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Discover the Top Coffee Shops in Portland: A Coffee Lover’s Guide

The Best Coffee Shops in Portland

There’s no denying that Portland, Oregon, is one of the coffee capitals of the world. With its wealth of independent coffee shops and roasters, the city has cultivated a deeply ingrained coffee culture that has attracted coffee lovers from all over.

Whether you’re in the mood for a smooth pour-over, a rich espresso, or a perfectly creamy latte, you can be confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in Portland. In this article, we will explore the top coffee shops in Portland, each offering a unique and memorable coffee experience.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Located in the inner Southeast Portland neighborhood,

Coava Coffee Roasters is known for its excellent coffee and talented baristas. Founded in 2008, the shop offers a range of coffee options, including espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew.

Working with sustainable coffee farmers, the shop sources its beans from around the world, ensuring a deep and rich flavor profile in every cup. In addition to amazing coffee, the shop features an open and airy industrial-chic space with wood accents and natural lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to work or a place to catch up with friends,

Coava Coffee Roasters has you covered.

Good Coffee

Good Coffee, located in Portland’s Buckman neighborhood, is another coffee shop worth adding to your Portland itinerary. Focusing on high-quality beans and a cozy atmosphere, the shop offers pour-over coffee, espresso drinks, and even bottled cold brew.

The space is small but cozy, with a welcoming and friendly vibe. With a focus on community building,

Good Coffee regularly hosts events such as live music and poetry readings, making it a great option for those looking for a more intimate coffee shop experience.

Stumptown Roasters

Perhaps one of the most well-known coffee roasters in Portland, Stumptown is a professional coffee shop experience like no other. The shop has grown exponentially since its founding in 1999, now boasting multiple locations across the country.

The Portland location is in the heart of downtown, making it an easy stop for coffee enthusiasts to make during their travels. Stumptown is known for its impressive variety of coffee blends, sourced from around the world.

In addition to its coffee selection, the shop offers a range of non-coffee beverages and an array of delicious pastries and baked goods.

Case Study Coffee Roasters

If you’re in the mood for interesting and unique espresso drinks,

Case Study Coffee Roasters is the perfect choice. With locations in both downtown Portland and on NE Sandy Blvd., the shop offers an extensive menu of espresso drinks, as well as drip coffee, cold brew, and tea.

The space is bright and spacious, with large windows and plenty of seating. Whether you’re looking for a place to work or a spot to catch up with friends, Case Study has everything you need to relax and enjoy your coffee.

Nossa Familia Coffee

Located in Portland’s Pearl District,

Nossa Familia Coffee is a small and intimate coffee shop that offers low prices and tasty treats. The shop has a friendly and welcoming vibe, with knowledgeable baristas who are passionate about coffee.

In addition to its amazing coffee, Nossa Familia also offers a range of delicious baked goods and pastries, making it the perfect spot for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon snack.

Proud Mary Cafe

Proud Mary Cafe is a coffee lover’s dream come true, offering an extensive menu of high-quality pour-over coffee. With a focus on sustainable coffee farming, the shop sources its beans from around the world, ensuring a delicious and complex flavor profile.

The highlight of

Proud Mary Cafe is its outdoor seating area, which offers a tranquil and relaxing space to enjoy your coffee. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a spot to socialize with friends,

Proud Mary Cafe has something for everyone.

Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Deadstock Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop with a quirky and unique vibe. Focusing on espresso drinks, the shop offers a range of unique and innovative options, including an oat milk latte that is sure to become your new favorite drink.

What sets Deadstock apart, however, is its sneaker collection, displayed prominently throughout the shop. If you love sneakers as much as you love coffee, Deadstock is the perfect place to enjoy both.

Never Coffee

Located in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial district,

Never Coffee is a coffee shop with a rebellious and off-beat tone and decor. The shop offers exceptional coffee, as well as non-coffee options like tea and sparkling water.

With a focus on quality and creativity,

Never Coffee is a favorite among coffee enthusiasts who are looking for something new and exciting. Ovation Coffee & Tea

Ovation Coffee & Tea is a large and expansive coffee shop that offers a wide array of drinks, from standard drip coffee to inventive espresso drinks and tea blends.

The shop has a cafeteria-like atmosphere, with plenty of seating and a lively and bustling vibe. While the prices can be on the expensive side, the quality of the beverages and the breadth of options make it worth the extra cost.

Portland Coffee Roasters

As the name suggests,

Portland Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop that roasts its own coffee beans. The shop offers a range of delicious and distinctive coffee blends, as well as non-coffee options like chai and hot chocolate.

With an emphasis on sustainability and fair trade,

Portland Coffee Roasters is a great option for coffee lovers who are looking to support ethical and responsible coffee farming practices.


Portland, Oregon, is a coffee lover’s paradise, offering an abundance of unique and innovative coffee shops and roasters. Each of the coffee shops on our list offers an unforgettable and exceptional coffee experience, from amazing roast profiles to inventive and delicious espresso drinks.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cozy and welcoming place to enjoy your morning cup of joe, Portland has something for everyone. In summary, Portland, Oregon, is a hub for coffee enthusiasts with a wide array of coffee shops and roasters to choose from, each offering unique and memorable experiences.


Coava Coffee Roasters to

Portland Coffee Roasters, the city has something to offer for everyone, providing a delightful range of coffee blends and flavors. The article highlights the features of each coffee shop, highlighting their strengths and unique selling points.

The coffee scene in Portland is a fundamental aspect of its culture, and this article showcases the importance of coffee culture and how it is an essential element of Portland’s identity.

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