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How to Care for Your Invisalign Retainers: Tips for Drinking Coffee and More

Invisalign retainers have become increasingly popular over the years as a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it allows you to straighten your teeth without drawing unwanted attention to your smile.

However, it is essential to follow certain guidelines to ensure that you achieve optimal results with your Invisalign treatment. In this article, we will discuss how to care for your Invisalign retainers and answer common questions about using them, such as drinking coffee with your aligners and removing them for meals.

Wearing Invisalign Retainers:

To begin, wearing Invisalign retainers is a crucial aspect of your dental treatment. Invisalign retainers are worn for at least 22 hours a day, which means you will have to wear them throughout the day and while you sleep.

It is important to follow this retention time to ensure that your teeth move according to the Invisalign plan designed by your dental provider.

One key advantage of Invisalign retainers is that you can remove them whenever you eat or drink.

However, it is recommended that you do not keep your retainers out of your mouth for more than two hours at a time to achieve optimal results. Removing Invisalign Retainers:

When removing your Invisalign retainers, it is essential to handle them carefully and to avoid any twisting or bending that may cause damage to your retainers.

The best practice is to use your fingertips to remove them carefully and to avoid using any sharp or pointed objects that may scratch or damage the plastic material of your Invisalign retainers. Eating and Drinking with Invisalign Retainers:

It is possible to drink beverages like coffee and tea with your Invisalign retainers.

However, it’s advisable to remove your retainers before drinking anything other than water. That’s because many beverages contain tannins and color additives that may stain your Invisalign retainers over time.

Drinking hot coffee or tea with your Invisalign retainers in your mouth can also damage them by warping the plastic material. Therefore, always remove your retainers when drinking hot liquids.

If you choose to drink iced coffee or iced tea, it’s still essential to remove your Invisalign retainers first, as they may become dislodged or damaged due to the cold temperature of the beverage.

What Happens If You Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

If you drink coffee or another beverage with your Invisalign retainers in, the dark color of the tannins may cause staining on your aligners. This staining can be difficult to remove, even with brushing.

Moreover, the plastic material of your Invisalign retainers may also become warped or bent due to the temperature of the coffee or other beverage.

To avoid these issues, it is always a best practice to take your Invisalign retainers out before drinking anything other than water.

If you accidentally stain your aligners, speak with your dental provider for further guidance on how to address this issue. Maintenance of Invisalign Retainers:

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is key to the success of your Invisalign treatment.

Brushing your teeth thoroughly after meals and before reinserting your aligners is critical to avoid plaque buildup and maintain good oral health. Moreover, regularly cleaning your Invisalign retainers with a soft-bristle toothbrush and mild soap or Invisalign’s cleaning crystals can help to keep them in good condition.

NEVER use hot water or toothpaste to clean your Invisalign retainers, as these products may damage the plastic material. When In Doubt, Take It Out!

If you are not sure whether to remove your Invisalign retainers for a particular activity, it is always safer to take them out.

Leaving your aligners in for an extended period or any activity outside the guidelines of your dental provider can harm your teeth and slow down your progress.


In conclusion, Invisalign retainers are a safe, effective, and discreet solution for correcting your teeth misalignment.

By following the guidelines provided by your dental provider and taking good care of your Invisalign retainers, you can achieve optimal results and maintain good oral health. We hope that this article has provided you with useful information on how to care for your Invisalign retainers, enjoy your coffee and tea responsibly, and stay on track towards your dream smile!

Invisalign retainers are a popular choice for discreet teeth alignment treatment, but it’s essential to follow certain guidelines to ensure the best results.

Wearing the retainers for at least 22 hours a day and removing them when eating or drinking, especially beverages with tannins, are crucial. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the aligners are essential to maintain good oral health and achieve optimal results.

Above all, when in doubt, take them out! Caring for your Invisalign retainers is easy with these simple guidelines and can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

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