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Exploring Omaha’s Thriving Coffee Culture: Uncovering the Best Coffee Shops and Their Unique Offerings

Top Coffee Shops in Omaha

Coffee culture is a booming industry, and Omaha has a diverse and robust array of coffee shops to choose from. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it can be challenging to navigate the multitude of options available.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the top coffee shops in Omaha, what to expect, and what sets them apart.

A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters

A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters is a local Omaha coffee shop that prides itself on providing a wide range of flavors to its customers. Established in 2005, this coffee roaster has been a beloved part of the Omaha community for over a decade.

Types of Roasts and Specialty Coffee Drinks Offered

Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters offers a wide variety of roasts, from light to dark, ensuring that there is something for everyone’s tastes. Their cappuccinos, nitro, americanos, cold brews, and pour-over options provide an extensive variety of ways to enjoy their flavorful roasts.

They also offer a selection of fresh-baked goods and sandwiches to satisfy any craving.

Accelerando Coffee House

This coffee shop is known for its artisan coffee and handcrafted drinks, offering a refined and unique coffee experience. As its name suggests,

Accelerando Coffee House is all about the connection between music and coffee. This coffee shop has live music performances, adding to the ambiance and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Lunch and Breakfast Items

In addition to its artisanal coffee drinks,

Accelerando Coffee House offers an extensive menu of lunch and breakfast items. Regulars rave about the chicken salad croissant and the grilled cheese panini, which are perfect complements to your coffee beverage.

Culprit Bakery and Cafe

This coffee shop is known for its handmade bread, sandwiches, baked goods, and robust coffee flavors. The

Culprit Bakery and Cafe’s freshly baked bread is a staple of this neighborhood coffee shop, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Sandwiches and Baked Goods

Their sandwiches, baked goods, and pastries are the talk of the town, attracting locals and tourists looking for a treat. From the savory ham and cheese croissant to the sweet and savory cinnamon roll, every item is baked fresh daily, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Amateur Coffee

Amateur Coffee is unique in that they offer a coffee subscription service, sourcing their beans from local coffee farms. This service allows customers to enjoy fresh, locally sourced coffee right at home, while also supporting the local economy.

Local Coffee Farms and Vegan Pastries

Amateur Coffee is an excellent choice for eco-conscious coffee drinkers, as their beans come from local coffee farms. They also have an incredible selection of vegan pastries, providing delicious alternatives for people with dietary restrictions.

Howlin Hounds Coffee

Howlin Hounds Coffee is a unique coffee shop that offers both coffee and tea, with their specialty drinks a popular choice. The coffee shop is known for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, with locals and tourists alike being drawn to the shop’s charm.

Specialty Drinks, Coffee and Tea

Their specialty coffee drinks, coffee, and tea options provide something for everyone, making this coffee shop a great place to visit with friends or work remotely. They offer an extensive menu of pastries baked in-house, making it the perfect stop for a quick breakfast or snack.

Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee is an Omaha coffee shop that prides itself on using organic coffee beans, roasted in-house, to provide customers with a unique coffee experience. This coffee shop has three locations, with each location providing unique and inviting atmospheres.

Organic Coffee Beans, Handcrafted Beverages

Archetype Coffee offers a variety of handcrafted beverages, from lattes to pour-overs, all using their high-quality organic coffee beans. They also have a selection of fresh-baked goods and sandwiches, making it the perfect place to stop for breakfast or a quick lunch.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee

Dundee Double Shot Coffee has been serving classic coffee brews since 2004, providing a traditional and inviting coffee experience. Their homemade pastries, breakfast, and lunch items are the perfect complement to their beverages.

Classic Coffee Brews and Homemade Pastries

Their classic coffee brews, homemade pastries, and sandwiches are a popular choice among locals, making it a staple in the community. Their friendly and inviting staff make it a great spot to catch up with friends or spend a morning working quietly.

Karma Koffee LLC

Karma Koffee LLC is a coffee shop that focuses on meditation, offering customers a unique way to start their day. This coffee shop offers loose-leaf tea, homemade pastries, and brunch items that create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Meditation, Loose-Leaf Tea, Homemade Pastries, and Brunch

This coffee shop is perfect for anyone looking for a calm and peaceful coffee experience, making it a great stop to reflect and meditate. Their menu of loose-leaf tea, homemade pastries, and brunch items provides nourishment for the body and soul.


Coffee culture is alive and well in Omaha, with a multitude of coffee shops catering to a diverse clientele. Whether you prefer traditional coffee brews or artisanal handcrafted drinks, Omaha has a coffee shop that will capture your heart and taste buds.

We hope that this article provides an excellent starting point to explore the many coffee shops that Omaha has to offer.

Accelerando Coffee House

Accelerando Coffee House is a unique Omaha coffee spot located in the Benson neighborhood. This coffee shop is not only known for its fantastic brews and delicious offerings but also for its work-study program, which provides an opportunity for music students to hone their craft.

This coffee shop is the perfect place for those looking for a social, coffee-filled atmosphere with a side of excellent music.

Overview of the Caf and its Owners

The owners, Ben and Rachel Mesner, are both musicians and music teachers, which is reflected in the shop’s unique atmosphere. The purpose behind this coffee shop is to provide an outlet for music students to practice and perform while offering coffee enthusiasts a great location to enjoy delicious java.

With live music performances often taking place in the shop, the ambiance is one of a kind, making it a hotspot for both music lovers and coffee drinkers in Omaha.

Speciality Handcrafted Coffee Drinks and Food Items Available

From lattes to pour-overs, this coffee shop has a variety of handcrafted beverages to suit different preferences. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a beginner, the expert baristas will help you find the perfect brew to suit your tastes.

Their menu recommends different specialty drinks based on your preferences, helping you discover new and exciting flavors. The food menu is equally impressive, offering a variety of breakfast and lunch options, from breakfast burritos to grilled cheese paninis.

All the items on the menu are freshly made at the shop and feature locally sourced ingredients.

Culprit Bakery and Cafe

Culprit Bakery and Cafe is a must-visit destination for anyone who is looking for tasty coffee and delicious food in Omaha. This foodie haven opened its doors in 2014 and has been serving up delicious meals and coffee brews ever since.

Description of the Cafe’s Food and Coffee Offerings

The cafe’s food menu features an impressive selection of sandwiches, both hot and cold, with their homemade ciabatta bread acting as a staple. The Duck Confit sandwich, featuring pulled duck with arugula and a cranberry aioli, is a must-try.

Along with their outstanding sandwiches, Culprit makes their artisanal sweet pastries and savory baked goods from scratch daily. As if the food menu wasn’t enough to draw coffee lovers in, the cafe’s impressive coffee menu is not one to overlook.

The cafe features a variety of brews, from light to dark, as well as signature beverages like the lavender latte, made with lavender-infused honey. The pour-over coffee is not to be missed, featuring beans roasted in-house, which are then ground and brewed fresh to order.

Ratings and Service Complimented by Online Reviews

Online reviews often praise the upbeat atmosphere and great service, with many customers commenting on the friendly and supportive staff. Visitors also compliment the lack of overcrowding, and the comfortable seating, making

Culprit Bakery and Cafe the perfect coffee spot for work or relaxation. From pulling perfect espressos to baking delectable pastries, Culprit Bakery offers an all-around fantastic coffee experience, with plenty of tasty bites and refreshing beverages to satisfy any craving.




Accelerando Coffee House and

Culprit Bakery and Cafe feature extensive menus of delicious coffee and food offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft coffee brew to start the day or a delicious sandwich for lunch, these cafes have something for everyone.

So stop by, relax, and indulge in some tasty treats and excellent java in one of Omaha’s favorite coffee spots.

Amateur Coffee

Amateur Coffee is a smaller coffee shop in Omaha that prides itself on using beans sourced from local coffee farms. Founded in 2018, this coffee shop has quickly established itself as a go-to destination for coffee lovers in the area.

Overview of the Caf and its Founders

The shop’s founders, Michael and Hannah, have a passion for coffee and sustainability, which is reflected in the shop’s atmosphere and mission. This coffee shop sources beans from local coffee farms and roasts them in-house, ensuring that each cup of coffee is of the highest quality.

The shop’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere provides a warm and comfortable ambiance, making it a popular spot for coffee enthusiasts and locals alike. The shop’s focus on sustainability and local sourcing has made it a favorite of eco-conscious coffee drinkers.

Coffee Subscription and Pastries Available to Purchase

Amateur Coffee offers a coffee subscription service that provides customers with a monthly delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans at their doorsteps. Additionally, the shop offers a variety of breakfast items and vegan pastries made in-house to complement their artisanal coffee drinks.

Their specialty coffee drinks carters to various coffee preferences, whether you prefer a classic cappuccino or a unique flavor combination, such as the Lavender Latte or the Toffee Nut Latte. With an extensive lineup of coffee brews, this coffee shop is guaranteed to have a perfect cup for everyone.

Howlin Hounds Coffee

Howlin Hounds Coffee’s unique atmosphere and warm vibe have made it one of the most popular coffee shops in Omaha. Known for its friendly staff and mellow music, the shop is the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious coffee.

Unique Atmosphere and Vibe of the Caf

From the moment you step into the shop, you are greeted with friendly faces and a comfortable atmosphere. The shop’s decor is a combination of modern and warm, with touches of vintage and rustic elements.

The atmosphere is both inviting and comforting, providing a perfect setting for a comfortable coffee experience.

Variety of Specialty and Standard Coffee Drinks and Other Beverages

Howlin Hounds Coffee has an extensive menu of coffee drinks, both standard and specialty, including macchiatos, cappuccinos, and pour-overs to satisfy different coffee preferences. Their French Press coffee brews are particularly noteworthy, providing a smooth, bold flavor.

In addition to coffee, the shop offers a variety of beverages, including fruit juices and Italian sodas, allowing customers to enjoy refreshing non-coffee drinks. Their food menu features a variety of sandwiches and pastries, providing the perfect complement to your coffee beverage.



Finding the perfect coffee shop in Omaha can be challenging, but look no further than

Amateur Coffee and

Howlin Hounds Coffee. Both of these coffee shops provide a unique and enjoyable coffee experience, whether you prefer a laid-back vibe or an eco-conscious ethos.

With delicious coffee brews and tasty bites on the menu, these coffee shops are a must-visit destination for any coffee or food lover.

Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee is a beloved Omaha coffee shop that has been serving the community since its founding in 2014. The shop’s commitment to quality and sustainability sets it apart, making it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts in the area.

Description of the Coffee Shop’s History and Owner

Archetype Coffee was founded by Isaiah Sheese, a passionate coffee connoisseur with a deep love for the craft. Sheese’s vision was to create a coffee shop that not only served exceptional coffee but also supported local farmers and promoted sustainable practices.

The shop’s commitment to quality extends to their coffee beans, which are sourced from organic coffee farms. By working directly with these farmers,

Archetype Coffee ensures that they are able to provide the highest quality beans while also supporting local and sustainable agriculture.

Locations and Hours of Operation

Archetype Coffee has expanded since its inception and now has three locations in Omaha. Each location offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining the same commitment to exceptional coffee and service.

The first location is situated in the Blackstone District, a vibrant neighborhood known for its trendy shops and restaurants. The second is located in Little Bohemia, a historic district with a rich cultural heritage.

The third and newest location is in the Dundee neighborhood, nestled in a community filled with charm and character. All three locations operate from Monday through Sunday, with hours varying slightly.

This allows customers the flexibility to enjoy their favorite coffee any day of the week.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee

Dundee Double Shot Coffee is a gem in Omaha’s Historic Dundee neighborhood. This coffee shop has been delighting locals and visitors for over 10 years, establishing itself as a beloved gathering spot for the community.

Location and Duration of Operation

Dundee Double Shot Coffee’s location in the Historic Dundee neighborhood adds to its appeal. The neighborhood itself has a quaint and cozy feel, and the coffee shop seamlessly fits into the charming surroundings.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular spots in the area to grab a comforting cup of joe. Having been in operation for over a decade,

Dundee Double Shot Coffee has become a beloved part of the community. Its staying power is a testament to the quality of its offerings and the warm atmosphere it provides.

Variety of Drink and Food Options Available

One of the highlights of

Dundee Double Shot Coffee is its extensive drink menu. With 32 brew options, including pour-overs and various espresso-based drinks, customers are spoiled for choice.

The passionate and skilled baristas take pride in their craft, ensuring that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. For those looking for something other than coffee, the shop also offers a variety of smoothies made with fresh fruits and ingredients.

These refreshing beverages are a great alternative for those seeking a non-caffeinated option. To accompany their delicious drinks,

Dundee Double Shot Coffee also boasts a selection of homemade pastries. From flaky croissants to decadent muffins, they have something to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Additionally, their breakfast and lunch menu features a range of options, from hearty sandwiches to nourishing salads, ensuring that every craving is met. In


Archetype Coffee and

Dundee Double Shot Coffee are two standout coffee shops in Omaha, each offering a unique coffee experience.

Archetype Coffee’s commitment to sustainability and support for local farmers, combined with their exceptional coffee offerings, sets them apart.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee’s cozy location in the Historic Dundee neighborhood and their diverse menu of drinks and food options make it a local favorite. Both coffee shops are a must-visit for any coffee lover in Omaha, providing a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy delicious brews.

Karma Koffee LLC

Located in the middle of the Pepperwood Village area,

Karma Koffee LLC has been a popular destination for coffee enthusiasts in Omaha since its opening in 2014. This unique coffee shop goes beyond just providing exceptional coffee; it also focuses on promoting a sense of mindfulness and karma in its atmosphere.

General Information about the Coffee Shop

Karma Koffee LLC is nestled in the vibrant Pepperwood Village area, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and a bustling community. Its central location makes it easily accessible to both locals and visitors, attracting people from all walks of life who are seeking a moment of tranquility and a great cup of coffee.

Upon entering

Karma Koffee LLC, customers are immediately welcomed by a cozy and serene atmosphere. The decor is minimalistic yet inviting, with soft lighting and comfortable seating options.

The shop’s peaceful ambiance sets the stage for a unique coffee experience that is centered around mindfulness, meditation, and promoting positive energy. Focus on Meditation and Karma, and Their Range of Drink and Food Options


Karma Koffee LLC, there is a strong emphasis on promoting mindfulness and karma, creating a space where customers can not only enjoy a cup of coffee but also find a moment of peace and reflection. The shop provides meditation areas where customers can relax, practice mindfulness, and find inner calmness.

When it comes to their beverage offerings,

Karma Koffee LLC caters to a diverse range of preferences. Their selection of loose-leaf and bagged teas is extensive, allowing tea enthusiasts to explore different flavors and aromas.

From traditional black teas to herbal infusions, there is a tea for every taste. For those seeking a coffee fix,

Karma Koffee LLC does not disappoint. They offer a variety of specialty coffees, expertly crafted by skilled baristas.

You can expect rich and flavorful brews, made from high-quality beans that have been sourced responsibly. In addition to their extensive beverage menu,

Karma Koffee LLC also offers a range of fresh juices, packed with nutrients and natural goodness. These cold-pressed juices provide a refreshing and healthy option for those looking for a non-caffeinated beverage.

When it comes to food options,

Karma Koffee LLC has a diverse and delicious menu. Their sandwiches and salads are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a delightful and nourishing meal.

The homemade pastries are a true treat, with a selection of indulgent delights to satisfy any sweet tooth. For those looking for a relaxed and fulfilling brunch experience,

Karma Koffee LLC has a menu that features hearty brunch items. From classic egg dishes to creative breakfast bowls, the brunch menu offers a perfect start to the day or a leisurely weekend brunch with friends.



Karma Koffee LLC is not your average coffee shop. Its focus on promoting mindfulness, meditation, and positive energy sets it apart in Omaha’s coffee scene.

With a range of drink options, including loose-leaf and bagged teas, specialty coffees, and fresh juices, as well as a diverse menu of sandwiches, salads, homemade pastries, and brunch items,

Karma Koffee LLC provides a complete experience for those seeking a moment of tranquility and a great cup of coffee. In conclusion, Omaha is home to a variety of exceptional coffee shops that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From the commitment to quality and sustainability at

Archetype Coffee to the unique atmosphere and warm vibe at

Howlin Hounds Coffee, these coffee shops offer more than just a delicious brew.

Amateur Coffee brings together a love for coffee and support for local farmers, while

Karma Koffee LLC promotes mindfulness and positive energy.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee has become a beloved part of the community with its wide range of drink and food options. Whether you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, a place to relax, or an opportunity to support local businesses, Omaha’s coffee scene has something for everyone.

Explore these coffee shops and indulge in their offerings to experience the vibrant and diverse coffee culture that Omaha has to offer.

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