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Top Coffee Influencers and Blogs You Need to Follow Today

Attention coffee lovers! Are you looking for the latest coffee trends and updates in the coffee industry? Do you want to learn more about coffee culture and the art of coffee-making?

Look no further. We have compiled a comprehensive list of top coffee influencers on Instagram, as well as informative blogs that cover everything from coffee education to sustainable coffee.

Top Coffee Influencer Accounts

Junichi Yamaguchi

A latte is not just a cup of coffee; it’s an art form. Junichi Yamaguchi is a Japanese barista who is famous for his breathtaking latte art and pastry creations.

His Instagram account is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful pictures of intricate latte designs and delicious pastries. Follow him to learn tips and tricks on making the perfect latte and pastry.

Asaf Rauch

Are you interested in learning about the latest coffee trends and swag? Look no further than

Asaf Rauch’s Instagram.

A renowned barista with an eye for creative latte designs, Asaf’s Instagram features a mix of tutorials, latte art, and coffee memes. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest coffee trends, follow Asaf.

Barista Hustle

Are you looking to expand your coffee knowledge?

Barista Hustle is an online coffee education platform created to teach baristas and coffee enthusiasts everything they need to know about coffee, from grinding and brewing to understanding coffee science.

Created by world champion barista Matt Perger,

Barista Hustle provides in-depth video courses, articles, and educational resources.

Perfect Daily Grind

Are you passionate about coffee culture and sustainability?

Perfect Daily Grind is a website dedicated to providing coffee industry news and insights while promoting sustainable coffee practices.

You’ll find articles about the latest coffee trends, as well as information about sustainable coffee farming and ethical sourcing.

Coffee Cups of the World

Are you a collector of unique coffee cups?

Coffee Cups of the World is an Instagram account that features a collection of amazing, unusual coffee cups from all around the world.

From funky cat-shaped cups to artistic ceramic designs, these cups are guaranteed to make you want to expand your coffee cup collection.

Coffee Education and Culture

Coffee Sesh

Do you wish to learn more about coffee education and specialty drinks? Coffee Sesh is an excellent resource, created to teach coffee enthusiasts how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

The account features tutorials on everything from brewing techniques to creating signature drinks, as well as in-depth information about coffee science. Timothy B.


Are you interested in sourcing and roasting coffee? Timothy B.

Hill’s Instagram account features his extensive knowledge about coffee roasting and sourcing, with tips and tricks about how to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Follow Timothy to learn more about his passion for brewing the perfect coffee.

Morgan Eckroth

Want to get an insider’s view on the life of a barista?

Morgan Eckroth’s Instagram account features scenarios from her work as a barista, from humorous interactions to crafting the perfect latte.

Follow her to get tips about coffee-making, as well as a glimpse of the life of a barista.

Andy Anderson

Do you believe in creativity and connection through coffee?

Andy Anderson’s Instagram account is dedicated to showcasing the art of coffee-making, with an emphasis on the creativity and connection that coffee can bring.

Follow Andy to learn more about the art of brewing coffee, as well as inspiring stories about connection and community.

Etaf Rum

Are you a coffee lover and bookworm?

Etaf Rum’s Instagram account is all about pairing coffee and books.

Avid readers and coffee drinkers can get plenty of recommendations on both books and coffee. Follow her for pictures of exceptional coffee accompanied by their book pairings.

Coffee Bae 97

Want to add some fun, quirky, and unique twists to your coffee?

Coffee Bae 97’s Instagram account is full of creative, one-of-a-kind coffee creations that you won’t find anywhere else.

From cereal milk lattes to frosted animal cracker cappuccinos,

Coffee Bae 97 delivers unique coffee creations every time.

Giulia Bernardelli

Art and coffee come together beautifully in

Giulia Bernardelli’s Instagram account. As an Italian artist, she uses coffee to create stunning pieces of art.

Follow her to see amazing coffee-inspired artwork and for some coffee art ideas to try at home.

James Hoffmann

Are you interested in the coffee industry and education?

James Hoffmann is a renowned coffee expert and author of “The World Atlas of Coffee.” Follow him for his education on the coffee-making process, industry insights, and news about the latest coffee trends.

Cabell Tice

Are you fascinated by the beauty of coffee photography?

Cabell Tice is a photographer and latte artist who has been featured on numerous coffee blogs.

Her Instagram features beautiful photos of coffee and latte art alongside handy photography tips, making it an excellent resource for any aspiring coffee photographer.


Whether you’re a coffee lover, barista, or just starting your journey in the world of coffee, these Instagram accounts and blogs provide valuable information, education, and inspiration. From latte art and creative coffee creations to coffee education and sustainability, these influencers are sure to bring out the coffee enthusiast in you.

Follow them now for a daily dose of coffee culture and inspiration!

In conclusion, the importance of coffee in our culture and society cannot be overemphasized. From creating artful latte designs to promoting sustainable coffee practices, coffee influencers have become an integral part of the coffee industry.

This article has provided a comprehensive list of coffee influencers and educational blogs that cover everything you need to know about coffee-making, coffee culture, and the industry. By following these influencers, aspiring baristas or coffee enthusiasts can learn new techniques, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and foster a deeper appreciation for coffee.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these influencers today and explore the diverse and fascinating world of coffee.

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