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Experience the Benefits of Freshly Roasted Coffee with Peets Coffee Subscription

Peets Coffee Subscription Review

Are you looking for high-quality coffee that can be delivered straight to your doorstep? Then Peets Coffee is the place to go.

They offer a subscription service that provides convenience along with freshly roasted beans. Interested in learning more?

Read on for a review of Peets Coffee Subscription service.

Coffee Selection

Peets Coffee Subscription offers 53 different types of coffee, making for a solid, but not an expansive selection. While some might find this limited, for others, it’s an excellent way to limit choices and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Membership Options

The subscription service is designed to cater to various types of coffee enthusiasts.

  • The basic subscription includes frequent deliveries of curated small-batch coffee blends.
  • For those seeking something more specialized, they provide single-origin small-batch beans that are meant to satisfy the coffee connoisseur.
  • Another option offered by Peets Coffee Subscription is a signature blend, which is a house-made recipe created by the company’s experts.

If this interests you, it’s worth considering. Additionally, there are four different delivery frequency options to choose from.


If you’re someone who values quality over quantity, Peets Coffee is reasonably priced for small-batch delivery. Besides, the subscription comes with free shipping, which ensures that the price you see at checkout is the price you pay.

Overall Experience

Peets Coffee Subscription delivers high-quality coffee while ensuring the beans arrive within 24 hours of being roasted. This ensures that the coffee is fresh and vibrant.

Furthermore, the subscription service offers an opportunity to try new beans and explore different coffee flavors. For those who enjoy premium coffee and want to try something new, Peets Coffee Subscription is worth considering.

Do Not Buy If

  • You prefer smaller batches of coffee.
  • You drink coffee more than once a month.
  • You want an educational component.

Peets Coffee History

Peets Coffee has been around for over 50 years, and there’s a reason it has stood the test of time. From its beginning, the company was founded on the idea of a European-style coffeehouse.

It was started by Alfred Peet, a Dutch native determined to bring his home country’s coffee tradition to the US. In doing so, Peet brought high-quality beans (which were rare at the time) to California.

The company’s expansion took off in the ’80s, leading to its growth across the US. Since then, Peets Coffee has become a well-known and loved brand that has stood the test of time.

Today, the company operates hundreds of stores across America and beyond.


Peets Coffee is a premium company that caters to those looking for small-batch blends and exceptional service. Their subscription service is designed to deliver fresh, flavorful beans straight to your doorstep and offers a range of options tailored to different coffee enthusiasts.

And now you know a little more about how they got there!

Benefits of Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee

Coffee has been a popular beverage for a long time and for a good reason. The aroma, taste and energy boost provided by coffee make it an ideal drink for many.

However, not all coffee is created equal. Fresh coffee is simply better for you than stale coffee, and it’s not just about taste.

Importance of Fresh Coffee

When it comes to coffee, freshness is key. As soon as coffee beans are roasted, they start to release carbon dioxide, which means that their flavor and aroma profile begin to change.

Over time, the coffee beans will continue to lose flavor and aroma as they gradually go stale. The benefits of fresh coffee are twofold.

  • Fresh coffee simply tastes better.
  • Fresh coffee provides you with the freshest coffee experience possible.

Health Benefits

It’s a well-known fact that coffee can provide a much-needed energy boost, but there are many other health benefits to drinking coffee. When it comes to freshly roasted and ground coffee, the health benefits are even more pronounced.

  • Coffee is loaded with antioxidants.
  • Studies have found that coffee can protect your liver.
  • Coffee has also been shown to improve brain function.

Taste Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of drinking freshly roasted and ground coffee is the taste. Fresh coffee provides an expansive flavor profile that cannot be found in stale coffee.

Aroma profiles are entirely different for different blends and roasts, that can make you appreciate different nuances of flavor you might not have noticed before. Additionally, drinking freshly roasted and ground coffee provides an opportunity to expand your palate and knowledge of coffee.

The more you drink fresh coffee, the more you’ll start to understand which flavors and aroma profiles you prefer.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of drinking freshly roasted and ground coffee go beyond simple enjoyment. Fresh coffee provides a range of health benefits, enriches your palate and makes the coffee experience more enjoyable.

When next you are looking for coffee, consider seeking out freshly roasted and ground beans to experience the full benefits of fresh coffee. In conclusion, drinking freshly roasted and ground coffee offers significant benefits.

Fresh coffee has a distinct flavor and aroma profile that makes it enjoyable to drink, providing an opportunity to expand one’s palate and knowledge of coffee. Moreover, it offers a range of health benefits, including acting as an antioxidant and protecting the liver.

Thus, it is essential to consider the freshness of your coffee when looking for a coffee experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial. When you next shop for coffee, seek out freshly roasted and ground beans to experience the full benefits of fresh coffee.

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