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Chemex Coffee Makers: Everything You Need to Know

Coffee lovers around the world are always searching for new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage. If you’re someone who enjoys a clean, full-bodied cup of coffee, you might want to try a Chemex coffee maker.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Chemex coffee makers, including their sizes, ratios, history, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

Understanding Chemex Coffee Makers

Chemex Sizes and Ratios

The Chemex coffee maker comes in three different sizes: 3-cup, 6-cup, and 8-cup. So, which one should you choose?

It all depends on how much coffee you want to make. The 3-cup Chemex is perfect for one or two people, while the 6-cup and 8-cup models can serve a larger group.

To determine the appropriate ratio of coffee to water, use one tablespoon of coffee ground for every 5 fluid ounces of water.

Choosing the Right Size Chemex

When choosing the right size Chemex, you’ll need to consider a few factors. First, how many cups of coffee do you typically drink in a sitting?

Second, how many people do you plan to serve? Finally, do you want to make a large or small batch of coffee?

Answering these questions will help you decide which Chemex size is right for you.

Funnex by Chemex

If you’re looking for an easier way to pour your coffee, you might want to try the

Funnex by Chemex. This attachment fits over the spout of your Chemex and allows for a more precise pour.

It’s perfect for those who want to control the flow of their coffee as they pour.

About Chemex Coffee Makers

History and Invention of Chemex

The Chemex coffee maker was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. Schlumbohm was a chemist who loved coffee, and he wanted to create a device that could brew a better cup of coffee.

The Chemex was born out of this desire, and it quickly gained popularity among coffee lovers. Today, the Chemex is considered a timeless piece of design, and it is a staple in many coffee shops and homes.

Benefits of a Chemex

There are several benefits to using a Chemex coffee maker. First, the Chemex is known for its clean and full-bodied coffee.

This is because the filter paper used in the Chemex is thicker than that used in other brewing methods, which results in a cleaner cup of coffee. Second, the Chemex is easy to clean.

Simply rinse out the carafe and filter paper, and it’s ready to use again. Finally, the Chemex is a beautiful piece of design that looks great on any countertop.

Frequently Asked Chemex Coffee Questions

Chemex FAQs

Q: Is the Chemex dishwasher safe? A: Yes, the Chemex is dishwasher safe.

However, we recommend washing it by hand to prolong its lifespan. Q: Can I use a Chemex with a gas stove?

A: Yes, the Chemex can be used on a gas stove. Just be sure to use a heat-resistant mat or trivet to protect your countertop.

Q: How do I clean my Chemex? A: To clean your Chemex, simply rinse it out with warm water.

You can also use a mild soap if needed.

Dishwasher Safety

To prolong the lifespan of your Chemex, we recommend washing it by hand. However, if you do choose to use a dishwasher, be sure to place the Chemex on the top rack and avoid using harsh detergents.

Microwave Safety

The Chemex is not microwave safe. Do not attempt to microwave the carafe or filter paper, as this may result in damage to the device or injury to yourself.

In conclusion, the Chemex coffee maker is a timeless piece of design that produces a clean, full-bodied cup of coffee. By understanding its sizes and ratios, choosing the right size, and utilizing accessories like the Funnex attachment, you can customize your Chemex experience to your liking.

Furthermore, the Chemex’s history, benefits, and FAQs make it an excellent addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

Chemex Sizes and Capacities

The Chemex coffee maker is a beautiful and functional piece of coffee brewing equipment that is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy brewing coffee manually. Chemex coffee makers come in a variety of sizes to suit different preferences and brewing needs.

In this section, we will take a look at the various Chemex sizes and capacities, which range from the compact 3-cup Chemex to the large 13-cup Chemex.

3 Cup Chemex

The 3-cup Chemex is the smallest size available, making it the perfect choice for those who are brewing coffee for only one or two people. The compact 3-cup model is ideal for those who travel frequently or those who are short on countertop space.

The 3-cup Chemex is also great for home baristas who enjoy brewing multiple batches of coffee with different beans or roasts.

6 Cup Chemex

The 6-cup Chemex is considered the classic size and is ideal for the average household. The 6-cup model is perfect for brewing coffee for three to four people.

This size is also great for entertaining guests or for those who like to enjoy multiple cups of coffee throughout the morning.

8 Cup Chemex

The 8-cup Chemex is the most common size available and is perfect for entertaining guests or for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy making large batches of coffee for themselves. This size is suitable for brewing coffee for four to six people.

The 8-cup Chemex is perfect for those who enjoy coffee with their morning breakfast or for those who need a larger dose of caffeine to start their day.

10 Cup Chemex

The 10-cup Chemex is the largest size available. It is ideal for multi-drinkers or large households.

It can also be used for brewing large batches of coffee for offices and commercial settings. The 10-cup Chemex is not as common as the 8-cup size but is still a great option for those who need to brew coffee in large quantities.


3 Cup Chemex

The 13-cup Chemex is the largest Chemex option available. It is perfect for large gatherings or for office settings where multiple people need to be served at once.

The 13-cup Chemex is not only functional but is also a stunning piece of design that will impress any coffee enthusiast.

Benefits of Chemex Brewing

The Chemex brewing method is known for producing a clean, flavorful, and well-balanced cup of coffee. Here are a few of the benefits of using a Chemex coffee maker:

Filtering System

The Chemex brewing method uses a thicker paper filter that is designed to trap sediment and oils, resulting in a clean and bright cup of coffee. The filtering system ensures that only the purest coffee flavors and aromas are extracted from the beans.

Rich Flavor and Aroma

The thick paper filter used in the Chemex coffee maker also ensures consistent brewing and a well-balanced cup of coffee. The resulting coffee is bright, flavorful, and has a distinct aroma that is simply delightful.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Chemex coffee maker is made of non-porous borosilicate glass, which means it’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb any flavors or odors. The carafe and the filter paper can easily be rinsed or washed with soap and water, making the cleaning process a breeze.

Aesthetics and Experience

The Chemex coffee maker is not only a functional piece of equipment, but it is also a beautiful work of art. The wooden collar around the neck of the Chemex is not only stylish, but it also insulates your hands from the hot glass.

The Chemex’s unique design and museum-worthy aesthetics make for a truly unique and enjoyable coffee brewing experience.

Chemex Ottomatic and Size Compatibility

The Chemex Ottomatic is an automated version of the Chemex coffee maker that provides an even easier coffee brewing experience. The Ottomatic delivers precise water temperature and brewing time, ensuring a consistent cup of coffee every time.

The Chemex Ottomatic is compatible with a six-cup Chemex or larger. This means that you can use the Ottomatic with a six-cup, eight-cup, 10-cup, or 13-cup Chemex.

Unfortunately, the Ottomatic is not compatible with the smaller three-cup Chemex. However, the Chemex Ottomatic is the perfect brewing partner for anyone who loves the Chemex brewing method but wants a more automated experience.

The Chemex coffee maker is a beautiful and functional piece of equipment that produces a clean, flavorful, and well-balanced cup of coffee. With its various sizes and brewing options, Chemex has an option that is perfect for everyone.

Whether you’re a single coffee drinker or brewing for a crowd, the Chemex coffee maker is a versatile and great addition to any coffee lover’s collection. In conclusion, Chemex coffee makers offer a unique brewing experience that results in a clean, flavorful, and well-balanced cup of coffee.

With sizes ranging from the compact 3-cup to the large 13-cup, there is a Chemex size perfect for every brewing need. The Chemex’s filtering system, rich flavor and aroma, easy cleaning and maintenance, and unique aesthetics make it an excellent addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

With the addition of the Chemex Ottomatic, coffee lovers can now enjoy an even easier brewing experience with precise water temperature and brewing time. The Chemex coffee maker is not just a piece of equipment, but a work of art that produces a memorable and enjoyable coffee experience.

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