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Top 10 Coffee Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brew-spirational Content

From the morning pick-me-up to a cozy afternoon break, coffee is an essential and beloved part of our daily routine. Given the significant role coffee plays in our lives, it’s no surprise that we’ve taken to Instagram to share our love for this invigorating beverage.

If you’re a coffee fanatic, then finding the best coffee Instagram accounts to follow is an absolute must. These accounts feature stunning visuals, creative content, and insightful information related to the coffee world.

They also introduce us to new brewing methods, coffee blends, and baristas, ultimately providing a wealth of knowledge to coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best coffee Instagram accounts to follow, each with its unique focus and features.

10 Best Coffee Instagram Accounts to Follow:

1. Sonder Coffee and Tea (@sondercoffee)

Sonder Coffee and Tea is a specialty coffee roastery located in Denver, Colorado, that focuses on quality, traceability, and sustainability.

The account features a variety of snapshots from their roasting process, information about the coffee blends, and highlights of their talented baristas. 2.

Alternative Brewing (@alternativebrewing)

Alternative Brewing is a unique coffee gear and equipment online retailer who originated from Australia. The account showcases breathtaking pictures of coffee brewing equipment, information on the latest coffee gadgets, and single-origin coffee bean blends.

3. TheTrendyBarista (@thetrendybarista)

The Trendy Barista is an Instagram account dedicated to bringing latte art to the forefront for coffee lovers.

The account features creatively crafted coffee drinks alongside essential tips and tricks to perfect your latte art designs. 4.

The Coffee Blenders (@thecoffeeblenders)

The Coffee Blenders are a brand that provides single-serve pour-over coffee pouches that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The account showcases a variety of imagery related to the brewing process, the eco-friendly packaging, and information about the different coffee blends available.

5. Latte Art Tutorials (@lattearttutorials)

Latte Art Tutorials is an Instagram account that highlights different barista techniques and latte art patterns to help baristas hone their craft.

The account features videos and step-by-step pictures to help viewers learn the latte art techniques that can turn a simple coffee drink into a piece of art. 6.

Drift Mag (@driftmag)

Drift Mag is a print magazine that explores coffee culture around the world. The account features breathtaking photography, coffee stories, and insights into different roasting and brewing techniques used around the world.

7. The Chemex (@the_chemex)

The Chemex represents a beautiful pour-over apparatus perfect for serving smooth and clean coffee.

The account highlights a variety of images of iced coffee brewing, coffee-based desserts, and other creative applications of the Chemex. 8.

Coffee ‘n Clothes (@coffeenclothes)

Coffee ‘n Clothes features a beautiful blend of coffee and fashion images, bringing the worlds of designer outfits and quality coffee together. The account features inspiring fashion designs, coffee shops, and makeup trends within the coffee culture.

9. Man Make Coffee (@manmakecoffee)

Man Make Coffee is an Instagram account that showcases samples of coffee from different parts of the world alongside captivating imagery.

The account focuses on the personal journey of coffee lovers, sharing experiences about travels, visits to coffee shops, and interviews with baristas around the world. 10.

Book of Coffee (@bookofcoffee)

Book of Coffee offers a comprehensive guide for coffee lovers, helping them navigate different aspects of the coffee world. The account features expert tips, reviews on coffee shops around the world, and informative posts related to the coffee world trends.


Whether you’re a coffee lover or a barista, finding the best coffee Instagram accounts to follow can help deepen your appreciation for this beloved beverage. The accounts mentioned above show us different facets of the coffee world, from brewing techniques and latte art to delectable desserts and fashionable coffee shops.

Follow these accounts to learn more about the quality roasters, coffee blends, and baristas who make coffee culture come alive. Are you a coffee lover on the hunt for a fun and informative Instagram account to follow?

Look no further than the world of coffee, where endless opportunities for education, entertainment, and inspiration exist. Coffee Instagram accounts offer more than just a few pretty pictures and hashtags.

These accounts allow coffee lovers to follow their favorite coffee shops, learn about the latest brewing techniques, and get to know the talented baristas behind their favorite morning cup of joe. When it comes to finding your new favorite coffee Instagram account, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Determine Your Coffee Niche

The world of coffee is vast and diverse, ranging from specialty roasts to latte art to brewing techniques.

Before you start following accounts, determine what aspect of coffee most interests you. Do you love to try specialty roasters?

Follow accounts like Sonder Coffee and Tea to stay up-to-date on the latest roasts and brewing methods. Are you a barista looking to improve your latte art skills?

Follow accounts like Latte Art Tutorials for all the inspiration and tips you need. 2.

Look for Creativity

One of the most exciting aspects of coffee Instagram accounts is the level of creativity that goes into each post. From clever captions to visually stunning photos, the creative minds behind coffee Instagram accounts never cease to amaze.

Look for accounts that showcase unique and imaginative content, like Alternative Brewing or TheTrendyBarista, which showcase creative and fun approaches to coffee brewing and latte art. 3.

Seek Out Community

The coffee world is full of passionate people who love nothing more than sharing their love of coffee with others. Look for Instagram accounts that foster a sense of community, where followers can come together and share their favorite coffee tips and tricks.

Accounts like Man Make Coffee and Drift Mag showcase the community aspect of coffee culture, with their personal stories, interviews, and features on coffee lovers and baristas. 4.

Focus on the Experience

Coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience. Look for Instagram accounts that showcase the experience of coffee culture, from cozy coffee shops to breathtaking coffee farm landscapes.

Coffee ‘n Clothes highlights the fashion and design aspects of coffee shop culture, while The Chemex showcases how to turn coffee brewing into a modern art form. These accounts offer a unique glimpse into the world of coffee beyond the barista station.

5. Diversity is Key

Finally, don’t be afraid to branch out and explore coffee Instagram accounts that are different from your usual coffee niche.

Follow accounts that showcase different brewing techniques, coffee shops from around the world, or different types of coffee roasting practices. Book of Coffee, for example, offers a comprehensive guide to coffee culture around the world, including interviews with coffee growers and roasters.

In conclusion, finding your new favorite coffee Instagram account isn’t hard when you know where to look and what to look for. With so many unique and informative accounts to choose from, you’re sure to find an account that speaks to your personal coffee preferences and interests.

Follow these tips to enrich your coffee experience and become a part of the global coffee community. In conclusion, following coffee Instagram accounts can provide a wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration for coffee lovers and professionals alike.

When searching for the best coffee Instagram account, focus on determining your coffee niche, seeking out creativity, finding community, experiencing coffee culture, and embracing diversity. By following these tips, you can enrich your coffee experience and become a part of the global coffee community.

The world of coffee is vast and exciting, so take advantage of the many options available to learn, grow, and enjoy your beloved beverage in new and exciting ways.

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