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The Battle of Coffee Subscriptions: Blue Bottle vs Trade Coffee

Coffee is the fuel that drives many of us through our workdays. The rich aroma and flavor of freshly brewed coffee not only awaken our senses but also provide the energy we need to power through the day.

With the rise of coffee subscriptions, coffee lovers can access fresh beans delivered straight to their door with ease. Subscriptions fit different preferences, and that’s why we’ll be discussing two of the most popular coffee subscriptions, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Trade Coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee is a specialty coffee and micro-roaster company based in California, founded in 2002. They are known for sourcing their beans from different parts of the world to create unique flavors and exceptional blends.

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription is known for its high-end, pricey services that cater to the coffee connoisseur who likes the finer, artisanal taste of coffee.

Features of Blue Bottle Subscription

Blue Bottle Subscription offers a range of features that are exclusive to their subscribers. Firstly, Blue Bottle offers a flavor-matching quiz where subscribers answer various questions relating to their preferences to find the perfect blend.

Subscribers can choose from single-origin, blend, and espresso beans options. Secondly, Blue Bottle offers subscribers the option to pause or cancel their subscription with ease, a feature many coffee enthusiasts applaud.

Flavors and Options for Subscribers


Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription is renowned for its impeccable flavors and unique blends. They have a selection of single-origin coffees, blends, and espresso beans that customers can choose from.

Single-origin coffee means the coffee is sourced from one location and has a unique, distinctive taste profile. Blue Bottle sources their beans from places like Guatemala and Ethiopia, which have distinct flavors.

The blends that Blue Bottle offers are roasted to have a balanced taste profile that caters to various taste buds and preferences. Espresso blends from Blue Bottle are rich, strong, and smooth, with a robust taste profile.

Pricing and Welcome Kit

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription is pricey compared to other coffee subscription services, but they offer premium services to match the price. Their pricing ranges from $11-$18 per shipment, with the option to upgrade to a more expensive service.

Upon subscribing, Blue Bottle offers a welcome kit that includes a pour-over coffee brewer, paper filters, and branded tote.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that sources their beans from different parts of the world to create unique blends and flavors. Their focus is on providing freshly roasted beans to their subscribers with ease.

Features of Trade Subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription is all about providing freshly roasted beans to their subscribers. They roast on demand, which ensures that customers receive the freshest beans possible.

The curated selection is handpicked by Trade coffee professionals, which means the selection is based on quality and availability. Trade Subscription focuses on providing a broad range of selections based on the customers’ preferences.

Curation Options for Subscribers

Trade coffee provides an array of options for customers to choose from. They offer a preference quiz that asks subscribers questions on their tastes and preferences.

Based on the customer’s preferences, Trade coffee professionals curate the selection of coffee. Subscribers can choose from different options ranging from classic to unusual blends.

Ethiopian beans are a customer favorite.

Pricing and Eco-friendliness

Trade Coffee Subscription is not cheap, and prices range from $10-$25 per shipment. The price varies, depending on the customer’s preferences and selection.

Trade Coffee Subscription is not the most eco-friendly in terms of packaging, as they use plastic to package the beans. However, they are working on implementing a more environmentally friendly option.


Coffee subscriptions are an excellent way for coffee lovers to get fresh coffee delivered straight to their door with ease, and

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription and

Trade Coffee Subscription are two of the most popular services out there. While both subscriptions offer unique features and exceptional coffee, their pricing and eco-friendliness set them apart.

Ultimately, choosing a coffee subscription comes down to personal preference and budget. For coffee lovers, choosing a subscription service can be a life-changing decision.

But with so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which one suits you best. In this article, we will delve deeper into the differences between Blue Bottle and Trade coffee subscription services, highlighting their unique features and options.

Differences in Features and Options

Blue Bottle Subscription is known for its gourmet coffee subscription services, focusing on stylish minimalism and exceptional coffee blends. Their selection of coffee is limited, but they compensate with the quality of their offerings.

Blue Bottle’s expert roasters curate their coffee blends. Still, their matching algorithm feature allows a more personalized experience so that subscribers can enjoy a touch of exclusivity.

On the other hand, Trade Subscription has a much larger selection to choose from. They focus on accommodating coffee preferences, and they achieve this through expert human curation.

Trade Subscription’s service is for those who enjoy discovering new flavors and blends, and they are known to have unique options for subscribers.

Accommodating Preferences

For coffee enthusiasts with limited time, pre-ground beans may be a dealbreaker. Blue Bottle’s services mainly offer whole bean options, while Trade Subscription offers pre-ground options.

Blue Bottle Subscription focuses on exclusivity, with their blends curated by expert roasters. In contrast, Trade Subscription accommodates those who do not have time to grind their beans and prefers expert human curation.

Recommendations Based on Preferences

When it comes to coffee subscription, subscribers want to know that the service caters to their preferences. Blue Bottle Subscription’s flavor-matching algorithm is tailored to the subscriber’s needs, ensuring they get the best coffee experience.

The algorithm considers various factors, ensuring that the customer receives the perfect coffee blend. Trade Coffee, however, offers expert human curation services, with a team of professionals who know the coffee industry inside out.

They select a range of blends that cater to personal preferences, offering both classic and unique options. The decision between Blue Bottle and Trade coffee subscriptions ultimately comes down to personal preferences, service offerings, and the price.

For customers who prefer exclusivity, gourmet blends, and personalized coffee subscriptions, Blue Bottle is the way to go. On the other hand, those who enjoy a more large selection of blends and expert human curation should consider Trade Coffee.

In conclusion, choosing a subscription service requires careful consideration of the services’ offerings, the price, and the customer preferences. While both Blue Bottle and Trade Subscription offer exceptional services, each has unique features that cater to different coffee lovers.

Take the plunge and try out either one of these subscription services today to start receiving freshly roasted coffee right at your doorstep. In summary, choosing between Blue Bottle and Trade coffee subscriptions depends on personal preferences, price, and service offerings.

Blue Bottle Subscription offers gourmet blends, stylish minimalism, and expert roasters while Trade Subscription offers a larger selection and expert human curation. Blue Bottle has a flavor-matching algorithm, while Trade Coffee has a preference quiz.

Regardless of the subscription, both offer freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your door. The key takeaway is to choose a coffee subscription that caters to your personal preferences and budget.

With a subscription, customers will receive the best coffee experience.

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