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Revitalize Your Morning Routine with Delicious CBD Coffee Blends

Are you a coffee lover looking for a new twist on your morning cup of joe? You may want to give CBD coffee a try.

This unique combination offers a variety of benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved focus, and enhanced mood. In this article, we will take a closer look at CBD coffee, its benefits, and some popular CBD coffee brands.

CBD Coffee Benefits

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it does not produce the high associated with marijuana.

When combined with coffee, CBD can provide a variety of benefits. One of the most significant benefits of CBD coffee is its ability to reduce anxiety.

Coffee is known for its energizing effects, but for some people, it can also cause jitters and anxiety. CBD has been shown to help reduce anxiety, so when combined with coffee, it can help negate those negative effects.

CBD coffee can also help improve focus and mood. The combination of caffeine and CBD provides a unique effect that can leave you feeling focused and sharp without the anxiety and irritability that can come with drinking regular coffee.

CBD Coffee Products

There are many CBD coffee products available on the market today. It is crucial to choose a product that is both safe and effective.

When looking for a CBD coffee product, make sure it has been tested by a third-party lab to ensure its safety and purity. Look for products made with high-quality ingredients and crafted by reputable companies.

Additionally, choose a product that suits your taste preferences, whether you prefer a dark roast or something more delicate and flavorful. Some popular CBD coffee brands include Green Roads, Strava Craft, Buddha Beans Coffee Co., Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum, Strava Coffee Special Edition, and Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle. Each of these brands offers a unique coffee experience and provides a range of benefits.

CBD Coffee Brands Popularity

CBD coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the rise of CBD products, more people are looking for ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routines.

CBD coffee provides a convenient and enjoyable way to do just that. Some CBD coffee brands have gained immense popularity due to their unique offerings and quality ingredients.

Green Roads, for example, has created a line of CBD coffee that combines Colombian coffee beans with lab-tested CBD to create a delicious and energizing drink. Strava Craft is known for its small-batch CBD coffee that is crafted by artisan roasters to provide a flavor that is both unique and flavorful.

CBD Coffee Brands

Green Roads

Green Roads CBD coffee is a delicious and energizing way to start your day. This product combines high-quality Colombian coffee beans with CBD to provide a smooth and flavorful cup of joe.

Strava Craft

Strava Craft is known for its small-batch CBD coffee that is crafted by artisan roasters to provide a flavor that is both unique and flavorful.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. offers a line of CBD coffee that is crafted by experienced coffee roasters. The company uses only high-quality, organic, and fair-trade coffee beans to ensure a delicious and eco-friendly product.

Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum

Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum CBD coffee provides a smooth and creamy coffee experience combined with high-quality CBD. The product is available in various flavors, so you can find the perfect blend to suit your taste preferences.

Strava Coffee Special Edition

Strava Coffee Special Edition is a limited-edition CBD coffee product made with high-quality Colombian coffee beans and infused with full-spectrum CBD. This product offers a unique flavor profile and a range of benefits.

Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle

If you are new to CBD coffee, you may want to try the Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle. This bundle includes three different blends of CBD coffee, allowing you to find the perfect blend to suit your taste preferences and lifestyle.


In conclusion, CBD coffee is a unique and delicious way to reap the benefits of both caffeine and CBD. By using high-quality ingredients and reputable brands, you can find a CBD coffee product that suits your taste and offers a range of benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve focus, reduce anxiety, or enhance mood, CBD coffee may be the perfect addition to your daily routine. CBD coffee is a new and exciting way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.

As CBD coffee is becoming increasingly popular, various brands are available to choose from. In this article, we will look at two popular brands, Green Roads and Strava Craft, and one ethical brand, Buddha Beans Coffee Co., and their unique offerings in CBD coffee.

Green Roads CBD Coffee French Vanilla Hemp Flower

Green Roads has become a household name in the CBD industry for producing high-quality products, including its CBD coffee line. The Green Roads CBD Coffee French Vanilla Hemp Flower combines high-quality Colombian coffee beans with a full-spectrum hemp infusion.

This product is known for its rich flavor and high CBD content, making it one of the most popular choices for CBD coffee drinkers. The products hemp content is third-party lab tested and is sourced from US-grown hemp plants, assuring the user of its quality.

This product contains 6, 16, or 24 mg of CBD per serving, depending on the strength purchased. Apart from the CBD content, what sets the French Vanilla Hemp Flower apart is its flavor that is a fusion of coffee and vanilla – making a creamy and bold coffee offering.

Strava Craft CBD Coffee

Strava Craft CBD Coffee is a small-batch CBD coffee brand that is well-reputed for its quality products. Strava Craft CBD Coffee uses only high-quality Colombian Arabica coffee beans infused with full-spectrum hemp oil.

What ensures Strava Craft’s excellent products is the use of only premium-quality coffee beans from the Narino region of Colombia, which is known for producing high-quality coffee. What makes Strava Crafts CBD coffee unique is its unique and dynamic packaging.

From its product packaging to the branding, the colorful and engaging design is pleasant to the eye and evokes curiosity that makes the products stand out. Apart from its exceptional packaging, Strava Crafts coffee offers a smooth and aromatic taste with subtle undertones of chocolate that appeals to a wide-ranging palate.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. is a company that prides itself on ethical sourcing, organic farming, and its commitment to sustainable coffee production. Buddha Beans Coffee Co. works with coffee farmers who use organic farming methods, ensuring that there are no pesticides, chemicals, or additives in the coffee beans.

This also ensures that the coffee is fair-trade and that the farmers receive a fair price for their work. Buddha Beans Coffee Co. offers a wide range of coffee blends that are flavorful and diverse, providing a range of tastes to select.

They specialize in creating a variety of flavors that range from sweet and earthy to robust and bold blends. The company takes pride in its vast range of flavors while simultaneously applying ethical farming methods.

Buddha Beans Burundi CBD

The Buddha Beans Burundi CBD coffee is a unique offering from Buddha Beans Coffee Co. This burundi origin coffee is a mix of dark and medium roasts, with whole bean or ground options available. The burundi blend offers a full-body rich flavor profile with a chocolatey goodness undertone thats not overbearing.

Moreover, it contains 300 mg of CBD per bag, which is perfect for CBD coffee drinkers looking for an added CBD kick to their regular caffeine infused cup of coffee. Burundi is known for its coffee excellence, making this blend a luxurious option for coffee connoisseurs.


CBD coffee is rapidly growing in popularity. Many companies offer unique blends that combine the energizing effects of caffeine with the calming effects of CBD.

Green Roads, Strava Craft, and Buddha Beans Coffee Co. are some of the popular brands offering high-quality CBD coffee blends that suit various palates and cater to different strengths, flavors, and levels of infusions. With proper sourcing, testing, packaging, and quality control, CBD coffee can be a delicious and useful addition to any coffee lovers daily routine.

CBD coffee lovers have a wide range of products to choose from, and Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum and Strava Coffee Special Edition are two popular brands among coffee enthusiasts. Additionally, Strava offers the CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle, while they dominate the industry with Strava CBD Coffee, made with specialty-grade Arabica beans and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum

Pinnacle Hemps is a renowned company in the CBD industry, producing high-quality CBD products, including organic, full-spectrum CBD-infused coffee. The Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum medium roast offers a delightful caramel and nutty taste profile that enhances the coffee-lover experience.

It contains 170mg CBD per bag of coffee, which is perfect for individuals looking for mild to moderate CBD-infused coffee. Pinnacle’s coffee uses high-quality Colombian coffee beans combined with US-grown, third-party tested hemp extract.

Apart from the taste, Pinnacle Hemps pays attention to packaging, ensuring that the coffee beans freshness is preserved as they arrive at the doorstep. The coffee beans come in airtight bags, enhancing the coffees aroma and taste for a more enjoyable experience.

Strava Coffee Special Edition

Strava Coffee Special Edition offers a unique range of CBD coffee blends, one of which is the decaf CBD coffee that offers all the benefits of CBD without the caffeine effects. The decaf CBD coffee is made using high-quality Colombian coffee beans paired with broad-spectrum hemp extract sourced from organic, US-grown hemp.

It contains double the CBD content, making it a strong alternative for an evening or bedtime cup of coffee. The Strava Coffee Special Edition is available for a limited time, and it’s the perfect product for individuals looking to try something new with its unique and authentic flavor with all the CBD benefits, making it a favorite for caffeine-free CBD coffee enthusiasts.

Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle

The Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle is an exciting offering from Strava Coffee, a bundle provide a range of coffee flavor profiles at once. This bundle offers three distinct blends, each crafted with specialty-grade Arabica beans and a range of CBD doses.

The bundle allows coffee lovers to experience a diverse range of coffee flavors, such as a medium roast remedy rich with natural sweetness. What sets the Strava CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle apart is the cost-saving factor, as the bundle saves individuals a fraction of what they would spend on individual products. The bundle contains three different blends, with each having different CBD strengths, offering coffee drinkers the flexibility to determine their preferred CBD dose without having to commit to one product.

Strava CBD Coffee

Strava CBD Coffee combines specialty-grade Arabica beans with organic broad-spectrum hemp extract to create a unique and flavorful coffee experience. Strava coffee is available in medium and dark roast, offering a wide range of flavors tailored to suit its various customers.

Strava CBD Coffee specializes in providing a taste that appeals to the coffee lovers palate while ensuring quality and purity with every bag of coffee. Strava CBD Coffees unique selling point is the impeccable roasting technique and quality control process, making it one of the best CBD coffee products in the market.

The coffee is ethically sourced, ensuring farmers receive fair pay and the guarantee of third-party lab testing.


In conclusion, the CBD coffee market is continuously expanding, with new brands, flavors, and strengths available for coffee lovers to choose from. Pinnacle Hemps Full Spectrum and Strava Coffee Special Edition offer unique blends with different CBD contents and flavors.

Additionally, Strava Coffees bundle and Strava CBD Coffee provide quality products made with specialty-grade Arabica beans paired with organic broad-spectrum hemp extract and follow ethical sourcing in the production of coffee blends for a flavorful and enjoyable experience. In the ever-expanding world of CBD coffee, choosing the best product for your preferences can be a daunting task.

There are several factors to consider, including CBD dosage, type of CBD, coffee flavor, and brewing options. Additionally, deciding between whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, or coffee pods also plays a role in convenience, freshness, and environmental impact.

Choosing the Best CBD Coffee

When it comes to choosing the best CBD coffee, it’s important to consider several factors. Firstly, the CBD dosage is crucial.

Determine the strength of CBD you desire in your coffee, as different brands offer varying levels of CBD per serving. It’s also essential to consider the type of CBD used.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the natural compounds found in the hemp plant, while broad-spectrum contains most of them but is THC-free. CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains pure CBD.

Another important factor to consider is the coffee flavor. CBD coffee blends come in a variety of flavors, ranging from fruity and floral to chocolatey and nutty.

Different brands and blends offer different taste profiles, so it’s worth exploring the options to find the flavor that suits your preferences. Lastly, consider the brewing options.

Some CBD coffee brands provide whole bean coffee, allowing you to grind the beans fresh for each cup. This option provides the highest level of freshness and allows you to control the texture of your coffee.

Pre-ground coffee offers convenience, as it’s ready to use, but it may sacrifice some freshness. Coffee pods provide the ultimate convenience, especially for single servings, but may have a greater environmental impact due to their use of plastic.

Whole Bean Coffee, Pre-ground Coffee, and Coffee Pods

When it comes to CBD coffee, you have the option of choosing between whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, and coffee pods. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

Whole bean coffee offers the most control and freshness. You can grind the beans just before brewing, ensuring a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee.

Whole bean coffee also allows you to experiment with different grind sizes, adjusting it to suit your preferred brewing method, such as pour-over or French press. Pre-ground coffee, on the other hand, offers convenience.

It is already ground, so you can simply scoop the desired amount into your coffee maker and brew a cup of CBD coffee quickly. This option is ideal for those who value simplicity and time-saving in their coffee routine.

Coffee pods, popularized by single-serve coffee makers, offer the ultimate convenience. With just a push of a button, you can enjoy a cup of CBD coffee without any mess or clean-up.

However, it’s important to note that coffee pods often come in plastic packaging, which can have a negative environmental impact. If environmental sustainability is a priority for you, opting for whole bean or pre-ground coffee may be a better choice.

The Verdict – Best CBD Coffee

While there are numerous great CBD coffee brands out there, Strava Craft Coffee stands out as one of the best options available. Their use of specialty-grade Arabica beans ensures a high-quality coffee experience, and their infusion of organic broad-spectrum hemp extract provides the added benefits of CBD.

Strava Craft Coffee specifically, with their Colombian coffee beans, offers a smooth and rich flavor profile that appeals to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts. Their blend is carefully crafted to balance the taste of coffee with the presence of CBD, providing a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience.

The CBD dosage in Strava Craft Coffee is well-regarded, offering the benefits of CBD without overwhelming the natural coffee taste.

FAQs about CBD Coffee

  1. Is CBD coffee good for your health?
  2. CBD coffee can have potential health benefits. CBD is known for its calming and relaxing properties, which can help reduce anxiety and stress. However, it’s important to remember that CBD coffee should be consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced lifestyle.

  3. Can I add CBD oil to regular coffee?
  4. Yes, you can add CBD oil to regular coffee. However, it’s essential to choose a high-quality CBD oil that is safe for consumption. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase it to find your preferred CBD level.

  5. What is nootropic coffee?
  6. Nootropic coffee refers to coffee that is infused with cognitive-enhancing compounds, such as CBD and other natural ingredients like adaptogens. This type of coffee aims to boost focus, concentration, and overall brain function.

In conclusion, choosing the best CBD coffee is a matter of personal preference. Considering factors such as CBD dosage, type of CBD, coffee flavor, and brewing options can help you find the perfect blend for your taste and lifestyle.

Strava Craft Coffee is a highly recommended brand, offering a delightful coffee experience infused with the benefits of CBD. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD coffee or any CBD product into your routine.

In the world of CBD coffee, the choices are plentiful, offering a range of flavors, CBD dosages, and brewing options. When choosing the best CBD coffee, consider factors such as CBD dosage, type of CBD, coffee flavor, and brewing preferences.

Brands like Strava Craft Coffee stand out for their quality and taste, providing a harmonious blend of specialty-grade Arabica beans and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract. Whether you prefer whole bean, pre-ground, or coffee pods, there is a CBD coffee option to suit your lifestyle.

Incorporating CBD into your coffee routine can offer potential benefits like reduced anxiety and improved focus. Remember to consult a healthcare professional and enjoy your CBD coffee experience responsibly.

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