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The Quick Mill Anita: A Mid-Range Espresso Machine That Packs a Punch!

Overview of the Quick Mill Anita

The Quick Mill Anita is a mid-range heat-exchanger espresso machine that is designed to provide caf-quality espresso at home. It’s a powerful machine that boasts an impressive brewing capacity, ease of use, quality, affordability, and value for money.

Features and Benefits of the Quick Mill Anita

The Quick Mill Anita may be one of the most affordable heat-exchanger machines on the market, but it doesn’t skimp on the features. Its copper boiler provides excellent thermal conductivity, which allows for precise brewing temperature control.

Brewing Capacity

The Quick Mill Anita’s heat exchange boiler allows you to steam milk and pull a shot simultaneously. This means you can make multiple drinks without waiting for the machine to heat up again.

The machine is also fitted with a powerful pump that provides a steady flow of water to the group head, ensuring consistent extraction. With a capacity of 1.6 liters, the Quick Mill Anita has a larger boiler compared to the Lelit Mara, Rocket Appartamento, and Andreja Evo.

Boiler Capacity and Material

The Quick Mill Anita has a 1.6-liter copper boiler that heats up quickly and provides excellent thermal properties. Copper is preferred for espresso machines because of its ability to maintain a consistent temperature, which is crucial for brewing quality espresso shots.

The boiler is also coated with TEA, which improves the boiler’s thermal efficiency and prevents the water from corroding the copper. The brass end-plates provide durability and longevity to the boiler.

Pressure Gauges

The Quick Mill Anita is fitted with an analog pressure gauge that shows you the pressure within the boiler and the pump pressure. This is important because it helps you to know when to pull your shot and when your machine has reached the optimal brewing pressure.

The E61 group head ensures stable water temperature and provides excellent extraction.

PID Temperature Control

The Quick Mill Anita comes with a PID controller that helps to maintain a consistent brewing temperature. The PID controller allows you to set the brewing temperature within a range of 1 degree Celsius, which is a huge advantage for temperature-sensitive espresso roasts.

The PID control also helps to prevent temperature fluctuations, which can affect the quality of your espresso.

Milk Frothing

The Quick Mill Anita comes with a powerful steam wand that provides excellent milk frothing capabilities. The steam wand is easy to use and can easily froth milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based drinks.

The machine also has a hot water dispenser that allows you to make tea or other hot beverages.


The Quick Mill Anita is easy to use and maintain. The machine is equipped with an easy-to-read instruction manual that guides you through how to use and maintain the machine.

The machine is also fitted with a three-way solenoid valve that reduces the mess generated when you are done brewing. Cleaning and maintenance of the machine are relatively easy due to its compact design.

Build Quality

The Quick Mill Anita is a high-quality machine that is built to last. It’s made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.

The machine’s sleek and compact design provides a modern and stylish look that would fit perfectly in any kitchen.


In conclusion, the Quick Mill Anita is an excellent heat-exchanger espresso machine that provides value for money with its impressive features and brewing capacity. It’s a machine that ensures quality and consistency in every shot.

With its powerful features, ease of use, and affordable price, the Quick Mill Anita is the perfect machine for espresso enthusiasts looking to create caf-quality espresso at home. Happy brewing!

User Friendliness of the Quick Mill Anita

When it comes to home espresso machines, user-friendliness is a crucial factor. Espresso machines can be complicated to operate, and many users may find themselves struggling to use the machine effectively.

Thankfully, the Quick Mill Anita takes user-friendliness very seriously, and the machine is designed to be easy to use and maintain.

Power Switch and Indicator Lights

The Quick Mill Anita comes with a three-position power switch that is located on the side of the machine. The switch provides three settings: “On,” “Off,” and “Standby.” In the “On” position, the machine is fully powered and ready to use.

In the “Off” position, the machine is completely turned off and disconnected from the power supply. In the “Standby” position, the machine remains connected to the power supply, and the boiler remains heated to a lower temperature.

The machine also features indicator lights that provide you with information about the machine’s status. The lights indicate when the machine is heating up, when it has reached the optimal brewing temperature, and when it’s time to refill the water reservoir.

The Quick Mill Anita’s power switch and indicator lights are designed to be user-friendly and to prevent user errors. The machine’s power switch prevents users from accidentally turning on or off the machine.

The indicator lights provide critical information to the user, preventing them from making common mistakes, such as pulling a shot when the machine is still heating up.

Water Reservoir and Access

The Quick Mill Anita comes with a large 3-liter water reservoir that is made of BPA-free plastic. The reservoir is located at the rear of the machine and is bottom-fed, which provides a continuous water supply to the boiler.

The reservoir also features a magnetic sensor that detects when the water level runs low, automatically shutting off the boiler to prevent damage. Refilling the water reservoir is easy and straightforward.

The reservoir can be easily accessed by lifting the machine’s top cover, giving you full access to the reservoir. The top cover is lightweight and easy to remove, providing quick and easy refilling.

The machine’s rear access ensures easy refilling without the need to move the machine around. The Quick Mill Anita’s water reservoir design is user-friendly and ensures proper water management, preventing damage to the machine due to low water levels.

The reservoir’s location and access make refilling quick and easy, making the process of using and maintaining the machine even more convenient.

Milk Frothing with the Quick Mill Anita

The Quick Mill Anita is not just an excellent machine for brewing espresso but also for milk frothing. If you love latte or cappuccino, then the machine’s powerful steam wand and hot water dispenser will be your best friend.

Steam Boiler Size and Power

The Quick Mill Anita comes with a powerful steam boiler that provides consistent steam pressure for more extended periods, making milk frothing faster and easier. The steam boiler has a 1.4-liter capacity and is located at the back of the machine.

The boiler provides enough power to froth milk and make several milk-based drinks in a row. The steam boiler’s power ensures fast and efficient frothing, and the machine’s steam pressure gauge allows you to monitor the pressure.

The pressure gauge helps you to know the optimal time to froth your milk, helping you to avoid scorching or under-frothing the milk.

Steam and Hot Water Wands

The Quick Mill Anita’s steam wand and hot water dispenser are designed to provide convenience and user-friendliness. The steam wand has a double-wall no-burn design, which helps to keep the exterior of the wand cool to the touch, preventing burns.

The steam wand’s design also helps prevent milk from burning onto the exterior of the wand, making cleanup easier. The hot water dispenser is also user-friendly, with its non-compression valves ensuring that it’s easy to operate.

The hot water dispenser provides hot water on demand, and it’s also easy to clean, ensuring that it remains hygienic. The Quick Mill Anita’s steam and hot water wands are designed to help you create perfect milk froths without any hassle.

The machine’s fast and consistent steam pressure ensures that you can make multiple drinks without waiting for the machine to heat up. The wands’ non-burn design and easy cleaning make the machine even more user-friendly.


The Quick Mill Anita is an excellent espresso machine that offers impressive features, brewing capacity, and user-friendliness. The machine’s power switch, indicator lights, water reservoir, and steam wand designs ensure that users can make caf-quality espresso and milk-based drinks without any hassle.

With its powerful steam boiler, fast frothing, and easy-to-use wands, the Quick Mill Anita is a machine that any coffee enthusiast would be proud to own.

Build Quality of the Quick Mill Anita

The Quick Mill Anita is a premium espresso machine that is built to last. Its high-quality construction and durable materials ensure that it will provide years of excellent performance with minimal maintenance.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Quick Mill Anita is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, which adds to the machine’s overall durability and longevity. The machine features a mirror finished stainless steel outer casing, which adds an attractive and luxurious appearance to the machine.

The stainless steel material also ensures that the machine is easy to clean and maintain. The machine’s stainless steel drip tray is removable for easy cleaning and enhancing the aesthetic of the machine.

The cup warmer is also made of stainless steel, providing a warm and hygienic space for your cups.

Included Accessories

The Quick Mill Anita comes with two commercial-grade portafilters, which are made of high-quality stainless steel. The portafilters are designed to provide maximum extraction and are compatible with 58mm baskets.

The machine also includes a metal tamper with a wooden handle, which adds a touch of luxury to the machine. The included accessories are of top-notch quality and often not included with mid-range espresso machines.

The quality of the included accessories ensures the machine’s lasting durability and providing excellent value for money.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Quick Mill Anita

Regular upkeep and maintenance of espresso machines are crucial for their longevity and consistent performance. The Quick Mill Anita is designed to be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the machine retains its top-quality performance over the long term.

Regular Upkeep

To ensure the Quick Mill Anita’s consistent performance, regular maintenance is required. The machine’s water tank should be refilled with filtered water and emptied and cleaned periodically to maintain the machine’s cleanliness.

Regular removal of the machine’s drip tray and pour over machine area can help ensure optimal performance. Descaling of the machine’s entire system is necessary every few months to remove mineral buildup that can clog the machine’s intricate parts.

Descaling should be done carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Backflushing is also required to clean the machine of any remaining coffee oils that can clog the machine’s ports.

Ease of Cleaning

The Quick Mill Anita is designed to be easy to clean. The polished stainless steel outer shell can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, while spills can be quickly wiped off without leaving any stains or marks.

The machine’s removable drip tray and pour over area ensure easy cleanup and maximum hygiene. The machine’s E61 group head is also designed to be easy to clean, with a removable shower screen for deep cleaning.


In conclusion, the Quick Mill Anita is a premium espresso machine that is built to last. It’s made of high-quality materials, is user-friendly, and requires minimal maintenance.

Its stainless steel construction ensures that it’s not only built to last but also easy to clean and maintain. Its included accessories and overall build quality ensure that the machine provides excellent value for money.

For any coffee enthusiast looking for a mid-range heat-exchanger espresso machine, the Quick Mill Anita is an excellent choice.

Comparisons and Alternatives to the Quick Mill Anita

While the Quick Mill Anita is an excellent heat-exchanger espresso machine, it’s always helpful to explore comparisons and alternative options to ensure you make the right choice for your coffee needs. In this section, we will discuss capacity comparisons and alternative machine types that may interest you.

Capacity Comparisons

If you’re a latte-loving household or frequently host espresso parties, you may want to consider espresso machines with larger capacities. The Quick Mill Andreja stands out as a great alternative.

It offers a 1.6-liter copper boiler, comparable to the Quick Mill Anita. However, the real difference lies in its dual boilers, which provide even more capacity for steaming milk and brewing espresso simultaneously.

The dual-boiler system allows for temperature stability, making it a top choice for those who prioritize consistency in their espresso drinks. Another option worth exploring is the Quick Mill Vetrano.

With a larger 2.5-liter water reservoir and dual boilers, this machine is an excellent choice for those who require high-capacity brewing and steaming. The Quick Mill Vetrano is designed for those who want a commercial-grade espresso experience in their home.

Alternative Machine Types

Aside from heat-exchanger espresso machines like the Quick Mill Anita, there are other types of machines that may suit your needs. Let’s explore some alternative machine types.

One alternative is a single boiler machine. These machines, such as the Quick Mill Alexia, have a single boiler that is used for both brewing espresso and steaming milk.

While these machines may not have the capacity of a heat-exchanger machine, they are typically more affordable and compact. Single boiler machines work best for those who primarily enjoy straight espresso shots and don’t require the capability to steam milk frequently.

If you’re looking for a machine that combines the capabilities of both a single boiler and a heat-exchanger, a dual-use machine like the Quick Mill Silvano may be the perfect fit. These machines feature a single boiler with a heat exchanger, allowing for simultaneous brewing and steaming.

While the capacity may not be as high as a dedicated heat-exchanger machine, dual-use machines offer convenience and affordability. Another alternative worth considering is the Lelit Elizabeth.

This machine is a dual boiler espresso machine that combines both a larger capacity for steaming milk and a dedicated brew boiler for precise temperature control. With its PID temperature control, the Lelit Elizabeth is a fantastic choice for those who want the flexibility to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously, without sacrificing temperature stability.

Lastly, the Profitec Pro 300 offers a compact design with dual boilers, making it a top contender in the alternative machine types. It provides a 0.75-liter brew boiler and a 0.325-liter steam boiler, offering enough capacity for brewing and steaming drinks back to back.

The Profitec Pro 300 also features PID temperature control, ensuring consistent temperature stability for your espresso shots. When considering alternatives to the Quick Mill Anita, it’s important to compare the capacity, features, and price of each machine to find the one that best suits your brewing needs and budget.


While the Quick Mill Anita is an exceptional heat-exchanger espresso machine, exploring comparisons and alternative machine types can help you make a well-informed decision. Whether you prioritize capacity, a dual boiler system, or a combination of features, there is a machine out there that fits your needs.

Consider the Quick Mill Andreja and Vetrano for larger capacities, or explore alternative machine types such as single boiler machines like the Quick Mill Alexia or dual-use machines like the Quick Mill Silvano. The Lelit Elizabeth and the Profitec Pro 300 also offer unique features worth exploring.

By carefully evaluating and comparing your options, you can choose the perfect espresso machine to bring your brewing experience to the next level. In conclusion, the Quick Mill Anita is a standout choice for espresso enthusiasts looking for a mid-range heat-exchanger machine.

Its impressive features, such as the copper boiler, PID temperature control, and powerful steam wand, ensure quality and convenience. The machine’s user-friendliness, stainless steel construction, and included accessories further enhance its value.

Additionally, when considering alternatives, the Quick Mill Andreja and Vetrano provide larger capacities, while alternative machine types like single boilers and dual-use machines offer unique options. Overall, no matter the choice, investing in a high-quality espresso machine like the Quick Mill Anita guarantees a consistent and enjoyable brewing experience.

So, go ahead and upgrade your coffee game with the Quick Mill Anita – your taste buds will thank you.

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