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Leverpresso Pro: Portable Espresso Maker for On-The-Go Coffee Lovers

If you’re an espresso lover always on the go, then you might want to check out Leverpresso Pro. This portable espresso maker is designed for those who love quality coffee but don’t compromise convenience.

With Leverpresso Pro, you can make your espresso anywhere, anytime without the need for electricity. In this article, we’re going to review Leverpresso Pro and discuss its features, daily use, and accessories.

About the brand:

Leverpresso Pro is a product of HUGH, a company that specializes in designing and developing portable coffee making equipment. Their products are compact, lightweight, and engineered to create a premium coffee experience no matter where you are.

Leverpresso Pro features:

Leverpresso Pro is made of premium stainless steel, which adds durability and elegance to its design. Furthermore, it comes with a travel case making it even easier to carry around.

But what’s unique about its design is the “walnut cracker” shape, which ensures both comfort and grip for the user. Premium accessories:

Leverpresso Pro comes with essential accessories that make your coffee-making experience outstanding.

Amongst these accessories is a tamper/leveler, funnel, stand, and IMS basket. Review and daily use:


Leverpresso Pro is incredibly portable.

It’s small, lightweight, and easy to use, making it a perfect fit for those who enjoy an outdoors or travel experience and still want to enjoy their favorite drink. When it comes to portability, Leverpresso Pro competes with other portable espresso makers like Picopresso and Cafflano Kompresso.

Ergonomic design:

The ergonomic design of Leverpresso Pro is spectacular. It’s equipped with a pressure gauge that comes in handy when making your espresso, similar to Cafelat Robot.

This feature provides the user with consistency whenever they make their espresso. Consistency:

Another key feature of the Leverpresso Pro is that it guarantees consistency.

It’s equipped with a pressure system that ensures repeatable results with every use, similar to Flair Pro 2. Necessary evil of the stand:

Having the stand is a necessary evil, especially when you want to achieve perfection.

It’s necessary when you want to use a scale like Timemore Black Mirror Nano, Acaia Lunar, Weightman scale, or Acaia Pyxis. The stand is also useful if you don’t have a proper surface to make your espresso.


Preheating is something that’s essential when making your espresso. The Leverpresso Pro comes with a preheat cap that ensures that your device is always hot and ready to extract, regardless of whether you’re using dark roasts or lighter roasts.


In conclusion, Leverpresso Pro is an incredible device for those who enjoy a great cup of espresso while on the go. It’s designed to be lightweight, yet sturdy, and it guarantees you the same quality of coffee each use.

With its portability, you can make your espresso regardless of whether you’re in the office, a hotel room, or outdoors. The inclusion of premium accessories like a tamper, stand, and IMS basket make the Leverpresso Pro the ultimate choice for coffee lovers.

Get yours today and transform your coffee-making experience. 3) Comparing to market leaders:

When buying a portable espresso maker, you have a lot of options from market leaders such as Flair and Cafelat.

In this section, we’re going to compare Leverpresso Pro to these market leaders to give you insight into why the Leverpresso Pro stands out. Build quality and design:

The Leverpresso Pro has a great build quality thanks to its stainless steel design.

The device not only looks elegant but also feels sturdy and durable. Apart from the device itself, the accessories that come with the device such as the tamper and IMS basket are also of excellent quality.

On the other hand, Flair and Cafelat also offer high-quality accessories, including baskets and levelers, that contribute to a great overall experience. Daily use and UX:

The Leverpresso Pro is incredibly flexible and can be used to make a single or double shot espresso.

This flexibility allows individuals to prepare multiple cups of coffee without the need to clean the device or wait for it to heat up again. Flair also offers a similar experience, but it requires more work to prepare another cup of coffee.

In contrast, Cafelat requires a more involved workflow and multiple components, which may not be as convenient for those looking for a simpler experience.

Preheating is also an essential aspect of daily use, and the Leverpresso Pro excels in this area.

The device comes with a preheat cap that makes it easy to maintain a consistent temperature and ensure you’re prepared to extract your coffee. In comparison, Flair requires a lot of preheating, which can be time-consuming, while Cafelat requires a heating chamber that can be bulky and difficult to carry.

Leverpresso Pro vs Flair Pro 2:

If we compare the Leverpresso Pro to Flair Pro 2, we find some key differences. Flair Pro 2 is a bit more hands-on during the brewing process and may appeal more to those who enjoy the process of manual brewing.

In contrast, Leverpresso Pro offers similar consistency and prides itself on being easier to clean than Flair Pro 2 because of its simpler design and fewer parts. Workflow is also another significant difference between Leverpresso Pro and Flair Pro 2.

With Leverpresso Pro, you can achieve consistent results with minimal effort and time; meanwhile, Flair Pro 2 may require more effort and practice to achieve the desired results. 4) Conclusion:

In conclusion, Leverpresso Pro stands out for its enjoyable and high-pressure espresso experience.

Its stainless steel design makes it feel durable and elegant, and its accessories like the IMS basket contribute to a great coffee-making experience. It competes well with portable espresso makers like Picopresso and Cafelat Robot.

However, with the crowded space of portable espresso gadgets, there’s a risk that the device might get lost in the market. Nonetheless, with the Leverpresso Pro’s unique design and consistent performance, it remains a compelling choice for those seeking a portable and efficient espresso maker.

In summary, Leverpresso Pro is a portable espresso maker that’s designed to offer a high-pressure espresso experience regardless of location. Its stainless steel design and premium accessories contribute to an enjoyable coffee-making experience.

We compared it to market leaders like Flair and Cafelat, and while each device has its strengths, Leverpresso stands out for its consistent results, easy cleaning, and flexibility. With a crowded market for portable espresso gadgets, Leverpresso Pro is an appealing choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient way to make espresso on the go.

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