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Get the Best of Both Worlds with Coca-Cola with Coffee

Coca-Cola with Coffee: The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Are you the type of person who can’t decide between a refreshing Coca-Cola and a caffeine-packed coffee when you need a quick pick-me-up? Well, no need to choose anymore, because the Coca-Cola company has come up with the perfect solution Coca-Cola with Coffee.

This new drink variant combines the classic Coca-Cola taste with a dash of rich coffee flavor and packs a real caffeine punch to get you through those midday slumps. But where can you find this exciting new drink, and is it available worldwide?

We have all the answers for you.

Rollout in the United States

Coca-Cola with Coffee was first introduced in Japan and other markets in 2018, where it saw massive success. Consumers loved the combination of the two beverages, and Coca-Cola quickly realized that this drink had global potential.

Thus, in 2019, Coca-Cola announced that the drink variant would be launched in 25 markets around the world, including Australia, Vietnam, and Italy. However, the drink’s biggest market is undoubtedly the United States, where Coca-Cola with Coffee is now available across the country.

The drink has already made a mark in the US beverage market, generating buzz and intrigue among both coffee and soda lovers. Coca-Cola with Coffee comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Dark Blend, and Caramel.

The Vanilla and Caramel flavors are only available in the US, making it a unique product in the Coca-Cola portfolio.

Availability in Other Countries

If you’re not based in the US, fret not; Coca-Cola with Coffee is available in various countries worldwide. In Australia, Coca-Cola with Coffee is called Espresso Mixer and comes in two flavors – Dark Blend and Vanilla.

The drink has been received well in Australia, with critics calling it “surprisingly tasty” and “the perfect combo.”

In Japan, the birthplace of Coca-Cola with Coffee, the drink variant has been available since 2018 and comes in several flavors, including Caramel, Dark Roast, and Vanilla. Coca-Cola with Coffee has established itself as a popular go-to beverage in Tokyo’s bustling streets, where people are always on the go.

In Europe, the drink variant was launched in Italy in early 2020 and has since gained a considerable following among coffee lovers. The Italian version of Coca-Cola with Coffee has a slightly different flavor, which was crafted specifically with Italian consumers’ tastes in mind.

Coca-Cola with Coffee has also reached countries such as Vietnam and Brazil, where it has already established a loyal fanbase. Consumers in Vietnam have praised the drink’s affordability, convenience, and taste, making it an instant hit.

In Brazil, Coca-Cola with Coffee is called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus and was first launched in 2019. The drink has since become a favorite among Brazilians, who love the carbonated coffee flavor.


Coca-Cola with Coffee has taken the beverage market by storm, offering coffee and cola lovers an exciting new taste experience. The drink is now available in many countries, with each region crafting its unique flavor profile.

In the US, the drink variant has seen a successful rollout, and it’s likely to become a permanent addition to Coca-Cola’s lineup. Trying Coca-Cola with Coffee is a must for anyone looking for a refreshing, caffeine-packed beverage.

3) Taste and Flavor

Coca-Cola with Coffee offers a unique flavor profile that is a combination of classic Coca-Cola taste and coffee essence. The drink’s concept was initially geared towards Japanese consumers, who are known for their love of sweet beverages, but it has quickly become a global sensation.

Coca-Cola with Coffee is available in three flavors – caramel, dark blend, and vanilla, each offering a distinct taste that appeals to different taste buds. If youre looking for a rich and savory taste, Dark Blend Coca-Cola with Coffee is for you.

It carries the perfect balance of coffee and cola taste, leaving a delightful aftertaste. On the other hand, if you want something sweet and indulgent, Caramel Coca-Cola with Coffee offers a perfect combo of caramel and cola flavor with a hint of an authentic coffee taste.

Lastly, Vanilla Coca-Cola with Coffee gives off a creamy and sweet taste, making it perfect for those who are fans of vanilla coffee.

Trying It at Home

If you want to be more adventurous, you can even try making Coca-Cola with Coffee at home. Its easy to DIY if you have some coffee, vanilla, caramel syrup, and freshly-brewed Coke.

Although nothing beats getting a drink straight from the supplier, DIY variants offer the possibility of experimentation, thus providing a new dimension for taste. Overall, Coca-Cola with Coffee is a refreshing addition to the Coca-Cola universe as it offers something new to their loyal consumers.

It makes an everyday drink more exciting, especially for those who are always on the go.

4) Caffeine Content

Coca-Cola with Coffee is specifically designed to give you a caffeine boost, with its caffeine content varying depending on the flavor. Among the three variants, Caramel Coca-Cola with Coffee has the highest caffeine content, with 69mg of caffeine per 12-oz can.

The Dark Blend variant comes next, with 64mg of caffeine per 12-oz can. Lastly, the Vanilla variant contains 50mg of caffeine per 12-oz can.

When compared to regular Coke (34mg of caffeine per 12-oz can), Coca-Cola with Coffee carries a significantly higher caffeine content. However, when compared to coffee, it falls short in terms of caffeine potency.

A 12-oz cup of black coffee can contain anywhere from 95mg to 200mg of caffeine, depending on the type of coffee bean and the brewing method. That being said, Coca-Cola with Coffee offers a more refreshing drink that still has enough caffeine to give you a quick energy boost.

It’s an excellent alternative for those who arent fans of hot coffee or are looking for a refreshing beverage they can chug during their busy workday.


Coca-Cola with Coffee presents a unique flavor that is sure to appeal to caffeine and soda lovers worldwide. With its different flavors and caffeine content, it fits a wide range of taste preferences and needs.

The drink has easily become an instant fad and is now available globally for everyone to try. Whether youre a fan of coffee, cola, or something in between, Coca-Cola with Coffee is guaranteed to give you a refreshing delicious perk-me-up, anytime, anywhere.



Coca-Cola with Coffee has made a significant impact since its launch, offering coffee and soda lovers an innovative caffeine fix. The combination of classic Coca-Cola and coffee flavors has produced a unique taste that appeals to different taste buds worldwide.

This addition has left an impression that many drinkers have hailed as the perfect drink to help them power through their day.

Anticipation for the Release

Consumers anticipation for the release of Coca-Cola with Coffee was undoubtedly high since the product was first announced in 2019. Many curious consumers eagerly awaited the chance to try this new drink variant, with many sharing their excitement through social media platforms.

The hype for the drink was evident, especially during the drink’s launch in the United States. Consumers of all ages and backgrounds flocked to stores to purchase and try the drink, with many sharing their positive experiences through online review platforms.

Impression of the Drink

Overall, Coca-Cola with Coffee has exceeded expectations since its release. Many consumers have praised the drink’s unique blend of flavors, with some noting that it offers a perfect balance of caffeine, sweetness, and acidity.

Its availability worldwide has created a community of Coca-Cola with Coffee fans who share their experiences and reviews about the drink, making the product connect with a new audience. Many describe the drink’s taste as smooth and refreshing, with the coffee essence proving particularly popular among consumers.

The drink breaks up the monotony of the classic soda taste and offers a unique beverage that’s perfect for those who want a quick, delicious caffeine punch. Coca-Cola with Coffee has also proven to be an excellent addition to the Coca-Cola product lineup, with the drink appealing to both the younger generation and committed Coca-Cola fans.

This creates a possibility to maximize sales, as it attracts the coffee crowd who prefer not to drink hot coffee, allowing Coca-Cola to penetrate a new demographic. In conclusion, Coca-Cola with Coffee has been an innovative and successful product that offers something new to the beverage world.

It has created a good buzz, and its availability worldwide means that it has a potential to continue expanding and satisfying consumers for years to come. Whether you’re a fan of coffee, cola, or both, Coca-Cola with Coffee fits the bill as the perfect pick-me-up drink to energize you and make you feel refreshed anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, Coca-Cola with Coffee is a game-changer, providing soda and coffee enthusiasts worldwide with an innovative beverage that offers a refreshing caffeine kick. The different flavors and caffeine content make Coca-Cola with Coffee a versatile drink that appeals to a wide range of consumers.

Whether you’re a fan of classic Coca-Cola or coffee, Coca-Cola with Coffee offers the perfect balance of taste that will help power you through your day. It’s no wonder that this new drink variant has taken the beverage market by storm and quickly established itself as a fan favorite.

With availability worldwide, we can only anticipate increasing uptake among the beverage audiences as a feasible choice.

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