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Strangers Coffee Roasters: Brewing Excellence and Unique Experiences

Introduction to Strangers Coffee Roasters

Coffee is an essential part of our everyday lives. From waking up to get ready for the day to unwinding in the evening, coffee plays a vital role in keeping us alert and energized.

However, not all coffee is created equal. That’s where specialty coffee roasters like Strangers Coffee Roasters come in.

Founded in 2009 by Alex Sergeant, Samuel Maddocks, and William Maddocks, Strangers Coffee Roasters is a Norwich-based coffee roastery that prides itself on providing high-quality coffee to its customers. What began as a small corner shop in a bustling market has now grown into a popular brand with multiple locations that serve some of the best coffee in the UK.

Recognition and Awards Received by Strangers Coffee Roasters

Over the years, Strangers Coffee Roasters has won numerous awards and received recognition in the coffee industry. In 2015, Strangers won the UK Barista Championships, with Griffin Chapman making a latte that judges described as “near-perfect.” The following year, Steve Atkins, a barista from Strangers, won the UK Latte Art competition.

In addition to these awards, Strangers Coffee Roasters has become a household name in the UK’s specialty coffee scene. The brand has been featured in numerous publications, and its coffee shops have been named among the best coffee experiences in the country.

Kilimbi Rwanda Coffee Beans

Strangers Coffee Roasters is known for sourcing some of the best coffee beans from around the world. One of the most unique blends they offer is the Kilimbi Rwanda coffee bean.

Description of

Kilimbi Rwanda Coffee Beans and Their Taste

Kilimbi Rwanda coffee beans are grown in the western region of Rwanda at an elevation of approximately 1900m. These African coffee beans have a distinctive acidity with bright and fruity notes.

The Kilimbi coffee bean has a unique flavor profile that features orange notes with a tinge of dark chocolate.

Recommended Brewing Methods for

Kilimbi Rwanda Coffee Beans

Wondering how to get the best out of your Kilimbi Rwanda coffee beans?

Strangers Coffee Roasters recommends the following brewing methods for maximum enjoyment:

1. French Press

The French Press is an excellent way to make a full-bodied and robust cup of coffee.

The coffee produced by this method tends to be rich in flavor and bold in taste.


Cold Brew

Suppose you’re looking for a cold coffee that will not disappoint in terms of flavor and taste. In that case, Kilimbi Rwanda coffee beans are an excellent choice.

The beans produce a well-balanced and flavorful cold brew that is refreshing and enjoyable, especially during the hot summer months.


Manual Brewing

Manual brewing, such as pour-over and Chemex, is an excellent way to accentuate the unique flavors and notes of the Kilimbi Rwanda coffee bean. Manual brewing allows for more control over the brewing process, which can produce a more distinct and flavorful cup of coffee.

4. Temperature Control

Temperature control is vital when brewing Kilimbi Rwanda coffee beans to ensure that you get the best flavor possible from your beans.

Strangers Coffee Roasters recommends using water temperatures within the range of 195-205F (91-96C) for optimal results.


In conclusion, Strangers Coffee Roasters is a brand that truly understands coffee and provides exceptional coffee experiences to coffee lovers. Their dedication to sourcing and providing high-quality coffee is evident in the recognition and awards they’ve received over the years.

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful coffee experience, consider trying Kilimbi Rwanda coffee beans and using one of the recommended brewing methods for optimal results.

Excellence in Coffee Making

Strangers Coffee Roasters’ commitment to quality coffee is reflected not only in the excellent quality of their beans but also in their connections with top coffee importers. They source their beans from some of the best high-altitude regions and carefully select their suppliers based on their growing conditions.

Strangers Coffee Roasters’ focus on quality means they take the time to get familiar with the coffee production and crop cycles to ensure they obtain only the best coffee beans in their regular shipments. Strangers’ ability to showcase coffee in numerous ways is an essential part of their credibility in the coffee industry.

Strangers Coffee Roasters is a renowned coffee shop that is popular for AeroPress, filter coffee bars, and espresso brews. Strangers’ passion for coffee shines through their brewing equipment, which includes the top-of-the-line espresso cups, filter papers, and grinders that they use throughout their facilities.

Their baristas are experts in not only brewing coffee but also in how to present an outstanding coffee experience to customers. Strangers Coffee Roasters provides extensive training to their baristas to ensure that each cup they brew is carefully crafted and tastes excellent.

They focus on the different brewing methods that showcase the excellent quality of their coffee to new and regular customers alike.

Beyond Coffee Roasting

Strangers Coffee Roasters’ commitment to excellence in coffee making doesn’t stop at their coffee selection or brewing methods. They also offer unique and seasonal menus, including cascara iced tea, Japanese cold brew coffee, and orange tisane iced infusion.

It’s this attention to detail that sets Strangers apart from other coffee shops and makes Strangers Coffee Roasters a favorite among coffee lovers. Strangers Coffee Roasters’ staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive to each customer’s needs.

They are always available to answer questions and provide guidance and assistance in selecting the perfect coffee. The coffee shop also offers house coffee, guest espresso, filter coffee bars, and brewing method demonstrations and explanations for customers looking to explore different brewing methods.

Retail Sales of Coffee Beans and Brewing Equipment

In addition to their coffee shops, Strangers Coffee Roasters’ online presence has grown, with an Instagram account showcasing their high-quality coffee, exquisite brewing methods, and retail packs. These retail packs are available for purchase at each of their locations, and the online platform offers ease of delivery for customers not in close proximity to the brick and mortar locations.

If you can’t get enough of Strangers Coffee Roasters, you can buy their beans and brewing equipment online, allowing you to replicate their excellent coffee experience in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, Strangers Coffee Roasters offers top-of-the-line coffee grinding services to ensure that your coffee beans are ground to perfection with the same consistency as their baristas.

The skilled staff goes the extra mile to provide an outstanding customer experience, from ensuring top coffee quality, brewing techniques, to customizing customers beans according to individual preferences.

Final Words

Strangers Coffee Roasters is highly dedicated to providing excellent coffee experiences to their customers and enthusiasts around the globe. Their expertise in sourcing high-quality beans, unique brewing methods, knowledgeable staff, and retail packs make them a brand that stands out in the coffee industry.

It’s no wonder they’ve won numerous awards and gained recognition as one of the best coffee roasters in the United Kingdom. Anyone looking to indulge in a luxurious coffee experience can trust Strangers Coffee Roasters to deliver consistently, from the ambiance to the quality of their coffee.

Strangers Coffee Roasters is undoubtedly one of the best coffee roasters in the UK, offering excellent quality coffee, unique experiences, and a commitment to showcasing coffee in numerous different ways.

Their dedication to quality can be seen in everything they do, from their careful selection of top coffee importers to their exquisite brewing methods that make every cup of coffee stand out.

Strangers Coffee Roasters’ talented baristas are experts in their field, delivering the best possible results with each cup of coffee they serve.

One of the reasons why Strangers Coffee Roasters has been so successful is their ability to offer unique coffee experiences.

They go beyond traditional coffee roasting to create seasonal menus with unique blends that showcase the quality of their coffee. Their attention to detail is second to none, and every customer is guaranteed a truly unforgettable coffee experience that will make them come back for more.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Strangers Coffee Roasters sets them apart from other coffee shops. It’s no surprise that their staff is trained to provide the best service possible, from brewing technique demonstrations to customizing coffee beans to individual preferences.

This attention to detail ensures that every customer receives the same high-quality coffee experience, whether at one of their locations or by purchasing their beans for home brewing.

The retail aspect of Strangers Coffee Roasters adds to their credibility as a coffee brand.

The availability of their branded retail packs and brewing equipment online and at their locations provides an excellent opportunity for coffee enthusiasts who cannot visit their locations to experience their high-quality coffee. The ease of delivery offered by purchasing online is just another way Strangers Coffee Roasters goes the extra mile in providing customers with a truly unique experience.

In conclusion, Strangers Coffee Roasters is a true gem in the coffee industry. Their exceptional dedication to showcasing the best coffees, their unique coffee experiences, and talented staff has earned them well-deserved recognition.

Their coffee and attention to detail are top-notch, making Strangers Coffee Roasters an excellent choice for anyone looking to indulge in an authentic coffee experience like no other. Strangers Coffee Roasters is a UK-based coffee roaster that has set itself apart by offering excellent quality coffee, unique experiences, and a commitment to showcasing coffee in numerous different ways.

The brand’s success is due to their dedication to quality, the ability to provide unique coffee experiences, knowledgeable staff, and retail sales of coffee beans and brewing equipment. Strangers Coffee Roasters’ seasonal menus and specialties, including cascara iced tea, Japanese cold brew coffee, and orange tisane iced infusion, set them apart from other coffee shops.

The brand’s commitment to excellence in coffee making and beyond showcases that a coffee shop can be more than a place to grab a cup of joe – it can be a memorable experience. For anyone looking to indulge in the best coffee experience, Strangers Coffee Roasters is a must-try.

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