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Strange Brew Coffee House: Controversy Surrounds Allegations of Racism and Employee Treatment

Controversy Surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House in MississippiStrange Brew Coffee House, a popular Tupelo-based coffee shop, is known for its delicious beverages and snacks. However, recent events have caused some customers and employees to question the shop’s practices regarding racism and employee treatment.

In this article, we will explore the controversy surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House, including allegations of racism and an employee fired over a $3 pastry. Employee Fired Over $3 Pastry

In early July, an employee at Strange Brew Coffee House was fired over a $3 pastry.

According to reports, the employee had eaten the pastry during her shift but planned to pay for it later. However, before she could do so, she was fired by the shop’s owner for violating company policies.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many customers and employees calling for a boycott of the shop. Some argued that the punishment did not fit the crime and that the employee should have been given a warning or reprimand instead of being fired.

Allegations of Racism

The firing of the employee over the pastry has led to allegations of racism against Strange Brew Coffee House. Many people, especially people of color (POC) employees, have spoken out against the shop’s owner, alleging a pattern of discrimination against them.

Some claimed that POC employees were treated unfairly, with lower pay and fewer opportunities for advancement compared to their white counterparts. These allegations have put a spotlight on the shop’s owner, who has denied the accusations of racism.

Nevertheless, protesters continue to demand that the owner take steps to address the systemic issues of racism and discrimination within the workplace.

Denial of Racism Claims

In response to the accusations of racism, Strange Brew Coffee House’s owner has denied the allegations, insisting that the shop does not discriminate against its employees based on race or ethnicity. The owner claims that all employees are paid equally, and promotions are based solely on merit rather than race.

However, these denials have not satisfied all people, and many feel that the owner is dismissing the concerns of POC employees. Many have criticized Strange Brew Coffee House for not taking steps to make the workplace more inclusive and welcoming for all employees, regardless of their background.

Texting Job Termination

In addition to the allegations of racism, Strange Brew Coffee House has faced criticism for the way in which it fired the employee over the pastry. According to reports, the employee was informed of her termination via text message, rather than in person or for following the proper protocols.

Critics argue that this is an unacceptable way to fire an employee, and it only underscores the larger problems within the shop. People are asking the owner to take responsibility for their actions and the role they played in creating a toxic workplace that lacks basic standards of employee treatment.


The controversy surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House highlights the importance of maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees, regardless of their race or ethnicity. It also underscores the need for companies to adhere to basic standards of employee treatment, including clear communication and proper protocol during terminations.

As the situation continues to develop, it’s incumbent upon the shop’s owner and management to take proactive steps towards addressing the systemic issues at play.

3) Community Response to the Controversy

Support for Businesses

The controversy surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House has not been all negative. While there has been criticism aimed at the business, many people have come forward to show their support for the coffee shop.

On social media platforms like Facebook, individuals have shared posts and comments defending Strange Brew Coffee House, expressing their support, and encouraging others to do the same. One post on Facebook invited people to come together to support Strange Brew Coffee House in the wake of the negative publicity.

In response, many loyal customers have come out to support the business and applaud it for its excellent service and quality offerings. Many feel that the shop’s treatment of employees should not reflect poorly on the coffee shop itself, which they continue to enjoy.

Former Employees Share Negative Experiences

While Strange Brew Coffee House has enjoyed support from the broader community, former employees have also come forward to share their negative experiences working at the coffee shop. Many of these individuals have accused the owner of Strange Brew Coffee House of creating a toxic work environment, where employees felt undervalued, overworked, and underpaid.

A lot of criticism is focused on the shop’s owner and their treatment of employees. Some have described the owner as being unprofessional, rude, and condescending towards staff members.

Former employees also accuse the owner of playing favorites and not paying enough attention to work culture, leading to low morale and high turnover rates.

4) Status of Strange Brew Coffee House

Strong Following Despite Controversy

Despite the controversy surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House, the coffee shop still has a dedicated following. Many Tupelo and Starkville residents continue to make regular visits to the coffee shop, praising its quality food and drink options.

They feel that the controversy should not detract from the value of Strange Brew Coffee House as a local business. Many supporters of the shop also say that the accusations made against the shop are unsubstantiated and lack credible evidence.

Some argue that the vast majority of accusations remain unfounded, relying on hearsay and anecdotal accounts rather than concrete evidence.

Lack of Substantiated Claims

The accusations made against Strange Brew Coffee House remain unproven. There is no clear evidence to support the claims of racism and discrimination within the shop.

Neither has the shop’s owner has come forward to admit to or provide any credible evidence supporting these claims. Despite this, the controversy surrounding the business has been significant, causing polarizing opinions on the subject.

According to sources, Strange Brew Coffee House has taken disciplinary action in the past against employees who have violated the company’s policies, and it’s not unreasonable to believe that the firing of the pastry-eating employee was simply following the same protocol. While many people continue to debate the validity of the allegations made against Strange Brew Coffee House, it’s important to examine the evidence carefully before coming to any conclusions.

This incident highlights how important it is to have open lines of communication in businesses and workplaces, in order to get to the root of issues that arise, whether they are about policy or culture. In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Strange Brew Coffee House in Tupelo, Mississippi, has brought attention to issues of racism and discrimination in the workplace.

Despite the owner’s denial of these allegations, former employees have come forward to share their negative experiences. However, Strange Brew Coffee House continues to have a loyal following, with many customers showing their support for the business.

While the veracity of the claims against the coffee shop remains unproven, the incident highlights the importance of open communication and addressing workplace culture to prevent toxic environments. Anyone who does business should pay close attention to employee morale and culture, ensuring everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

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