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DIY Starbucks: How to Make a Rich & Nutty Pistachio Latte at Home

Are you a fan of Starbucks lattes but tired of paying high prices for your favorite drinks? Check out this copycat recipe for a Pistachio Latte that will have you feeling like a barista in your own kitchen.

With just a few simple ingredients and some basic brewing skills, you can enjoy a delicious and flavorful latte anytime you want.


To make one Pistachio Latte, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Espresso: Use your preferred brewing method to make a double shot (2 ounces) of espresso.
  • Whole Milk: You can use any type of milk you prefer, but whole milk is recommended for the creamiest texture.
  • Oat milk or coconut milk can be used for a vegan option.
  • Pistachio Syrup: You’ll need to make your own pistachio syrup, which consists of butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, water, and chopped pistachios.
  • You’ll also need almond extract and salt to flavor the syrup.
  • Chopped Pistachios: These will be used as a garnish on the latte.
  • Almond Extract: This will be used to flavor the pistachio syrup.
  • Salt: This will enhance the nutty flavor of the pistachio syrup.

Prep Time and Yield

This recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare and yields one latte drink (12 fluid oz.).

Optional Variations

For a vegan option, use vegan butter in place of regular butter. Oat milk or coconut milk can also be used in place of whole milk.

How to Make the Copycat Starbucks Pistachio Latte Recipe

Brewing the Espresso

First, you’ll need to brew a double shot (2 ounces) of espresso using your preferred brewing method. An espresso machine is the most common option, but you can also use instant espresso, a French press, or a Moka pot.

Browning the Butter for the Pistachio Syrup

Next, you’ll need to brown the butter for the pistachio syrup. In a saucepan, melt the butter over low-to-medium heat until it starts to brown.

This should take about 5 minutes. Be sure to stir the butter frequently to prevent it from burning.

When the butter is browned, remove it from the heat and add a pinch of salt.

Preparing the Pistachio Syrup to Combine with the Butter

To make the pistachio syrup, combine the browned butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, water, and chopped pistachios in the saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer.

Cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the mixture thickens and the pistachios are soft. Remove from heat and add almond extract and a pinch of salt.

You can also add vanilla extract, hazelnut extract, nut flavor extracts or cinnamon if you’d like to switch things up.

Frothing the Milk

Now it’s time to froth the milk. Pour the milk into a pitcher, and using a steam wand, milk steamer, or milk frother, heat and froth the milk until it reaches the desired texture.

For a creamy latte, you should aim for a microfoam texture, which means it’s velvety and silky.

Assembling the Pistachio Latte

To assemble the Pistachio Latte, pour the espresso into a 12-ounce mug. Add the pistachio syrup to the mug, and then pour the frothed milk over it.

Top with a spoonful of whipped cream and sprinkle chopped pistachios on top. For an added touch, drizzle the latte with some of the remaining pistachio syrup.


The Copycat Starbucks Pistachio Latte Recipe offers a unique and delicious twist on a classic latte. With a few simple ingredients and some brewing skills, you can make a decadent latte in the comfort of your own home.

The recipe offers optional variations, so you can customize the latte to your liking. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced barista, this recipe is sure to impress your taste buds and help you save a few bucks in the process.

In conclusion, making a homemade Pistachio Latte using Starbucks’ classic recipe can be an affordable and healthy way to indulge in a delicious coffee drink. With simple ingredients like espresso, milk, sugar, butter, and pistachio syrup, you can create a rich and nutty latte at home.

Making pistachio syrup from scratch is simple and only requires a combination of simple syrup, browned butter, and crushed pistachios. Common FAQs include questions about milk choices, milk’s creaminess level, and potential health benefits.

References to Starbucks’ menu and nutrition, milk nutritional value, and recipes to enjoy Starbucks at home provide helpful resources for those interested in trying the Pistachio Latte at Starbucks or creating one at home.

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