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Top 10 Unique Coffee Shops in Long Beach

Coffee is a staple in Long Beach culture, with vibrant coffee shops dotted throughout the city. Long Beach’s coffee scene comprises a diverse range of establishments, from cozy cafes serving up specialty drinks to modern spaces focused on creating unique coffee blends.

In this article, we’ll explore the city’s best coffee shops, each with its unique ambiance and offering something different to its audience.

Importance of coffee in Long Beach culture:

Coffee is not only a beverage in Long Beach’s culture, but it serves as a shared experience across various communities.

Long Beach’s coffee scene is not merely about grabbing a cup of coffee from any coffee shop, but it’s about enjoying the experience and the culture surrounding it. From sipping on a cappuccino while people-watching to working remotely at a cozy coffeehouse, Long Beach coffee shops provide a space that suits everyone.

Overview of article’s purpose:

Long Beach’s coffee culture is undoubtedly unique, and each coffee shop offers something truly distinctive that stands out from the rest. Thus, in this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the top 10 coffee shops in Long Beach, highlighting each shop’s unique features and what makes them worth a visit.

Aroma di Roma Cafe

Aroma di Roma Cafe, located on 2nd Street, is undoubtedly one of Long Beach’s hidden gems. The cafe has an extensive menu of specialty drinks and offers indoor and outdoor seating.

The cafe’s signature drink is the Nutella Latte, which is a customer favorite. The cafe’s laid-back ambiance makes it an excellent spot to meet up with friends or to catch up on work.

Rose Park Roasters

Rose Park Roasters is a small batch roasting company located in the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach. The shop stands out with its vibrant mural and homey atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for an intimate conversation over coffee.

As a local business, Rose Park Roasters is dedicated to serving the community by providing free coffee to essential workers. They also recently introduced cold brew cocktails, which are worth checking out.

Tierra Mia Coffee

Tierra Mia Coffee stands out as the only drive-thru coffee shop on this list. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also affordable.

The shop’s atmosphere is laid back and welcoming, with friendly baristas who will remember your name from your last visit. Tierra Mia Coffee endeavors to honor the Latin heritage through the use of traditional ingredients such as horchata lattes and Mexican hot chocolate.

The Library

The Library is a unique little spot that never fails to impress with its sophisticated and charming ambiance. With a collection of books adorning the walls, The Library aims to provide a space where customers can relax, sip coffee, read, and even get work done.

The atmosphere feels more like a private library than a coffee shop, making it an excellent option for individuals searching for a cozy and intimate setting.

Recreational Coffee

Recreational Coffee is a unique coffee shop containing an online grocer that grew out of necessity during the pandemic. The cafe is known for its chic-meets-hipster vibe and outstanding coffee options.

The shop’s menu is small but curated with artisanal quality coffee blends that you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, the online grocer sells a collection of international foods, chocolates, and other unique products.

Steelhead Coffee

Steelhead Coffee is the epitome of a low-key coffee shop, with minimal decoration and a simple menu. The coffee is brewed precisely to perfection, and the baristas are knowledgeable and friendly.

The shop is perfect for those looking for a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy their coffee.

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee offers a unique coffee experience that sets it apart from other coffee shops. Unlike most cafes, Philz Coffee doesn’t sell lattes or mochas, providing customers with an opportunity to taste extraordinary coffee concoctions that blend various roasts.

Philz Coffee prides itself on personalized service, ensuring that every customer gets a coffee that suits their taste buds.

Portfolio Coffeehouse

Portfolio Coffeehouse is well known amongst Long Beach residents for its exceptional Mexican Mocha and Vegan doughnuts. This trendy and urban cafe is perfect for those seeking a high-energy coffee experience or getting work done.

The shop offers outdoor patio seating, making it an excellent choice for those looking to breathe in fresh air while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Wide-Eyed Open Palms

Wide-Eyed Open Palms strives to use organic ingredients, locally sourced food, and compostable or recyclable to-go containers. The cafe is housed in an airy wooden building that emphasizes the importance of sustainability.

Customers can expect a diverse selection of vegan and non-vegan meals that never skimp on flavor. The coffee selection ranges from classic espresso shots to specialty drinks as well.

Portola Coffee Roasters

Portola Coffee Roasters is a modern and sleek, boutique coffee shop that takes pride in brewing specialty coffee blends. The coffee shop is ideal for those looking for a distinct coffee experience with its unique coffee blends and chic atmosphere.

The Rose Cardamom Latte is particularly outstanding, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts.


In this article, we have taken a deep dive into the top 10 coffee shops in Long Beach, each with its unique features and ambiance.

Exploring Long Beach’s diverse coffee scene, visitors are sure to find a coffee shop that suits their personality and coffee preferences. From the cozy atmosphere of Steelhead Coffee to the innovative coffee blends at Philz Coffee, Long Beach’s coffee scene has something to offer everyone.

In conclusion, Long Beach’s coffee scene is thriving and diverse, with something for everyone. From laid-back and cozy coffee shops to modern and chic establishments, Long Beach has a variety of options to satisfy every preference.

Aroma di Roma Cafe, Rose Park Roasters, and Tierra Mia Coffee are just a few of the top coffee shops visitors can explore. When visiting these coffee shops, it’s crucial to check their websites for hours and menu items to make the most out of the experience.

Overall, Long Beach’s coffee scene is a must-see destination for any coffee lover, offering unique blends, cozy ambiance, and a glimpse into the city’s culture.

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