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Exploring New Coffee Frontiers: Angels’ Cup and Beyond

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, with over 400 billion cups consumed annually. For many coffee drinkers, it’s a ritual that starts the day and keeps them going.

However, it’s easy to fall into a coffee rut and feel like you’re not trying something new. If you’re someone looking for a change, Angels’ Cup coffee subscription could be something you should consider.

Coffee rut and need for change

It’s quite easy to fall into the habit of drinking the same coffee every day. Coffees from the supermarket shelves or your local coffee shops tend to be standard blends that are easy to find, and the routine leaves you without many options and missing out on a world of possibilities.

For many coffee enthusiasts, drinking the same coffee every day can make the experience feel stagnant and limit growth in this area. If you’re someone who feels like you’re stuck in a coffee rut, it’s time for a change.

One option you should consider is Angels’ Cup coffee subscription. Overview of Angels’ Cup coffee subscription

Launched in 2014, Angels’ Cup is a coffee subscription service that connects coffee lovers with rare and specialty coffee beans to expand their palates.

The subscription offers multiple choices in the way you want to receive your coffee, which includes regular bags of 12oz beans, smaller 4oz sampler packs, or even the blind-tasting flight options. The company aims to provide an exciting coffee experience that introduces you to different roasts, countries of origin, flavors, and preparation methods.

This service has been a game-changer in the coffee world, and if you have an adventurous spirit and want to explore new coffee flavors, Angels’ Cup coffee is an excellent choice for you.

Mindset and intention for subscribing

Before subscribing to a coffee club, it is important to have a clear intention of why you want to do it. Ask yourself whether you want to break out of your coffee routine or are you trying to expand your knowledge of different coffee options.

Knowing your reason will help you in choosing the right subscription plan that aligns with your goals. You should approach the service with an open mind, a willingness to try something new and enjoy the experience.

Angels’ Cup subscription offers a chance to grow your coffee experiences, and it’s essential to have a positive attitude about trying new things.

Considerations for choosing coffee beans

When selecting a coffee subscription, the choice of coffee beans is key. Angels’ Cup subscription service allows you to choose from various coffee options.

However, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Coffee origins

Coffee beans come from a range of countries, including Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru, Kenya, and many more. Each country has a unique flavor profile based on the altitude, soil, and temperature.

Knowing your preferences will assist in determining what coffee origins to choose.

Roasting method

There are different kinds of coffee roasts that can impact the taste of your coffee. Extremely light roasts tend to be more bright and floral, while darker roasts are bolder and less acidic.

You should be conscious of your preference of the type of roast and choose your subscription accordingly.

Preferences and tastes

Coffee taste is a matter of personal preference. It’s important to be aware of your preferences and tastes and select a service that caters to such.

Angels’ Cup subscription allows you to provide information about your taste preferences during registration so that your preferences can be taken into account. Choosing a subscription service that caters to your coffee taste buds is the key to having that perfect experience.


In conclusion, Angels’ Cup subscription is an excellent coffee subscription service that offers a unique coffee drinking experience. If you’re looking to expand your coffee taste or break out of your coffee rut, Angels’ Cup will make the journey a great one with its specialty blends, various plan options, and its ability to cater to your preferences.

Knowing your coffee preferences, your intentions and having an open mind about exploring new coffee options will make the experience worthwhile. With Angels’ Cup subscription service, you’ll embark on a coffee tasting journey that’s always exciting, never stagnant.

Angels’ Cup as a coffee school/workshop

For coffee enthusiasts, Angels’ Cup subscription offers an educational component that is rare in the coffee industry. The service includes a blind coffee tasting program essential in developing the palate for coffee.

It works by placing three or four different coffee bags with no label, numbered one through four. You taste each coffee, make notes, and then compare your notes with the tasting notes that come with the bag.

This program pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to identify various coffee tasting notes. The subscription also includes access to a podcast that further educates subscribers on coffee subjects, including roasting, cupping, and processing.

This feature makes Angels’ Cup a virtual coffee school or workshop for coffee lovers who want to learn more about the coffee industry.

Coffee selection and variety

The Angels’ Cup subscription service offers an impressive array of coffee varieties and options. You’ll have the opportunity to experience different flavors and roasts from around the world, including Guatemala Huehuetenango, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and many more.

The subscription box includes whole bean coffee, allowing you to grind it to your preferred texture, which ensures your coffee is fresh and of high quality. The service also caters to different coffee preparation methods, meaning you can have coffee either as pour-over, French press, or espresso.

The variety of coffee options on the Angels Cup subscription service is impressive, and it is precisely what coffee enthusiasts need to explore and experiment with different blends.

Black Box subscription

Angels’ Cup’s Black Box subscription is the ideal option for those who want to challenge themselves with a blind taste test without any previous coffee knowledge. The Black Box subscription comes with four different coffee bags, each labeled a different number.

You will taste each coffee, make notes about what you like and dislike, and compare it to the Angel’s Cup team’s tasting notes via their app. The subscription’s Blind Taste Test program is a step towards perfecting your coffee palate, and if you’re a coffee enthusiast craving something new, this subscription service is an excellent choice for you.

Cupping Flight and All-Stars options

The Angel’s Cup Cupping Flight subscription service allows you to taste coffee like a professional coffee taster. In this subscription, you’ll receive four 2.75 oz. sample packs of a particular origin, roast or process. The packs are pre-labeled with letters, so you can have a blind cupping experience with each sample, record your tasting notes, and compare with Angel’s Cup professional tasting notes.

The Cupping Flight subscription service allows you to experiment with different tastes, aromas, and textures in each coffee origin. Additionally, the Angels’ Cup All-Stars subscription is an excellent option for those looking for the best coffee, hand-selected by the Angel’s Cup selectors, and this package includes the most exquisite blends from around the globe.


In summary, Angels’ Cup is an exciting subscription service suitable for coffee enthusiasts who want to expand their taste beyond regular coffee options. The subscription offers an impressive array of coffee options that cater to taste and preferences.

Additionally, the subscription service features educational components that offer a chance to learn more about the coffee industry. With different subscription options such as the Cupping Flight, All-Stars, and Black Box, coffee enthusiasts have the freedom to choose the package that best suits their needs.

Angels’ Cup is an excellent service worth trying out as you will enjoy its unique and eclectic coffee varieties that are rarely found anywhere else.

Blind tastings and mystery coffee selection

One of the most unique features of Angels’ Cup subscription is the blind tasting program and mystery coffee selection. Angels’ Cup creates a unique experience for coffee lovers by providing subscribers with coffee bags labeled only by numbers or letters, with no indication of the coffee’s origin.

This feature allows subscribers to explore their coffee tastes without any preconceived notions of the coffee source. Additionally, the number or letter code on each coffee bag aligns with information provided on the Angels’ Cup app, creating a guided experience that enhances the process of developing a coffee palate.

The mystery coffee selection is a unique feature that adds an exciting element to coffee exploration.

Coffee-tasting experience and community interaction

Angels’ Cup subscription service offers a unique coffee-tasting experience that is second to none. The service allows you to record and compare your coffee tasting notes with those of the Angels’ Cup professional tasters, which creates an interactive and engaging experience.

Additionally, the Angels’ Cup subscription service cultivates an interactive coffee community where subscribers can share their experiences, ask questions, and seek coffee advice. The community interaction feature encourages coffee enthusiasts to explore different coffee blends and share opinions on their tastes.

The camaraderie found in the Angels’ Cup community is paramount in expanding knowledge and developing an understanding of the coffee industry.

Pricing and focus on specialty coffees

The Angels’ Cup subscription service offers a focus on specialty coffees. Specialty coffee is hand-selected, single-origin coffee that meets the highest quality standards.

Specialty coffee is more expensive than regular or commercial coffee, and with the Angels’ Cup subscription, you can be assured that every coffee bag you receive is of the highest quality. The subscription pricing varies by plan, with the Black Box subscription starting from $10.99 for two deliveries, and the All-Star subscription starting from $24.99 for two deliveries.

The focus on specialty coffee may make the subscription a more expensive option; however, the experience and quality of coffee received make the cost justifiable.

Pay-as-you-go and cancellation policy

Angels’ Cup subscription service offers a flexible pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to change or cancel your subscription plan at any time. This feature is advantageous to subscribers who may want to change their subscription type temporarily or cancel a subscription for a while, and when they’re ready, they can reactivate the subscription.

The subscription service sends an email before charging your card each cycle, giving you a chance to make changes or cancel the subscription. The pay-as-you-go and cancellation policy add a level of flexibility that is ideal for a coffee subscription service.


In conclusion, the Angels’ Cup subscription service stands out as one of the unique coffee subscription services. With features such as blind tastings, mystery coffee selection, and focus on specialty coffees, Angels’ Cup subscription service delivers an exciting coffee tasting experience that every coffee enthusiast must explore.

Additionally, the subscription service offers community interaction and an educational component that makes the experience engaging and fascinating. The subscription pricing may be higher than regular coffee subscription services, but the experience and selection of coffee make it worth the price.

The pay-as-you-go and cancellation policy offer subscribers the flexibility to make changes to their subscription type without any hassles. Unquestionably, Angels’ Cup subscription service is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want to step out of their comfort zones and explore different coffee blends from around the world.

Mistobox subscription service

For coffee lovers seeking alternative coffee subscription options, Mistobox is an excellent choice. Mistobox is a subscription service that offers a curated selection of specialty coffees from around the world.

Similar to Angels’ Cup, Mistobox focuses on providing high-quality, single-origin coffees that meet strict quality standards. However, Mistobox differentiates itself through its personalized approach.

When signing up for a Mistobox subscription, you will go through a detailed coffee quiz that captures your taste preferences, brewing methods, and desired flavor profiles. Based on your preferences, the experts at Mistobox handpick coffees that align with your unique taste preferences, ensuring a highly personalized coffee experience.

This personalized touch sets Mistobox apart and ensures that subscribers receive coffees tailored to their liking.

Atlas Coffee Club subscription service

Another alternative coffee subscription service worth considering is the Atlas Coffee Club. With its focus on exploring coffee from different countries, Atlas Coffee Club is ideal for coffee enthusiasts looking to embark on a global coffee tasting journey.

Each month, subscribers receive a carefully curated package of single-origin coffees from various countries, such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and more. The coffee beans are sourced directly from coffee farms, ensuring freshness and supporting sustainable farming practices.

What sets Atlas Coffee Club apart is its immersive experience, which includes detailed information about the origin, tasting notes, and brewing recommendations for each coffee. Additionally, Atlas Coffee Club provides cultural information, such as stories about the coffee’s origin country and traditional brewing techniques.

This immersive experience allows subscribers to not only enjoy quality coffee but also learn about the rich cultural and historical aspects of coffee from different regions of the world. Comparing the subscription services:

Both Mistobox and Atlas Coffee Club offer unique features, making them great alternatives to Angels’ Cup subscription.

Mistobox stands out with its personalized approach, ensuring that subscribers receive coffees tailored to their taste preferences. The coffee quiz allows Mistobox to curate a selection that perfectly matches each subscriber’s desired flavor profiles, brewing methods, and preferences.

On the other hand, Atlas Coffee Club shines with its focus on exploration and cultural immersion. Subscribers can sample coffees from a variety of countries while learning about the traditions and stories behind each origin.

The detailed information provided by Atlas Coffee Club enriches the coffee experience and allows subscribers to develop a deeper understanding of the global coffee industry. In terms of pricing, both Mistobox and Atlas Coffee Club offer subscription plans at competitive prices.

Mistobox offers various options ranging from $10.95 to $21.99 per shipment, depending on the subscription length and the coffee selections. Atlas Coffee Club offers subscription plans starting at $9 per shipment, with options to receive coffee every two or four weeks.

The pricing of both services is comparable to Angels’ Cup and reflects the quality and specialty nature of the coffee provided. In conclusion, for coffee lovers seeking alternative coffee subscription options, Mistobox and Atlas Coffee Club are excellent choices.

Mistobox offers a personalized approach, curating a selection of coffees based on each subscriber’s taste preferences. On the other hand, Atlas Coffee Club provides an immersive experience, allowing subscribers to explore coffee from different countries while learning about their cultural significance.

Both services offer quality coffees, competitive pricing, and unique features that set them apart in the coffee subscription realm. Whether you prefer a personalized selection or a global exploration, Mistobox and Atlas Coffee Club will cater to your coffee desires and offer an enriching coffee experience.

In summary, this article has explored the unique features and advantages of Angels’ Cup coffee subscription, including blind tastings, a wide variety of coffees, educational resources, and community interaction. The article also highlighted alternative options such as Mistobox and Atlas Coffee Club, with Mistobox focusing on personalized selections and Atlas Coffee Club offering a cultural exploration of coffee.

Overall, these subscription services provide coffee enthusiasts with opportunities to break out of their coffee routines, expand their palates, and dive into the rich world of specialty coffees. Whether it’s through blind tastings, personalized selections, or global coffee exploration, these subscriptions offer unique experiences that elevate the coffee-drinking journey.

By embracing these coffee subscription services, readers can unlock new flavors, enhance their knowledge, and enjoy the camaraderie of a vibrant coffee community. So why not embark on a coffee adventure and discover the endless possibilities offered through these coffee subscriptions?

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