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The Battle of Beans: Starbucks vs Black Rifle Coffee Company

The Battle of Coffee: Starbucks vs Black Rifle Coffee Company

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with millions of people consuming it daily. With so many coffee options available, it can be challenging to choose one that suits your taste and values.

Whether you prefer your coffee from a big-name chain or a specialty coffee company, your choice may reflect your beliefs or social views. That’s why we’re diving into the war of coffee giants, Starbucks and Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Background on Black Rifle Coffee Company

Established in 2015 by Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret and CIA contractor, Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded to provide high-quality coffee for fellow veterans and other coffee lovers who appreciate the militarys service and the Second Amendment. The company sells its specialty coffee beans in whole or ground form on a subscription or one-time purchase basis.

Their website and social media platforms focus on patriotism, firearms, hunting, and the military. They aim to defy the negative stereotypes associated with veterans by creating an authentic and relatable brand to provide them with job opportunities.

For this reason, they pledged to hire 10,000 veterans in response to Starbucks’ 2017 pledge to hire 10,000 refugees. Black Rifle Coffee Company is vocal about supporting veterans and has initiatives to give back to military veterans’ causes.

Starbucks’s Controversy

Starbucks has been a leading coffee chain for decades. It prides itself on being an inclusive and socially responsible company, from sourcing coffee to its employees’ treatment and equal pay.

However, in 2017, the company got into hot water for pledging to hire 10,000 refugees around the globe. The pledge attracted controversy on social media and from critics who saw it as favoring refugees over veterans.

Some people canceled their Starbucks subscriptions, boycotted the company, and #BoycottStarbucks trended on Twitter. Several veterans’ organizations pointed out that Starbucks could have committed to hiring veterans who are struggling to transition back into the labor market.

Those veterans, their supporters argued, would have appreciated the jobs more than refugees given that refugees could access other social programs. Starbuckss response to the controversy was low profile, and they never officially addressed the criticisms.

However, they doubled down on their refugee hiring initiative, increased their store hours, and offered free education to employees who wanted to enroll in their online program.

Black Rifle Coffee Companys Support to Veterans

After the Starbucks controversy, Black Rifle Coffee Company took the opportunity to pledge to hire 10,000 Veterans. The veteran-owned coffee company’s decision was in line with its core values of being a patriotic brand run by veterans, for veterans.

The company commits to hiring veterans, providing them with gainful employment and giving back to veteran nonprofits that support veterans and their families. Additionally, Black Rifle Coffee Company has partnered with various charities that support military members, such as the Green Beret Foundation, the Navy SEAL Foundation, and the USO.

According to the company’s website, it has donated over $175,000 to these charities to help them provide support to service members.

Starbuckss Support for Veterans

Although Starbuckss initial pledge to hire refugees sparked controversy, the company is committed to supporting veterans and their causes. Following the backlash, Starbucks came up with ways to accommodate veterans.

They now provide veterans’ benefits and offer store discounts through the Starbucks Military Commitment. Starbucks works with organizations such as the American Corporate Partners, National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations, and the Student Veterans of America to provide opportunities to veterans.

Starbucks has contributed to the Military Spouse Employment Partnership as well, an initiative designed to aid military spouses in finding employment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Starbucks and Black Rifle Coffee Company are committed to making a positive impact in society. Starbucks’s refugee hiring pledge caused backlash, but they have made significant efforts to support veterans since then.

Black Rifle Coffee Company, on the other hand, was created to support veterans. They have pledged to hire 10,000 veterans and support veteran-related causes.

The coffee industry has grown in recent years, and with it, specialized coffee companies have emerged. Customers have many options to choose from, and their choices may reflect their values or beliefs.

Whether you support veterans or refugees, theres a coffee brand for you. Controversy & Coffee Sources: A Closer Look into Black Rifle Coffee Company

Since its inception in 2015, Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) has positioned itself as a pro-military and pro-law enforcement coffee company.

Despite its mission, the company has faced its share of controversies in recent times. One of the most prominent controversies involving BRCC was their alleged sponsorship of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager involved in the Kenosha shootings in 2020.

In this article, well explore the controversy surrounding BRCC and the sources of their coffee.

Kyle Rittenhouse Controversy

In August 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager from Illinois, traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the protests that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man. Rittenhouse had taken it upon himself to patrol the streets of Kenosha with a rifle, which he later used to shoot three people, killing two.

A photograph of Rittenhouse wearing a BRCC t-shirt was posted on social media, which caused an uproar and led people to believe that the coffee company was sponsoring his actions. However, the company quickly made an official statement, clarifying that they were not sponsoring him in any way.

The companys official statement read: “Black Rifle Coffee does not support legal advocacy efforts. We are a coffee company, period.” The company also confirmed that they did not promote or financially benefit from the sales of Rittenhouses merchandise that featured their branding.

BRCC’s Stance on Law Enforcement and the Justice System

Black Rifle Coffee Company has made it clear on multiple occasions that they support law enforcement and the justice system. According to their website, the company is committed to supporting and serving those who “put their lives on the line for others every day.” They have a “thin blue line” coffee blend, available on their website, which is a nod to the law enforcement community.

In July 2020, Black Rifle Coffee Company launched the “Heroes Grown” program, where the company donates 100% of its profits from specific coffee blends and merchandise to support organizations that help first responders, military, and law enforcement officials. This programs proceeds go to organizations such as the Travis Manion Foundation and the Law Enforcement Officer Relief Fund.

Coffee Bean Sources

Black Rifle Coffee Company sources its coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia, two of the worlds largest coffee exporters. The coffee company takes pride in selecting high-quality coffee beans from several Brazilian states and Colombian regions, including Huila and Nario.

The company states on its website that it does not cut corners in the sourcing of their coffee beans, relying on trusted, long-term suppliers. They prioritize working with single-origin coffee beans, which are grown in a specific place and harvested at the optimal time to bring out the best flavor possible.

Roasting In-House to Emphasize Quality

Black Rifle Coffee Company does not only source high-quality coffee beans from trusted partners; they roast coffee beans in-house to ensure optimal flavor and quality. The company’s roasting process is designed to enhance each coffees unique taste character while maintaining the coffee’s natural aromas.

BRCC uses a roasting technique that emphasizes the beans’ unique flavor with a medium-to-dark roasted profile. BRCC employs skilled roast masters who carefully develop the right roast profile for each coffees flavor characteristics.

Their roast masters routinely cup their coffee to ensure the quality of each roast is up to their rigorous standards. The company takes pride in roasting its coffee in-house, which means they have full control over the roasting process and can guarantee a particular level of quality.


Black Rifle Coffee Company has established itself as a pro-military and pro-law enforcement coffee company. In recent times, they faced a controversy surrounding the alleged sponsorship of Kyle Rittenhouse, which the company denied.

Additionally, the company sources high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia, which they roast in-house to bring out the flavors and emphasize quality. Their commitment to quality is evident by their in-house roasting process and the focus on single-origin coffee selection.

The company has also launched charity programs designed to give back to those who serve. Black Rifle Coffee Company continues to serve its customers and support military and law enforcement personnel while aiming to provide a high-quality coffee experience.

In summary, Black Rifle Coffee Company is a specialty coffee company that prides itself on sourcing high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia and roasting them in-house to bring out the flavors and emphasize quality. They are committed to supporting military and law enforcement personnel and back it up with charitable programs designed to give back to those who serve.

Although the company faced controversy over alleged support for Kyle Rittenhouse, they made it clear they do not support any legal advocacy efforts. In conclusion, Black Rifle Coffee Company serves as a reminder of how socially conscious business practices can benefit everyone and society as a whole.

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