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Exploring the Best Coffee Subscriptions for a Flavorful Journey

Coffee has been a vital part of our lives for centuries. From the classic cup of dark roasted coffee to the trendy coffee shops, it has become an essential part of our daily routine.

With the rise of coffee subscription services, we can now enjoy high-quality coffee right from the comfort of our own homes. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of coffee subscriptions, how to choose a coffee subscription, and review Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box, which is considered the best overall coffee subscription service.

Main Topic 1 -to coffee subscriptions

Subtopic 1.1 – Benefits and features of coffee subscriptions

Coffee subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a unique experience of receiving freshly roasted coffee at your doorstep every month. Here are some of the benefits and features of coffee subscriptions:

Bonuses: Many coffee subscription services offer bonuses such as free samples, discounts, and special access to limited edition coffee blends.

Accessories: Some coffee subscription services offer accessories such as brewing tools, mugs, and storage containers to enhance your coffee experience. Brewing Guides: Many subscription services offer brewing guides that help customers prepare their coffee optimally.

Origin Information: Coffee subscription services often provide information about the origin of the coffee beans, including the region, altitude, and method of processing. Subtopic 1.2 – How to choose a coffee subscription

Choosing the right coffee subscription can be an overwhelming task, but here are some factors to consider:

Sign up: Before signing up for a coffee subscription service, make sure to check their website and read customer reviews to ensure that the service offered meets your coffee needs.

Choose: Many coffee subscription services offer different plans, so it is essential to evaluate the pricing, delivery frequency, and type of coffee they offer to pick the best option. Pick: Consider the type of coffee you prefer and choose a subscription service that caters to your tastes.

Main Topic 2 – Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box – Best Overall

Subtopic 2.1 – Overview of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box is a traveling-themed coffee subscription service. They specialize in providing freshly roasted coffee beans sourced from different regions worldwide.

Every month, they feature a new coffee from a specific country and provide an informative booklet that includes details about the origin of the coffee, brewing tips, and tasting notes. The perk of Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box is that you receive coffee blends from different countries, which exposes you to various coffee flavors and enriches your coffee experience.

Subtopic 2.2 – Review of Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box is highly rated and has a variety of coffee blends to offer. Here is a review of one of their blends:

Peruvian Beans: One of the Peruvian coffee blends offered by Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box is grown in the Cajamarca region.

The beans were freshly roasted and had a light-medium roast. Brewing Tips: The informative booklet included with the Peruvian coffee blend provided brewing tips for optimizing the coffee taste.

For example, the recommended brewing method was a pour-over or a drip coffee maker. They also suggested using a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:16 and a water temperature of around 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tasting Notes: The tasting notes provided us with an insight into the flavor of the coffee. The Peruvian beans had a nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate, which gave the coffee a smooth taste.

The coffee also had a light acidity, which made it easy to drink. Roast Information: The booklet included the roast date, the roast level, and the origin of the coffee beans.

The Peruvian beans we received were freshly roasted on September 6, 2021, and had a light-medium roast.


In conclusion, coffee subscriptions are an innovative way to discover and explore different coffee flavors from around the world. They offer bonuses, accessories, brewing guides, and origin information, making the experience unique and immersive.

To choose the right subscription that caters to your taste and requirements, make sure to sign up, choose, and pick the best option. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box is the best overall coffee subscription service, offering unique traveling-themed coffee blends.

With their Peruvian coffee blend, they provided informative tips for brewing a great cup of coffee and an insight into the flavor and roast of the beans. Enjoy discovering new coffee blends with coffee subscriptions!

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Overview of Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee is a stylish and travel-themed coffee subscription club that offers a unique and flavorful coffee experience to customers. They source their beans from different regions worldwide and roast them in small batches to ensure freshness.

Driftaway Coffee offers a personalized experience by letting customers customize their subscription plan based on their preferences. Customers can choose from different options for the number of bags per shipment, frequency of delivery, type of coffee, and grind size.

They also offer a comprehensive guide to coffee tasting, which allows subscribers to discover new flavors and aromas. In addition to providing flavorful beans, Driftaway Coffee offers detailed information about the origin of the coffee and the tasting profile.

They include a detailed card with every shipment, which includes a description of the coffee’s taste, origin story, farmer profile, and brewing recommendations. This information gives subscribers insight into the process of coffee making and makes the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Review of Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee offers a tasting kit to their subscribers, which includes four 2-ounce bags of coffee. The kit allows customers to customize their coffee preferences by filling out a survey about their flavor and roast preferences.

Based on the survey results, Driftaway Coffee provides customized coffee blends to customers. Driftaway Coffee also offers a unique and personalized brewing method to their customers.

They provide different brewing techniques based on the coffee profile and roast level. For example, for light roasted coffee, they recommend using a filter or pour-over method, while for dark roasted coffee, they suggest using a French press or espresso machine.

We tried Driftaway Coffee’s tasting kit and were impressed with the quality and taste of the coffee. The customized coffee blends were unique and matched our flavor profile preferences.

The cards included in the shipment provided detailed information about the coffee’s origin and tasting notes, which helped us to gain an understanding of the coffee’s flavors and aromas. Driftaway Coffee also offers gift options, which makes it a perfect gift for coffee lovers.

They offer gift subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months, and their coffee bags come in stylish and well-designed packaging, which adds to the gift-giving experience.

Bean Box Coffee Subscription Box – Best Gift

Overview of Bean Box Coffee

Bean Box Coffee is a convenient and personalized coffee subscription box that offers different sizes and grind options. They provide a unique coffee experience to their customers and source their beans from various regions worldwide.

They offer convenient options for customers to choose the frequency of delivery, bag size, grind size, and roast level. Bean Box Coffee also offers a unique “Coffee of the Month Club,” which offers a new coffee experience every month to subscribers.

Review of Bean Box Coffee

Bean Box Coffee’s Guatemala Hunapu and Brazil Canaan Estate blends are top-notch and have unique tasting notes. The Guatemala Hunapu blend has a fruity and chocolatey profile, while the Brazil Canaan Estate has a nutty and chocolaty taste.

The tasting notes provided by Bean Box Coffee helped us to appreciate the unique flavors of each blend. The packaging of the coffee bags was eye-catching and well-designed, which added to the overall experience.

The gift options offered by Bean Box Coffee are extensive and make it a perfect gift for coffee lovers. The gift subscription options include 1-12 months, and subscribers can choose the type of coffee, roast level, and grind size that they prefer.

The subscription box comes in a beautiful and well-designed package, which makes it an ideal gift option.


Coffee subscriptions are an innovative way to discover and explore different coffee flavors and aromas from around the world. Driftaway Coffee and Bean Box Coffee offer unique and personalized coffee subscriptions to their subscribers.

While Driftaway Coffee provides flavorful and well-roasted coffee beans paired with detailed information about the coffee’s origin and taste, Bean Box Coffee offers convenient options and well-designed packaging, making it an ideal gift option for coffee lovers. Explore new coffee blends, flavors, and roasts with coffee subscriptions!

Angels’ Cup Pod Coffee Subscription

Overview of Angels’ Cup

Angels’ Cup is an adventurous and stylish coffee subscription service that offers a unique take on blind coffee tasting.

The company offers blind tasting pods for subscribers to sample and rate, and then they provide tasting notes and information about the coffee’s origin. Angels’ Cup allows customers to customize their coffee preferences by choosing the number of sampling flights they want per month and the roast and origin preferences.

The company is known for their unique approach to coffee tasting, which makes the experience enjoyable and educational. Review of Angels’ Cup

We tried Angels’ Cup’s Robusta from Thailand and complex Ethiopian coffee, which were both unique and flavorful.

The Robusta from Thailand had a nutty and chocolatey flavor, while the Ethiopian coffee had a fruity and floral aroma with a citrusy and spicy taste. Angels’ Cup offers a money-back guarantee if subscribers are not satisfied with their coffee.

This guarantee gives customers peace of mind when trying new coffee blends. Overall, while Angels’ Cup may not provide subscribers with a full bag of coffee, their unique approach to tasting pods and blind tasting experience make it a must-try for coffee enthusiasts.

Crema Coffee Subscription Box – Best Selection

Overview of Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee is a unique coffee subscription service that offers customers the ability to choose each bag of coffee they receive. Customers can choose from a wide range of available coffee blends and origins, and even customize the roast level of their coffee.

Crema Coffee also provides a music playlist with each shipment tailored to the coffee blend, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Review of Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee’s shopping experience provides customers with a hands-on shopper experience as they choose each bag of coffee they receive. The packaging of the coffee was well-designed and sealed, preserving freshness and ensuring a high-quality coffee experience.

However, the shopping time for customers can be time-consuming and may not offer the same level of curation provided by other coffee subscription services. Additionally, gift options are not available, making it challenging to give Crema Coffee as a gift to a coffee-lover.

While the coffee selection and customization are top-notch, the lack of curation and gift options may not be ideal for some customers who desire a more streamlined or personalized coffee subscription experience.


Coffee subscriptions provide a unique and immersive coffee experience, allowing customers to discover new coffee blends, flavors, and aromas from around the world. Angels’ Cup offers a unique blind-tasting experience with their tasting pods and notes, while Crema Coffee provides an extensive selection of coffee blends and customize-able options.

Overall, the best coffee subscription service for individuals may depend on personal preference, such as taste, budget, and desired level of customization and curation. However, with so many coffee subscription options available, anyone can find the perfect subscription to suit their coffee preferences and needs.

JavaPresse’s Coffee Subscription

Overview of JavaPresse

JavaPresse offers a low-touch coffee subscription service that provides customers with whole beans delivered to their doorstep. They offer a variety of coffee blends and give customers the option to choose their preferred roast level and shipping frequency.

JavaPresse’s subscription service is designed to offer convenience and flexibility to coffee lovers. With their customizable options, customers can enjoy freshly roasted coffee without the hassle of going to a store or worrying about running out of their favorite beans.

Review of JavaPresse

JavaPresse allows subscribers to customize their coffee selections based on their flavor preferences. Whether you prefer a light roast with bright acidity or a dark roast with bold flavors, JavaPresse offers a range of options to cater to different taste preferences.

The packaging of JavaPresse’s coffee is well-designed and ensures freshness. The beans are carefully packed to maintain their quality, allowing customers to enjoy flavorful and aromatic coffee with each brew.

While JavaPresse offers a convenient and customizable coffee subscription service, some customers may find a lack of variety in adventurous flavors. If you prefer to explore unique and exotic coffee blends, JavaPresse may not be the best option for you.

However, if you prefer a more straightforward and consistent coffee experience, JavaPresse’s low-touch subscription can be a great fit. One additional perk of subscribing to JavaPresse’s coffee subscription is the inclusion of a free manual burr grinder with the first shipment.

This grinder allows subscribers to grind their beans fresh for each brew, ensuring maximum flavor and aroma extraction.

MistoBox Coffee Subscription – Best Curation

Overview of MistoBox

MistoBox is known for its expert curation and personalized coffee subscription service. They offer a unique feature where subscribers get a specific coffee curator assigned to them based on their taste preferences.

This curatorial touch ensures that customers receive coffee blends that align with their preferences and allows for a more tailored and satisfying coffee experience. MistoBox provides an extensive selection of coffee options from different specialty coffee roasters.

Their selection covers a wide range of flavors and origins, catering to the diverse tastes of customers who want to explore and discover new coffee profiles.

Review of MistoBox

One of the standout features of MistoBox is the curator selection. Each subscriber is assigned a personal coffee curator who selects blends based on the customer’s flavor preferences.

This personalized approach ensures that customers receive coffees that match their taste preferences and introduces them to new and exciting blends. The usability of MistoBox’s website makes it easy for subscribers to provide feedback on the coffee they receive.

This feedback system helps the curated selection process, allowing the curator to refine the coffee selections further. The packaging of MistoBox’s coffee is beautiful and adds to the overall experience.

Each bag of coffee comes with informative and detailed information about the coffee and its origin, giving customers insight into the beans they are brewing. The coffee from MistoBox is consistently fresh and offers complex flavors.

With their expert curation, they introduce customers to coffees that they may not have discovered otherwise, providing a sense of adventure and discovery. One drawback of MistoBox is the additional shipping fee, which can make the subscription slightly costlier.

However, the quality and expertise in curation justify the additional cost for many coffee enthusiasts.


Coffee subscriptions offer coffee lovers a convenient and personalized way to enjoy a variety of high-quality beans from around the world. JavaPresse’s low-touch option provides customization and convenience, allowing customers to enjoy freshly roasted whole beans.

However, the lack of adventurous flavors may not suit those seeking more unique blends. On the other hand, MistoBox’s expert curation and personalized coffee selection provide a tailored and adventurous coffee experience.

The personalized curation and beautiful packaging make each delivery a delightful surprise. Although there is an additional shipping fee, the quality and expertise in curation make MistoBox worth considering for those seeking a curated and diverse coffee subscription.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Overview of Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee is a unique coffee subscription service that focuses on providing customers with a customized coffee experience. They offer a flavor quiz to help subscribers discover their taste preferences and match them with coffee blends that suit their flavor profile.

Trade Coffee also employs a rating system where customers can rate the coffees they receive, allowing the company to refine their recommendations and provide more personalized selections based on individual preferences. One of the notable features of Trade Coffee is the personalized selection of coffees.

Subscribers receive a note explaining why a particular coffee was selected for them, providing an added sense of connection and understanding of the coffee selection process.

Review of Trade Coffee

We tried Trade Coffee’s Ethiopian coffee and were impressed with the quality and taste. The beans were fresh and aromatic, providing a delightful brewing experience.

The coffee had a fruity and floral flavor profile, with hints of berry and citrus. The beans were of high quality and delivered on the promised flavors.

The packaging of Trade Coffee’s beans was well-designed and ensured freshness. Each bag of coffee came with a “bingo card,” which provided an interactive coffee tasting experience.

The card included tasting notes and prompts to help customers identify specific flavors in the coffee. This added element made the coffee tasting process more engaging and enjoyable.

Trade Coffee also offers a first match guarantee, ensuring that subscribers are satisfied with their coffee selection. If a customer is not happy with their first match, Trade Coffee offers to send a different coffee free of charge.

This guarantee provides peace of mind and ensures that customers are delighted with their coffee subscription. Overall, Trade Coffee offers a highly personalized and curated coffee experience.

Their flavor quiz, rating system, and customized coffee selections allow customers to discover new and exciting blends that match their taste preferences. With their first match guarantee, Trade Coffee ensures customer satisfaction and a delightful coffee subscription experience.

Larry’s Coffee – Best Eco-Friendly

Overview of Larry’s Coffee

Larry’s Coffee is a sustainability-focused coffee subscription service that specializes in Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown coffee. They are committed to environmental and social responsibility and offer a range of coffees that are sourced ethically and produced with sustainability in mind.

Larry’s Coffee also offers For-A-Cause blends, where a portion of the proceeds from the coffee sales goes towards supporting various social and environmental initiatives. Review of Larry’s Coffee

Larry’s Coffee offers a wide selection of ethically-sourced coffees, ensuring that subscribers can enjoy high-quality coffee while supporting sustainable and responsible practices.

The coffee we tried from Larry’s Coffee had a rich and complex flavor profile, showcasing the care and attention that went into sourcing and roasting the beans. One potential drawback of Larry’s Coffee is the lack of curation in their coffee selection.

Unlike other subscription services that offer personalized or curated selections, Larry’s Coffee provides a wider range of coffees without specific recommendations based on individual taste preferences. While this allows for more exploration and choice, it may be overwhelming for customers who prefer a more guided experience.

The packaging of Larry’s Coffee is eco-friendly, using compostable materials to minimize its environmental impact. The coffee bags are designed to keep the beans fresh, preserving the flavor and quality of the coffee.

Brewing coffee from Larry’s Coffee offers an enjoyable experience. The beans bloom beautifully when brewed, releasing enticing aromas that fill the room and enhance the overall coffee experience.


Coffee subscriptions offer a convenient and personalized way to discover and enjoy high-quality coffee. Trade Coffee stands out with its customized coffee selection process, allowing subscribers to explore new flavors and enjoy a personalized coffee experience.

On the other hand, Larry’s Coffee shines as an eco-friendly and socially responsible subscription option, offering ethically-sourced and sustainable coffee. Both subscription services provide unique features and cater to different preferences, allowing coffee lovers to find the perfect subscription that aligns with their values and taste preferences.

Angelino’s Coffee – Best Pod Coffee

Overview of Angelino’s Coffee

Angelino’s Coffee is known for its pod coffee subscription service, offering coffee lovers a convenient and hassle-free coffee experience. They specialize in small-batch roasting and provide high-quality coffee in the form of Keurig-compatible pods.

Angelino’s Coffee offers a variety of coffee blends and flavors in pod format, allowing customers to enjoy a quick and easy cup of coffee without compromising on taste or quality. Review of Angelino’s Coffee

Angelino’s Coffee delivers flavorful pod coffee that brews a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee with each pod.

Their variety packs offer a range of flavors to choose from, providing a diverse coffee experience. Whether you prefer bold and robust blends or prefer milder and smoother options, Angelino’s Coffee has something to suit every taste.

However, one potential drawback of Angelino’s Coffee is the lack of curation and detailed information about each specific blend. While they offer a variety of options, the absence of specific tasting notes or origin information may make it challenging for coffee enthusiasts who desire more detailed information about the coffee they are consuming.

Nonetheless, for those seeking convenient and consistently good pod coffee, Angelino’s Coffee offers a reliable option. Angelino’s Coffee provides customers with convenient options as Keurig-compatible pods eliminate the need for grinding coffee or preparing a complicated brewing method.

It is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for speed and ease without compromising on taste or quality. Honorable Mention: Match Made – Best Pairing Subscription

Overview of Match Made

Match Made offers a unique coffee subscription club that focuses on pairing coffee with cookies. They provide subscribers with a selection of pre-ground coffee and delicious cookies to enjoy alongside their cup of joe.

With Match Made, customers receive a monthly box that contains carefully curated coffees and gourmet cookies from various vendors. The subscription allows coffee lovers to experience unique taste combinations, enhancing the overall coffee-drinking experience.

Review of Match Made

Match Made excels in providing delightful coffee and cookies pairing experiences. The taste and freshness of the coffee and cookies are exceptional, creating harmonious flavor combinations.

One potential drawback of Match Made is the limited customization options available. While subscribers can provide preferences such as light, medium, or dark roasts, the specific coffee and cookie pairings are chosen by the Match Made team.

This lack of customization may limit the experience for those seeking a more personalized touch to their subscription. Match Made does offer gluten-free and nut-free options for subscribers with dietary restrictions, accommodating a wider audience and ensuring everyone can enjoy the coffee and cookie pairings.

Overall, Match Made is a unique subscription service that excels in delivering enjoyable coffee and cookie pairings. While the lack of customization may be limiting for some, the taste combinations and quality of the products make Match Made a great choice for those looking to elevate their coffee-drinking experience.


Coffee subscriptions offer a convenient and personalized way to enjoy a variety of high-quality coffee experiences. Angelino’s Coffee stands out as a top choice for pod coffee, providing delicious and convenient options for Keurig-compatible machines.

Match Made shines as a pairing subscription, offering unique coffee and cookies combinations that enhance the overall enjoyment of coffee. Whether you prefer the ease of pod coffee or the unique experience of coffee and cookies pairings, these subscriptions cater to different preferences and provide delightful coffee experiences.

In this comprehensive article, we explored various coffee subscription services and their unique offerings. From personalized flavor profiles to convenient pod options, there is a coffee subscription to suit every taste and preference.

We looked at the benefits and features of each service, reviewed their strengths and potential drawbacks, and highlighted standout aspects of each subscription. Whether you’re seeking convenience, curation, eco-friendliness, or unique pairings, these coffee subscriptions provide a convenient and personalized way to enjoy high-quality coffee.

Takeaways include the importance of exploring new flavors, considering ethical sourcing and sustainability, and finding a subscription that aligns with your specific preferences. So why not embark on a flavorful journey with a coffee subscription and elevate your coffee experience?

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