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Revolutionize Your Morning Brew: The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Review

Many coffee aficionados take their morning brews very seriously, often investing in the best coffee beans and brewing equipment to ensure the perfect cup. However, a commonly overlooked issue in the coffee-making process is static electricity, particularly in coffee grinders.

The Static Electricity Issue in Coffee Grinders

Anyone who regularly grinds their own coffee beans has experienced static electricity. Once coffee beans are ground, they can become charged with static electricity, causing the grounds to cling to the sides of the grinder, hopper, and the coffee chute.

This static cling can lead to significant wastage of coffee grounds, making it difficult to obtain the desired amount of coffee for brewing. Furthermore, static electricity can alter the coffee’s taste by affecting the extraction process.

As static-charged coffee clings to surfaces, it can lead to uneven extraction, resulting in a less consistent and flavorful cup of coffee. So, reducing static in coffee grinders is vital to obtaining the perfect brew.

The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Review

Solis of Switzerland is a reputable brand in the coffee industry, with a focus on quality and durability in all their products. The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is no exception, with features that make it stand out regarding durability, design, and grinding capability.

Design Overview

The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder’s design is both stylish and durable, with a stainless steel casing that’s easy to clean. This grinder is compact and has a small footprint, making it ideal for kitchens with limited counter space.

It measures 14.9cm x 25.1cm x 39.9cm, and the grinder weighs only 3.93 pounds.

ZeroStatic Technology

One of the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder’s unique features is its ZeroStatic Technology. This technology reduces static electricity while grinding, leading to less wastage and more consistent extraction.

With the ZeroStatic Technology, the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder ensures that most of the coffee falls into the coffee chute instead of sticking to the sides of the grinder.

Durability Features

Another feature that sets the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder apart is its durability. The stainless steel blades and hopper ensure that the grinder is built to last, while the stone damage protection feature prevents any damage to the grinder’s internal mechanisms if a stone gets lodged in it.

The grinder also has overheating protection, ensuring that it doesn’t overheat during heavy-use periods.

Ease of Use

The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is also easy to use, with an electronic on/off button, making it simple to grind fresh coffee beans. The grinder’s removable parts make cleaning easy, and the coffee chute’s adjustable spout allows for customization to fit different brewing methods.

Grinding Capability

Finally, the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder boasts a consistent grind and versatility that’s perfect for various brewing methods. The grinder’s 14 settings allow for any type of grinding from coarse to fine, which makes it perfect for French press, drip coffee machines, or espresso preparation.

Its consistent grind ensures that the grounds’ size remains consistent, leading to a flavorful and consistent cup of coffee.

Value for Money

The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is a high-quality and durable grinder that offers exceptional value for the price when compared to other grinders on the market. The ZeroStatic Technology and durability features alone make this grinder an excellent investment for coffee lovers.


The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is a reliable and durable coffee grinder that delivers a consistent grind, perfect for various brewing methods. Its ZeroStatic Technology addresses the issue of static electricity in coffee grinders, leading to less wastage, and an easier cleanup process.

With its durability features, ease of use, and value, it’s an excellent long-term investment for coffee lovers.

Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Vs Baratza Encore

Coffee grinders have a significant impact on the overall quality of your coffee. The Solis Scala and Baratza Encore are two of the best entry-level coffee grinders on the market.

In this section, we’ll do a side-by-side comparison of both grinders, covering their similarities, differences, and overall build quality.


  • The Solis Scala and Baratza Encore grinders share some similarities, such as the capability for consistent grinding and multiple level settings.
  • Both grinders allow for grind adjustment, making it possible to switch between fine to coarse grinders, depending on your preference.
  • They are also both made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting lifespan.

While they are different in many aspects, these similarities make both grinders a good option for anyone considering an affordable and high-quality coffee grinder.


  • The Solis Scala and Baratza Encore grinders differ in several ways, starting from their pricing. The Solis Scala grinder is priced slightly higher than the Baratza Encore, which makes it better built in terms of its capability.
  • The Scala grinder comes with ZeroStatic Technology, which reduces static and wastage. By contrast, the Baratza Encore does not have this technology, making it more challenging to clean and resulting in wastage.
  • Another vital difference is the physical build quality of the two grinders. The Solis Scala has a much more compact design, making it perfect for small kitchens. The Baratza Encore, on the other hand, has a larger footprint, which might be problematic if you have limited counter space.

In summary, the Solis Scala and Baratza Encore are both superior in their distinct ways, and your preferred choice is a matter of personal preference.

Do Not Buy The Solis Scala Zero Grinder If…

The Solis Scala Zero Grinder is a high-quality coffee grinder with impressive features.

However, it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. In this section, we’ll explore why the Solis Scala Zero Grinder may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget or advanced coffee lovers seeking more features or consistency.

Cheaper Alternatives

The Solis Scala Zero Grinder may not be the best option for everyone on a tighter budget. While the Scala Zero is reasonably priced, other entry-level grinders like the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Grinder and the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder are cheaper.

Despite their affordability, these grinders are excellent contenders and provide a consistent grind, making them a good option for anyone working on a tight budget.

Other Grinders for Advanced Users Seeking More Features or Consistency

The Solis Scala Zero Grinder offers an impressive range of features for a grinder in its price range. However, for those seeking the ultimate level of consistency or more advanced features, there are other options in the market.

For instance, the Baratza Virtuoso Plus offers greater control with a convenient digital display, 40 different grind settings, and an impressive 40mm conical burr set, making it perfect for anyone looking to invest in a durable and reliable coffee grinder. While the Solis Scala Zero Grinder offers consistency, there are other options for more advanced coffee lovers.


Whether you’re an avid coffee connoisseur, on a tight budget, or somewhere in between, there’s a coffee grinder on the market perfect for you. The Solis Scala Zero Grinder and Baratza Encore make excellent entry-level options that can provide a consistent grind and satisfy your coffee needs.

However, if you have more advanced coffee-making needs, you may want to consider more specialized and feature-rich grinders. Ultimately your choice depends on your budget, personal preference, and the features important to you.

The Verdict

After careful review and comparison with other entry-level coffee grinders, it’s evident that the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is a fantastic investment for coffee lovers. The ZeroStatic Technology ensures a more consistent grind, less wastage, and easier cleanup.

The grinder’s durable and compact design makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate home coffee drinkers, especially those with limited counter space.

Suitability for Beginners to Intermediate Home Coffee Drinkers

The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is perfect for individuals who enjoy high-quality coffee but don’t want to spend a fortune on a coffee grinder. Its compact design and durability make it an excellent option for beginners and intermediate home coffee drinkers.

The Scala Zero grinder is easy to use, making it perfect for coffee enthusiasts who want quality, freshly-ground coffee at home without any complicated setup.

Standout Features

  • One of the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder’s standout features is its ZeroStatic Technology. The technology addresses the problem of static electricity, leading to fewer wastages, an easier cleanup process, and consistent extraction.
  • Additionally, the grinder’s compact design makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen with limited counter space.
  • Another standout feature is the grinder’s durable build quality. The Scala Zero grinder uses sturdy stainless steel for its burrs, hopper, and casing. This ensures that it’s built to last and withstand heavy and consistent use.
  • Furthermore, the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder gives the user the flexibility to choose any grind setting, from fine to coarse. Whether you need fine grounds for an espresso or coarser grinds for a French press, the Scala Zero Grinder has all the settings you need.


The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is an excellent entry-level coffee grinder and a great addition to any coffee enthusiast’s kitchen. Its ZeroStatic Technology makes it unique, addressing the problem of static electricity and reducing wastages.

The grinder’s compact design, durable build quality, and versatility also make it a crowd-pleaser for coffee lovers all around. Overall, if you’re looking for a quality coffee grinder that offers consistent grinding at an affordable price, the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is the perfect choice.

In conclusion, static electricity is a prevalent issue in coffee grinders that can lead to wastage and affect the quality of brewed coffee. The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder offers a solution to this problem with its ZeroStatic Technology, providing a consistent grind and reducing static cling.

Its durable build, compact design, and versatility make it suitable for beginners and intermediate home coffee drinkers. Whether you’re seeking an affordable and reliable grinder or a solution to the static electricity issue, the Solis Scala Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice.

Invest in this grinder to elevate your coffee experience and enjoy the perfect cup every time.

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