusion, Peruvian coffee is a high-quality, diverse coffee that deserves more recognition. Its well-balanced taste profile and sustainable farming practices make it an excellent addition to your coffee collection.

When selecting a brand, consider its origins, flavor profile, roast level, freshness, and sustainability credentials. The Volcanica Organic Peru Coffee, Coopers Cask Peruvian, Java Planet Peru Coffee, Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Peru, and AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Coffee are some of the best Peruvian coffee brands on the market today.

By purchasing these coffee brands, you support the hard-working families behind them while enjoying a top-quality cup of coffee.

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