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Lexington’s Coffee Culture: Where Art Community and Aromatic Brews Thrive

Local Coffee Shops in Lexington, Kentucky: A Haven for Coffee Lovers and Art Enthusiasts

Theres nothing quite like the experience of inhaling the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee while chatting with friends or immersing oneself in a book. For coffee lovers who reside in or visit Lexington, Kentucky, there are a plethora of options to savor a cup of coffee while enjoying the local artwork and culture.

This article takes a closer look at some of the citys most popular coffee shops. 1.

A Cup of Commonwealth: Locally Roasted Beans and a Pay-It-Forward Culture

A Cup of Commonwealth is a trendy coffee shop located on East High Street. The establishment offers a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for customers to relax while sipping on freshly brewed coffee made from locally roasted beans.

Furthermore, a unique feature of this coffee shop is its pay-it-forward culture, which allows customers to buy a beverage or snack for someone else who is less fortunate. This act of kindness has helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

2. North Lime Coffee & Donuts: Where Local Artists Showcase Their Talents

North Lime Coffee & Donuts is a local favorite for coffee lovers, particularly those who prefer to enjoy their beverages with donuts.

The coffee shop features a cozy seating area as well as a drive-thru for those on the go, and proudly displays the works of local artists throughout the establishment. The owners seek to showcase the talents of Lexington artists and have made their coffee shop a hub for local culture.

3. Boomwagon Bikes + Cafe: A Community-Focused Establishment

Boomwagon Bikes + Cafe is a multi-purpose establishment that offers both a coffee shop and bicycle rental and repair services.

The coffee shop boasts a charming outdoor patio where locals can gather to converse and enjoy the scenery while sipping their coffee. The caf is also well-known for its focus on community building, as they often host events that allow locals to connect and engage with one another.

4. Third Street Stuff and Coffee: A Haven for Coffee Lovers Who Enjoy Variety

Third Street Stuff and Coffee is a spacious coffee shop with plenty of seating areas and a plethora of beverage options.

The shop offers an extensive array of flavors, syrups, and snacks, making it a must-visit establishment for coffee lovers who enjoy variety. While savoring their coffee, customers can also enjoy the shops eclectic decor.

5. High on Art and Coffee: A Unique Blend of Art and Coffee

High on Art and Coffee is a coffee shop unlike any other.

The shop blends coffee and pottery art, creating a unique experience for its customers. High on Art and Coffee also offers to-go orders for customers who wish to savor their coffee on-the-go while enjoying the vibrant culture that Lexington exudes.

Common Grounds Coffee House: Bringing Quality Coffee to Lexington

Common Grounds Coffee House first opened its doors in 1992 and has since become an iconic establishment in Lexington, with five different locations throughout the city. The coffee house prides itself on providing high-quality coffee drinks and an environment that caters to those looking to concentrate or work in peace.

The original location on South Limestone is the most popular and sought-after location to enjoy a cup of coffee from Common Grounds. The coffee house serves as a haven for students and professionals who need a quiet place to work or study.

The location boasts plenty of seating and a cozy atmosphere that provides customers with the perfect space to focus and concentrate. The original locations success has also led to the creation of four other locations throughout the city, all dedicated to providing customers with quality coffee.


In Lexington, Kentucky, coffee lovers can indulge in freshly brewed coffee while immersing themselves in the local artwork and community. A Cup of Commonwealth, North Lime Coffee & Donuts, Boomwagon Bikes + Cafe, Third Street Stuff and Coffee, High on Art and Coffee, and Common Grounds Coffee House are destinations where locals and visitors can bask in the vibrant culture of Lexington.

Each establishment offers its unique blend of coffee, culture, and community, inviting all to indulge in the best of what the city has to offer. 3.

Chocolate Holler: Where Coffee Meets Chocolate and Paying It Forward

Nestled in the heart of Lexington, Chocolate Holler is a coffee shop like no other. True to its name, it is a haven for chocolate lovers, but it also caters to those who crave a great cup of coffee.

Chocolate Holler’s unique blend of chocolate and coffee has made it a destination for locals and visitors alike. The coffee menu at Chocolate Holler comprises lattes, mochas, and hot chocolate, each infused with melted chocolate that infuses the drink with a sweet, velvety texture.

The shop also offers a variety of baked treats, from cookies and brownies to more upscale confections like chocolate truffles and bars. If you’re more inclined towards a solid breakfast or lunch, Chocolate Holler’s menu includes savory quiches and sandwiches as well as soups and salads.

Each item is made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, thereby contributing to the shop’s goal of supporting the surrounding environmental. But that’s not all that makes Chocolate Holler stand out.

The shop also advocates for paying it forward, where customers can purchase a ‘Suspense’ drink to be given anonymously to another customer who may not have enough funds to cover their drink. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in building a community of kindness and generosity.

In addition to enjoying delicious chocolate treats and coffee, visitors to Chocolate Holler can also support the surrounding artists, as the cafes regularly host art shows and live music events. Their remarkable chocolate-coffee fusion delicacies are exhibited around the shop, and customers enjoy seeing the local artist’s contributions.

For those who can’t make it to the shop, Chocolate Holler’s online store offers a vast variety of chocolates, coffee, gift cards, and an impressive range of coffee brewing equipment to help customers recreate their Chocolate Holler coffee experience in the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re a chocolate enthusiast or a coffee addict, there’s something at Chocolate Holler for everyone.

In addition to a tasty and indulgent experience, customers leave feeling appreciated for participating in an atmosphere seeking to promote and uplift comforting and positive energy.


Coffee Times: More Than Just a Place to Grab a Latte

Located on Regency Road, Coffee Times has been a fixture of the Lexington coffee scene since 1983. Owned and run by a local family, the shop has become an institution in the community, primarily due to its exceptional coffee beans sourced from around the world.

Coffee Times believes in sourcing premium coffee beans that highlight the unique flavors and notes that the region of origin is known for. It creates no pressure builds in a coffee cup, thus allowing the flavor profile of the coffee bean to be maintained.

This brings out the desirability of each variety’s origin as each bean variety from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia is unique. They strive to maintain the freshness of their coffee for the customers, thus allowing customers to enjoy the quality of the coffee not masked by poor coffee construction.

This led to the coffee shops thriving online business, and they offer various subscriptions, coffee beans, and gifts that can be delivered to customers worldwide. But Coffee Times isn’t just a place to grab a cup of joe; it’s also the perfect spot to pick up a unique gift or a surprise treat.

The cafe has a variety of gifts that range from coffee mugs, tea towels, and coffee-making equipment sourced from artisanal manufacturers around the world. They are even known to have selections of spices mixes to complete the coffee experience.

For foodies, Coffee Times offers an extensive selection of fresh sandwiches made with high-quality ingredients, and the caf is proud to boast that every item on their menu is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Additionally, Coffee Times has developed a loyal following of customers who love to linger over their coffee or enjoy a simple conversation with the coffee shop staff.

They have created a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for customers, complete with cozy seating and ambient music, providing an intimate environment for people to enjoy a warm cup of coffee surrounded by good company. In conclusion, Coffee Times may have started in 1983, but they continue to grow with the coffee industry.

The coffee shop continually updates their coffee and gift options and reinforces its strengths and values in listening and satisfying customer needs. You can always count on some of the best-coffee-roasting experience and the traditional yet trendy atmosphere of the coffee shops to satisfy your cravings.

5. Lussi Brown Coffee Shop: Strong Coffee and Cutting-Edge Design

Located in the historic Chevy Chase neighborhood of Lexington, Lussi Brown Coffee Shop stands out among the city’s coffee shops for its robust coffee, inviting atmosphere, and cutting-edge design.

The coffee shop is known for serving some of the strongest coffee in town, making it a favorite among those who love a caffeine kick. Lussi Brown Coffee Shop also offers coffee cocktails that are infused with yummy tastes, including whiskey and rum.

Additionally, customers can select from a variety of pastries, including croissants, cake slices, and giant savory pretzels. Lussi Brown Coffee Shop has another distinguishing aspect: its design.

The space is curated to perfection, blending a relaxed and stylish atmosphere, with minimalist features evident throughout the cozy interior. The ambiance of exposed-brick walls and natural wood elements with the modern design creates an unparalleled warmth and character that make this coffee shop stand out.

The coffee shop owners designed the interior to have a calming effect on the customers, encouraging a peaceful environment that enhances the coffee drinking experience. The effortless design creates a space that values aesthetics and environment in equal proportion.

A highlight of Lussi Brown Coffee Shop is the outdoor seating, alongside beautiful flowers that create a romantic atmosphere. The coffee shop also hosts events, either indoors or in the backyard, such as open mic nights and trivia nights, creating a sense of community and warmth that is consistent with the rest of the aesthetic design.

Lussi Brown Coffee Shop offers coffee-loving customers a completely unforgettable experience. From the awe-inspiring design to the strong coffee and delectable pastries, the cafe’s charm exemplifies what it takes to become one of the most talked-about places in Lexington’s lineup of coffee shops.

6. Old School Coffee: The Perfect Venue for Group Gatherings and Traditional Spalding Donuts

Old School Coffee is a local favorite for those looking to gather with friends and enjoy an authentic coffee experience.

What sets this coffee shop apart are the Spalding donuts, which are a local tradition in Lexington. The coffee shop is an ode to the past, evoking nostalgia and memories of the coffeehouses of yore.

Old School Coffee is the perfect venue for group gatherings. From the long table at the center of the coffee shop to the smaller tables located throughout, the cafe can accommodate a wide range of group sizes.

With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it encourages people to gather and spend time together, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Besides the Spalding donuts, Old School Coffee offers a variety of delicious sweets and savory baked goods.

Their homemade muffins and scones are mouthwatering, and their coffee is brewed to perfection. The cafe also features vegetarian and vegan meals on their regular menu.

The owners of Old School Coffee take pride in supporting local businesses, as they source their milk and cream from a Lexington farmer, offer locally made pottery and other goods from Kentucky artists. In addition to its cozy atmosphere, Old School Coffee regularly hosts musical performances and open mic nights, making it a vibrant and lively venue for socializing.

It’s always a unique experience visiting Old School Coffee with its tradition and timeless vibe. Customers keep coming back to this coffee shop, not just for the devouring Spalding donuts, but also for the warm atmosphere that surrounds.

Old School Coffee is a unique establishment that encompasses the perfect balance of traditional and modern ambiance. Lexington, Kentucky is a haven for coffee lovers and art enthusiasts, with a vibrant and diverse coffee shop scene that offers something for everyone.

From the locally roasted beans and pay-it-forward culture of A Cup of Commonwealth, to the fusion of chocolate and coffee at Chocolate Holler, each coffee shop brings its own unique flavors, atmosphere, and community focus. Common Grounds Coffee House provides a quiet place to work, while Coffee Times offers exceptional coffee beans and a wide selection of gifts.

Lussi Brown Coffee Shop stands out for its strong coffee and cutting-edge design, while Old School Coffee brings together group gatherings and traditional Spalding donuts. The importance of supporting local businesses, enjoying quality coffee, and fostering a sense of community are common themes throughout these coffee shops.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, an art enthusiast, or simply looking for a cozy place to enjoy a cup of joe, Lexington’s coffee shops provide a range of experiences that are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, next time you’re in Lexington, be sure to explore these coffee shops, sip on a delicious cup of coffee, and fully immerse yourself in the culture and ambiance they have to offer.

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