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Fueling Change: Supporting Black-Owned Coffee Shops for a Stronger Community

Supporting Black-Owned Coffee Shops: Benefits and Top 10 List

Some people wake up and brew their coffee at home, while others on their way to work would stop at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. There is nothing wrong with either option, but have you ever considered stopping at a local coffee shop?

Better yet, have you considered supporting a black-owned coffee shop?

Supporting Local and Black-Owned Businesses

When we buy products or services, we often do not consider where the money goes or who benefits from our patronage. Studies have shown that when we support local businesses, up to 70% of our money stays within the community.

This is because local businesses tend to work with other local dealers, creating a multiplying effect for our dollars. When we support black-owned businesses specifically, we are directly supporting black business owners who have faced systemic challenges in starting and operating their businesses.

By supporting black-owned coffee shops, we are putting money back into the black community, helping to create opportunities for black entrepreneurs, and investing in the future of our neighborhoods. Supporting these businesses not only boosts the economy and job creation, but it also spreads a positive message of unity and compassion in the community.

Top 10 Black-Owned Coffee Shops in the US

If supporting black-owned coffee shops sounds like something you want to do, we have compiled a list of the top 10 black-owned coffee shops across the US for you to visit. 1.

Beyu Caffe (Durham, North Carolina) – This coffee shop is known for its community-oriented atmosphere, live jazz performances, and delicious menu offerings. 2.

Sip & Savor (Chicago, Illinois) – With two locations in Chicago, Sip & Savor offers its customers delicious coffee beverages and baked goods. 3.

Boon Boona Coffee (Seattle, Washington) – Boon Boona Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that sources its beans from African coffee growers, creating an authentic and unique coffee experience. 4.

Aint She Sweet Caf (Chicago, Illinois) – This caf is a staple in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, offering customers a cozy atmosphere and tasty bites. 5.

Whittier Caf (Denver, Colorado) – Whittier Caf is known for its exceptional coffee and homemade pastries, making it a local favorite in the Denver area. 6.

Uncle Bobbies (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – With a mission to promote literacy and community building, Uncle Bobbies offers delicious coffee and a wide selection of books. 7.

Red Bay Coffee (Oakland, California) – This sustainable coffee roaster is known for its innovative and delicious coffee flavors, as well as its commitment to social justice and equity. 8.

Flowerboy Project (Venice, California) – Flowerboy Project combines a coffee shop, florist, and boutique in one, creating a unique space for customers to relax and shop. 9.

South LA Caf (Los Angeles, California) – This caf serves up coffee, pastries, and sandwiches in a cozy atmosphere that emphasizes community connection. 10.

Black Swan Espresso (Newark, New Jersey) – This caf offers an impressive selection of coffee and tea beverages as well as delicious pastries and paninis. Beyu Caffe in Durham, North Carolina

Now let’s dive a little deeper into one of the coffee shops on our list: Beyu Caffe in Durham, North Carolina.

Beyu Caffe is a coffee shop known for its community-oriented atmosphere and delicious menu offerings. With a mission to foster a sense of belonging, rooted in community, Beyu Caffe has become a staple location for many Durham residents.

Not only do they have exceptional coffee and espresso drinks, but they also offer a wide variety of snacks and breakfast options to start your morning off right. Their breakfast menu includes items such as breakfast sandwiches, waffles, and oatmeal bowls, while their snack offerings include pastries, muffins, and bagels.

Additionally, Beyu Caffe has a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan options for customers to enjoy. In addition to their menu, Beyu Caffe also provides a space for the community to gather and connect.

They offer live jazz performances, open mic nights, and other events that bring people together for a common cause. Beyu Caffe believes that their business should be a positive force in the community, and they actively work to make that belief a reality.

In Conclusion

To summarize, supporting black-owned coffee shops helps stimulate the economy, promote job creation, and provide opportunities for underrepresented business owners. By directing our dollars towards black-owned businesses, we are investing in the future of our communities and securing hope for the next generation.

If you are looking for a new coffee shop to try, consider one of the many black-owned coffee shops throughout the country, including Beyu Caffe in Durham, North Carolina. Sip & Savor in Chicago, Illinois: Specializing in

Specialty Coffee and Pastries

Sip & Savor is a black-owned coffee shop with two locations in Chicago, Illinois, that specialize in specialty coffee and pastries.

The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing high-quality coffee to the Chicago area. With an emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its customers, Sip & Savor has become a popular destination for coffee lovers and pastry enthusiasts alike.

Specialty Coffee and Pastries

At Sip & Savor, customers can expect to find a wide variety of specialty coffee beverages made with high-quality ingredients. Their menu includes everything from classic options like lattes and cappuccinos to more unique offerings like the Smokey Joe, a latte made with smoked sea salt caramel and cinnamon.

One of the standout features of Sip & Savor’s coffee program is their focus on environmentally sustainable coffee sourcing. They work with coffee suppliers who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that their coffee beans are both delicious and responsibly sourced.

Aside from coffee, Sip & Savor also offers an impressive selection of pastries made in-house or sourced from local bakery shops. Their pastries range from classic croissants and scones to more indulgent treats like the cinnamon roll and brownie bars.

Supporting Other Businesses in the Community

Sip & Savor is not just concerned with providing excellent coffee and pastries; they are also passionate about supporting other businesses in the community. They source their pastries from local bakery shops, helping to support small and independently-owned businesses in the Chicago area.

Furthermore, they also actively seek out partnerships with other community-based organizations. They have worked with organizations like Chicago’s Bronzeville Children’s Museum and the Black McDonald’s owners’ association to support and promote their initiatives.

In addition to supporting local businesses and community organizations, Sip & Savor also holds a number of events on-site, allowing customers to support local artists and creatives. Examples of these events include the Coffee Art Showcase, which featured work from local artists, and the Winter Festival, which featured vendors from local small businesses.

These events not only help support the local community, but they are also a lot of fun and engaging for customers. Boon Boona Coffee in Renton, Washington:

African Brewed Coffee

Boon Boona Coffee is a black-owned coffee shop located in Renton, Washington, which prides itself on serving African brewed coffee.

The coffee shop was founded in 2015 with the goal of promoting and sharing the coffee culture of East Africa with the Pacific Northwest community.

African Brewed Coffee

Boon Boona Coffee is unique in that it specializes in African brewed coffee. African coffee is known for its bold, full-bodied flavors that are distinct from coffee beans grown in other parts of the world.

Boon Boona Coffee sources its beans from a number of coffee growers across East Africa, ensuring that each cup is freshly brewed and unique in flavor. Boon Boona Coffee is particularly known for its specialty drinks, including the Afrique Latte, which is made with espresso and a dash of African spices, and the African Spiced Mocha, which is made with dark chocolate and African spices.

Additionally, they also offer a variety of tea beverages and housemade snacks to complement their specialty coffee offerings.

Pick-Up and Online Ordering

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Boon Boona Coffee has made efforts to make ordering and pick-up as easy and seamless as possible. Customers can place orders for pickup through their website, or they can use a number of third-party delivery services to have their coffee delivered directly to them.

Boon Boona Coffee also operates a retail arm, selling their own blends of coffee and accompanying merchandise online for customers who want to take a piece of Boon Boona home with them. Additionally, they offer wholesale services to local businesses like cafes and hotels, allowing them to offer high-quality, ethically sourced African coffee to their own customers.

In Conclusion

Sip & Savor and Boon Boona Coffee are just two examples of the many outstanding black-owned coffee shops across the country. They both offer unique and high-quality coffee and snack offerings, as well as a commitment to supporting their local communities and businesses.

If you are a coffee aficionado or just looking to try something new, we highly recommend visiting one of these coffee shops and experiencing all that they have to offer. Aint She Sweet Caf in Chicago, Illinois: A

Non-Typical Coffee Shop

Aint She Sweet Caf is a black-owned coffee shop located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Offering more than just coffee, this cozy caf is known for its non-typical atmosphere and amazing goods.

Non-Typical Coffee Shop

Aint She Sweet Caf is not your typical coffee shop. In addition to coffee and tea beverages, they also offer a wide variety of baked goods and other snacks for customers to enjoy.

Their menu includes everything from breakfast sandwiches and bagels to vegetarian wraps and salads. Aside from food, Aint She Sweet Caf also sells a unique selection of gifts and accessories, including candles, books, and jewelry.

This eclectic mix of offerings adds to the caf’s welcoming and cozy atmosphere, creating a space that feels more like a neighborhood gathering spot than a typical coffee shop. Despite its non-typical atmosphere, Aint She Sweet Caf still serves excellent coffee that tastes great.

Their baristas are highly skilled and knowledgeable about coffee, ensuring that each cup is expertly brewed and delicious.

Menu Offerings

As previously mentioned, Aint She Sweet Caf’s menu goes beyond just coffee and tea beverages. Their food offerings include an impressive selection of breakfast options, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

They also sell grab-and-go snacks like muffins, pastries, and energy bars. For affordable prices, customers can satisfy their hunger cravings by trying signature dishes, such as their savory quesadillas or scrumptious paninis.

Whether it’s to sit down and have a leisurely brunch or to grab a quick bite on the go, Aint She Sweet offers something for everyone. Whittier Caf in Denver, Colorado:

Offering African Coffees

Whittier Caf is a black-owned coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado, that specializes in offering African coffees.

The caf has a rustic and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a rich coffee.

Offering African Coffees

At Whittier Caf, customers can choose from a variety of African coffee beans sourced from different regions of the continent. Their coffee has a rich, full-bodied flavor that is distinct from coffee beans grown in other regions of the world.

The staff at Whittier Caf are passionate about sharing their love of African coffee culture and educating customers about the unique flavors and brewing techniques associated with African coffee.

Unwinding and Relaxing Atmosphere

Whittier Caf’s atmosphere is designed to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for customers to unwind and enjoy their coffee. The caf features comfortable seating, warm lighting, and rustic decor, making it a welcoming space for people to sit down and relax.

In addition to coffee, Whittier Caf also offers an impressive selection of tea beverages and snacks. Their menu includes everything from sweet pastries and croissants to savory breakfast sandwiches and lunch items.

The caf’s cozy atmosphere and community feel has made it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a place to read a book, meet up with friends, or simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, Whittier Caf is a must-visit destination in Denver.

In Conclusion

Aint She Sweet Caf and Whittier Caf are just two examples of the many outstanding black-owned coffee shops across the country. Each caf offers its own unique atmosphere and coffee offerings, but they share a commitment to providing high-quality products and supporting local communities.

If you’re a coffee lover or simply looking to try something new, we highly recommend visiting one of these coffee shops and experiencing all that they have to offer. Uncle Bobbies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Books and Coffee

Uncle Bobbies is a unique black-owned coffee shop and bookstore located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Combining the love of literature and coffee, this cozy establishment offers a bookstore atmosphere where customers can enjoy their favorite reads while sipping on delicious coffee.

Books and Coffee

At Uncle Bobbies, the combination of books and coffee creates a harmonious environment for literary enthusiasts. The caf features a carefully curated selection of books, ranging from bestsellers to independent and lesser-known titles.

Customers can browse through the shelves and discover new literary gems while enjoying a steaming cup of their favorite coffee beverage. The staff at Uncle Bobbies are passionate about books and are always available to provide recommendations and engage in conversations about literature.

This creates an intellectual and vibrant atmosphere that attracts book lovers from all walks of life.

Bookstore Atmosphere

Uncle Bobbies is not your typical coffee shop. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it feels like stepping into a charming neighborhood bookstore.

Comfortable seating areas are scattered throughout the shop, allowing customers to settle in with their chosen book and indulge in a hot cup of coffee. The caf also hosts various literary events such as book signings, author readings, and discussions, further fostering a sense of community and intellectual engagement.

These events provide opportunities for customers to connect with authors and fellow book lovers, making Uncle Bobbies more than just a coffee shop, but a cultural hub for literary exploration. Red Bay Coffee in Oakland, California:

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

Red Bay Coffee is a black-owned coffee roaster and caf located in Oakland, California.

More than just providing high-quality coffee, Red Bay is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity within the coffee industry and beyond.

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

Red Bay Coffee is at the forefront of championing diversity and inclusion in the coffee industry. They prioritize working with coffee growers from underrepresented communities, ensuring that their suppliers receive fair compensation for their work.

By fostering direct relationships with these growers, Red Bay Coffee helps to create economic opportunities and empower marginalized communities in the coffee supply chain. In addition to their sourcing practices, Red Bay Coffee also cultivates a diverse and inclusive workforce.

They provide training and employment opportunities to individuals who have faced barriers to employment, including formerly incarcerated individuals and young adults transitioning out of the foster care system. By offering fair wages and benefits, Red Bay Coffee supports their employees in building stable and fulfilling livelihoods.

High-Quality Coffee and Delivery Services

Red Bay Coffee is dedicated to providing high-quality coffee that showcases the unique flavors of the beans they source. They meticulously roast their coffee to bring out the nuanced flavors and aromas, ensuring that each cup is a delight to the taste buds.

Whether customers prefer a smooth and balanced medium roast or a bold and rich dark roast, Red Bay Coffee offers a wide range of options to suit every palate. To make their coffee accessible to a broader audience, Red Bay Coffee offers convenient delivery services.

Customers can order their coffee online and have it delivered right to their doorstep, allowing them to enjoy the freshly roasted beans from the comfort of their own homes.

In Conclusion

Uncle Bobbies and Red Bay Coffee are shining examples of black-owned coffee shops that transcend the traditional coffee experience. Uncle Bobbies brings together the worlds of literature and coffee, creating a haven for book lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Red Bay Coffee not only serves exceptional coffee but also uses their platform to promote inclusion and diversity within the coffee industry. By supporting black-owned coffee shops like Uncle Bobbies and Red Bay Coffee, individuals can not only enjoy delicious coffee but also contribute to positive change in their communities.

These coffee shops serve as more than just places to grab a cup of joe they are cultural and social hubs that foster a sense of community and drive forward progress. So, if you’re craving a great book and a fantastic cup of coffee, make sure to visit Uncle Bobbies or Red Bay Coffee and immerse yourself in a world of literature and flavors.

Flowerboy Project in Venice, California:

Shopping and Coffee in One Place

Flowerboy Project is a unique black-owned coffee shop located in Venice, California. Combining great-tasting coffee with a curated boutique experience, this charming establishment offers customers the opportunity to enjoy both shopping and coffee in one place.

Shopping and Coffee

At Flowerboy Project, the concept of shopping and coffee merging creates a delightful experience for patrons. The caf features an array of specialty coffee beverages ranging from classic options like lattes and cappuccinos to more unique creations like lavender-infused coffee or rose petal lattes.

Each cup is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional flavor and a memorable coffee experience. Beyond the coffee, Flowerboy Project also boasts a curated boutique offering a variety of goods.

This includes an assortment of fresh flowers, art pieces, candles, books, and unique accessories. Customers not only leave with a delicious cup of coffee but also with a unique find that enhances their overall experience.

More than Just Coffee

Flowerboy Project is more than just a coffee shop. The incorporation of flowers, books, and various goods creates a multi-faceted space that invites customers to explore and engage beyond their coffee beverages.

The visually stunning flowers add a touch of natural beauty to the ambiance, making it a lovely setting to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Moreover, the carefully selected books available for browsing and purchase cater to a myriad of interests and provide an excellent opportunity for customers to discover new literary treasures.

The presence of other goods such as candles and unique accessories adds a layer of intrigue, offering additional shopping options to enhance the overall experience. South LA Caf in Los Angeles, California:

Affordable Options for the Community

South LA Caf is a black-owned coffee shop located in Los Angeles, California, that is committed to providing affordable options for the community.

With a focus on inclusivity and quality, this caf ensures that everyone can enjoy a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

Affordable Options for the Community

South LA Caf understands the importance of affordability and access to good coffee. They are dedicated to providing their customers with high-quality coffee at prices that are reasonable and affordable.

This commitment allows individuals from all walks of life to enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee without having to compromise on quality. The caf also offers various pricing options to cater to different budgets.

From daily specials to bundled packages, customers can choose what works best for them while still enjoying their favorite coffee beverages.

Community Connections

South LA Caf is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee it is a community space that fosters connections and provides a platform for local talent. The caf hosts a range of events such as open mic nights, poetry slams, and book readings, creating opportunities for community members to showcase their talents and engage with others.

By creating a space that encourages community involvement, South LA Caf becomes a hub for exchange and collaboration. It fosters connections among individuals, encourages dialogue, and promotes a sense of belonging as customers come together to enjoy coffee and participate in shared experiences.

In Conclusion

Flowerboy Project and South LA Caf exemplify the diverse and vibrant offerings of black-owned coffee shops. Flowerboy Project offers a unique shopping experience alongside great-tasting coffee, allowing customers to explore and discover an array of goods while indulging in their favorite beverages.

On the other hand, South LA Caf prioritizes affordability, ensuring that everyone can enjoy high-quality coffee and fostering community connections through a variety of events. These coffee shops go beyond simply serving coffee; they create spaces that foster community engagement, inclusion, and enjoyment.

By supporting black-owned coffee shops like Flowerboy Project and South LA Caf, individuals can not only enjoy delicious coffee and unique shopping experiences but also contribute to the thriving and diverse communities around them. So, whether you’re looking for a place to browse and sip or seeking an affordable and inclusive coffee experience, these coffee shops are definitely worth a visit.

Black Swan Espresso in Newark, New Jersey:

Specialty Coffee and Food

Black Swan Espresso is a black-owned coffee shop located in Newark, New Jersey, that offers specialty coffee and food. With a commitment to quality and a touch of artistic flair, this caf provides a unique experience for coffee and food enthusiasts.

Specialty Coffee and Food

At Black Swan Espresso, the focus is on providing specialty coffee that is crafted with precision and expertise. From single-origin pour-overs to perfectly pulled espresso shots, their coffee offerings are meticulously prepared to bring out the distinctive flavors and aromas in each cup.

To complement their exceptional coffee, Black Swan Espresso also offers a delectable selection of food options. Their food menu includes a variety of breakfast and lunch items, with options ranging from hearty sandwiches and wraps to salads and pastries.

Each dish is made with fresh ingredients and is carefully crafted to provide a satisfying and delicious meal. Black Swan Espresso takes pride in sourcing their ingredients locally when possible, supporting other businesses in the community and ensuring the freshest flavors in their dishes.

Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast sandwich to start your day or a light salad for lunch, Black Swan Espresso has something to satisfy every palate.

Art Displayed in the Shop

What sets Black Swan Espresso apart is the artistic touch that adorns the shop. The caf doubles as an art gallery, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work.

As you sip your coffee, you’ll be surrounded by captivating pieces that add an extra layer of creativity and inspiration to your experience. The art displayed in the shop rotates regularly, ensuring a fresh and dynamic environment for both regular customers and newcomers.

From paintings and photography to sculptures and mixed-media installations, there is always something new and exciting to discover at Black Swan Espresso. The fusion of art and coffee creates a unique atmosphere where creativity and caffeination collide.

To further enhance the artistic ambiance, Black Swan Espresso also features artistic designs on their coffee cups. Every sip becomes a visual treat as you appreciate the attention to detail in the vibrant and unique designs adorning your cup.

In Conclusion

Black Swan Espresso in Newark, New Jersey, offers coffee and food enthusiasts a one-of-a-kind experience. With a focus on specialty coffee brewed to perfection and a delicious menu of food options, customers can indulge in a delightful culinary journey.

The infusion of art in the caf creates an environment that fosters creativity, making each visit a multi-sensory experience for coffee and art lovers alike. By supporting black-owned coffee shops like Black Swan Espresso, individuals not only enjoy exceptional coffee and food but also contribute to the appreciation and promotion of local artists.

So, whether you’re in search of a great cup of coffee, a delicious meal, or an artistic inspiration, a visit to Black Swan Espresso is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you with a memorable experience. In conclusion, supporting black-owned coffee shops not only provides a delicious and unique coffee experience but also contributes to the local community and fosters business opportunities for black entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s the community-focused atmosphere of Beyu Caffe in Durham, the literary haven of Uncle Bobbies in Philadelphia, or the fusion of art and coffee at Black Swan Espresso in Newark, there are countless reasons to seek out and support these establishments. By choosing to enjoy specialty coffee, supporting local businesses, and embracing inclusivity and diversity, we can make a positive impact on our communities.

So, the next time you’re in need of a caffeine fix, consider supporting a black-owned coffee shop and experience the many layers of culture, flavor, and community they bring to the table.

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