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The Gaggia Classic Pro: A Timeless Espresso Machine for Home Use

Introduction to Gaggia Classic Pro

Since its introduction in 1977, the Gaggia Classic has remained one of the most beloved espresso machines on the market, providing premium quality espresso for nearly 50 years. With the recent upgrade of the new Gaggia Classic Pro, the machine has retained its classic design while including new advanced features, including a 58mm filter basket, an all-new commercial steam wand, and updated controls.

History and innovation of Gaggia

The Gaggia brand was founded by Achille Gaggia, a Milanese barista who patented the first espresso machine in 1938. Gaggia’s innovation was unique because it used a manual lever to force hot water through the coffee, which produced crema instead of drip coffee.

The crema was seen as a revolution in coffee culture, as it became the key ingredient for a perfect espresso shot. In 1948, Gaggia released his most important innovation: the piston-driven lever machine.

The machine used a spring-loaded piston that forced hot water through the coffee and produced crema. This design was similar to the original lever machine, but it included a hydraulic pump that forced water through the coffee at higher temperatures and with greater pressure.

The pump-powered version of the Gaggia machine remained the standard design for 30 years.

Gaggia Classic Pro Review

Brewing Capability

One of the most essential features of the Gaggia Classic Pro is its 58mm filter basket, which helps to produce rich and creamy espresso shots. The larger basket means that the coffee grind has more room to expand, resulting in a thicker and creamier shot of espresso.

The machine can also use ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, making the brewing process even easier for those who are short on time. “Make Life Easy” Features

The Gaggia Classic Pro is designed with simplicity in mind, making the brewing process easy even for beginners.

The single boiler allows for quick and easy temperature control, while the 3-way solenoid valve reduces pressure and allows for easy tamper removal. The machine also features quiet and simple controls, with options for different water reservoirs to meet your specific needs.

Milk Frothing

The commercial-grade steam wand on the Gaggia Classic Pro is an essential tool for those who want to create lattes and cappuccinos with a professional touch. The steaming and brewing sequence allows the machine to switch between brewing and steaming in a matter of seconds.

The milk temperature range can be controlled with precision, giving the user the ability to create milk foam that is perfect for their desired drink.


Daily cleaning of the Gaggia Classic Pro is crucial to maintain the quality of the machine. After each use, it is important to clean the porta-filter, steam wand, and drip tray.

To perform a deep clean, the user would need to complete the descaling process, which should be done every few months to remove any mineral buildup.


The Gaggia Classic Pro is one of the best home espresso machines on the market. Its history of innovation, coupled with modern design and features, make it a perfect addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

The brewing capability, “make life easy” features, milk frothing capabilities, and easy-to-clean design make it an excellent investment for anyone looking to enjoy premium quality espresso drinks in the comfort of their own home. Gaggia Classic Pro: How It Matches Up Against Its Competitors & Its Pros and Cons

When it comes to home espresso machines, the Gaggia Classic Pro is one of the most popular.

Its a machine that offers a lot of features at a reasonable price point. However, there are many other great options out there that you might want to consider.

In this article, well compare the Gaggia Classic Pro to some of its competitors and list its pros and cons.

Reviewed Item Comparison Chart

To help compare the Gaggia Classic Pro to other similar espresso machines, let’s take a look at the Rancilio Silvia M, Breville BES840XL Infuser, Breville Bambino Plus, and Breville Barista Express. | Espresso Machine | Housing Material | Milkl Frother | Built-in Grinder | User Interface | Water Tank Size | Boiler Design | Warm Up Time | Number of Cups & Brews | Pre-infusion Aroma | Single/Double Shot | Auto Shut Off | Dimensions | Customer Review | Warranty | SCA Certified Home Brewer |


| Gaggia Classic Pro | Stainless Steel | Panarello Wand | No | Three Buttons | 2.1 L | Single Boiler, 3-way valve | 20 minutes | One/Two | Yes, with pre-brew | Yes | No | 9.5H x 8W x 16D | 4.7 Stars on Amazon (as of 09/2021) | 1-year warranty | Yes |

| Rancilio Silvia M | Stainless Steel | Steam Wand | No | Three Switches | 2.7 L | Single Boiler | 20 minutes | One/Two | No | Yes | No | 13.75H x 9.2W x11.4D | 4.3 Stars on Amazon (as of 09/2021) | 2-year warranty | No |

| Breville BES840XL | Stainless Steel | Steam Wand | No | Buttons & Dial | 1.8 L | Thermo-Coil | 60 seconds | One/Two | Yes, with pre-brew | Yes | Yes | 13.2H x 10.2W x12.5D | 4.5 Stars on Amazon (as of 09/2021) | 1-year warranty | Yes |

| Breville Bambino | Stainless Steel | Automatic Wand | No | Buttons | 1.9 L | Thermo-Coil | 3 seconds | One/Two | No | Yes | Yes | 11.8H x 7.6W x 12.6D | 4.6 Stars on Amazon (as of 09/2021) | 2-year warranty | Yes |

| Breville Barista | Stainless Steel | Automatic/Panal.

| Yes | LCD Display | 2 L | Double Boiler | 3 minutes | One/Two | Yes, with pre-brew | Yes | Yes | 16H x 13.5W x12.5D | 4.5 Stars on Amazon (as of 09/2021) | 1-year warranty | Yes |

Comparison of Build Quality, Features, and Price

Housing Material: The Gaggia Classic Pro, like other units we compared, features a durable stainless-steel housing.

Milk Frother: Compared to other models on the list, Gaggia Classic Pro has a panarello wand that can produce a frothier foam.

Rancilio Silvia M and Breville BES840XL Infuser, on the other hand, come with a traditional steam wand. The Breville Bambino Plus includes an automatic milk frother, while Barista Express offers both an automatic milk frother and a Panarello steam wand.

Built-in Grinder: The Gaggia Classic Pro does not include a built-in grinder, unlike the Breville Barista Express. User Interface: The Gaggia Classic Pros has three buttons: a power button, a brew button, and a steam button, while the Breville BES840XL Infuser has both buttons and a dial.

Breville Bambino Plus has basic buttons and a single shot dial, and the Breville Barista Express offers a programmable interface with an LCD display. Water Tank Size: The Gaggia Classic Pro has a 2.1 L water tank.

The Rancilio Silvia M has a larger 2.7 L tank, and the Breville Bambino Plus and Breville BES840XL Infuser come with smaller 1.9 L and 1.8 L tanks, respectively.

Boiler Design: The Gaggia Classic Pro uses a single boiler design with a 3-way valve, which allows for quick switching between brewing and steaming.

The Rancilio Silvia M and Breville Bambino Plus feature thermo-coil boilers while the Breville Barista Express has a double boiler. Warm-Up Time: The Gaggia Classic Pro takes 20 minutes to warm up, just like the Rancilio Silvia M, while the Bambino Plus is ready to use in just three seconds.

Breville BES840XL Infuser takes only one minute, and Barista Express takes three minutes. Number of Cups and Brews: The Gaggia Classic Pro can make one or two cups and uses 58mm filter baskets.

Rancilio Silvia M, Breville Bambino Plus, Breville BES840XL Infuser, and Barista Express can make one or two cups using the standard 58mm operator-style baskets. Pre-Infusion Aroma: The Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville BES840XL Infuser both come with pre-infusion technology to help with the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

The Breville Bambino Plus does not come with pre-infusion technology, while the Rancilio Silvia M and Breville Barista Express include it. Auto Shut-Off: The Gaggia Classic Pro does not have an auto shut-off feature but has a power button to turn it off.

All the other machines on the comparison chart have an auto shut-off feature. Dimensions: Gaggia Classic Pro is the smallest of the machines in this comparison.

It measures 9.5H x 8W x 16D, while Rancilio Silvia M is 13.75H x 9.2W x 11.4D. Breville BES840XL Infuser is slightly larger than the Classic Pro and measures 13.2H x 10.2W x12.5D.

Breville Bambino Plus is the smallest of all the machines and has dimensions of 11.8H x 7.6W x 12.6D. Breville Barista Express is the largest and measures 16H x 13.5W x12.5D.

Customer Review: Gaggia Classic Pro has an impressive 4.7 stars on Amazon (as of September 2021). Rancilio Silvia M has a 4.3-star rating, while Breville BES840XL Infuser and Breville Bambino both have 4.5 and 4.6 stars on Amazon, respectively.

The Breville Barista Express has an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon. Warranty: The Gaggia Classic Pro comes with a 1-year warranty.

Rancilio Silvia M comes with a 2-year warranty. Breville Bambino Plus has a 2-year warranty, and Breville Barista Express and Breville BES840XL Infuser come with a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons of Gaggia Classic Pro


The Gaggia Classic Pro has a lot of features that make it a great investment for anyone looking to start making espresso at home. Its budget-oriented, much less expensive compared to its competitors on this list.

The machine is also easy to use for beginners, with a panarello wand to create frothy foam. It has a commercial grade SAE 304 stainless steel housing.

Its SCA certified for home brewing. Cons:

The Gaggia Classic Pro has some limitations.

It doesn’t come with a built-in grinder, making it necessary for users to purchase a separate grinder. It is also not as sleek-looking compared to other machines and may not fit modern-day kitchen aesthetics.

It also has no auto shut-off and takes 20 minutes to warm up.

Do Not Buy The Gaggia Classic Pro If

If you are seeking a super-automatic machine that can handle everything for you. If youre looking for a machine that comes with a built-in grinder for convenience.

Lastly, if youre looking to spend less than $200, the Gaggia Classic Pro might not be the machine for you. Verdict on Gaggia Classic Pro:

The Gaggia Classic Pro is an excellent machine for anyone looking to get started in home espresso making.

It can brew great coffee and comes packed with many useful features that make brewing espresso a simple process. For its budget, it offers some great features and durability, and with proper care, it could be a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, the Gaggia Classic Pro is a reliable and popular espresso machine that offers a range of features at an affordable price. Compared to its competitors, it stands out with its durable stainless steel housing, panarello wand for frothy foam, and SCA certification for home brewing.

While it lacks a built-in grinder and takes a bit longer to warm up, it remains a top choice for beginners and budget-oriented coffee enthusiasts. The article has highlighted the key aspects of the Gaggia Classic Pro, its comparison to similar espresso machines, and its pros and cons.

With its history of innovation and user-friendly design, the Gaggia Classic Pro is undeniably a great investment for those seeking a quality home espresso machine. Whether you’re new to coffee-making or a seasoned espresso lover, the Gaggia Classic Pro is sure to satisfy your brewing needs and elevate your coffee experience.

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