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Unleash Your Inner Barista: National Coffee Day Deals and Discounts

National Coffee Day Celebration

If you’re someone who can’t start your day without that perfect cup of coffee, there’s good news. September 29th comes around every year, and it’s officially recognized as National Coffee Day.

For coffee lovers, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the art of coffee-making and enjoy some amazing deals on their favorite brew.

Ways to Celebrate

On National Coffee Day, many coffee shops and companies offer discounted or completely free coffee. Keep an eye out for these deals to save some money and get your caffeine fix.

But that’s not all. You can also celebrate this day by participating in contests, winning coffee gear, and joining virtual coffee tasting sessions.

This celebration provides an opportunity to explore various coffee flavors and brewing methods.

History of National Coffee Day

To truly appreciate coffee, it is essential to know its long and fascinating history. Coffee is believed to have originated in the Islamic society during the 15th century.

Back then, the beverage was known for its medicinal properties, and it was used by Sufi monks to enhance their religious experiences. Soon, the Arab world embraced coffee’s intoxicating aroma and it became an important aspect of their daily lives.

The drink arrived in Europe in the 17th century, and it was initially met with skepticism. But by the 18th century, coffeehouses became a hub of social and intellectual activities.

The demand for the beverage increased, leading to the establishment of coffee plantations in the Americas. This eventually led to the growth of the coffee industry, and today coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

Driftaway National Coffee Day Box

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Driftaway Coffee, a company that deals with specialty coffee. This year, for National Coffee Day, the company is offering a limited edition box set that is filled with some of the world’s best coffees.

Contents of Limited Edition Box Set

This Driftaway Coffee box features three distinctive coffees, namely washed coffee, honey coffee, and natural coffee. You’ll get to experience the unique flavors of each type of coffee and learn more about the differences between them.

To make the experience more engaging, Driftaway Coffee provides a chance for virtual coffee tasting, where you can interact with coffee nerds and learn from World Coffee Champion James McCarthy.

One of the coffees in this limited edition box set is grown by a farmer named Luis Alberto Balladarez from Nicaragua.

He is renowned for his sustainable coffee farming that uses eco-friendly methods of production. By purchasing this box set, you get to support such farmers and learn about the various efforts that go into making this beverage.

Availability and Limited Quantity Warning

As with most limited edition products, this Driftaway Coffee box set won’t be around for long. Coffee lovers should act fast and grab this box set before it’s gone.

The box set is also only available in limited quantities, so if you’re a bargain hunter, don’t wait to get your hands on it.

Celebrate Coffee and its Intriguing Story

National Coffee Day is an opportunity to celebrate the rich history and tastes of coffee. Whether it’s through discounted coffee deals, contests, or limited edition box sets, coffee enthusiasts can make the most of this day.

By learning about its origins and appreciating the efforts involved in producing this beverage, we can turn National Coffee Day into a memorable celebration.

Seattle Coffee Gear Deals

Seattle Coffee Gear is a household name for many coffee lovers. It’s a company that’s committed to providing the best coffee-making equipment to its customers.

With National Coffee Day just around the corner, Seattle Coffee Gear is offering exclusive deals on some of its best coffee-related products. Here are two deals you don’t want to miss.

Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine Deal

Are you an espresso enthusiast who’s been searching for the ideal coffee machine? Look no further than the Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine.

This machine comes equipped with impressive features that enhance your espresso-making experience. Seattle Coffee Gear is offering a special discount on this machine to celebrate National Coffee Day.

This deal gives you the opportunity to purchase the Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine at a reduced price. One of the standout features of this espresso machine is its thermoblock heating system that ensures consistent temperature when heating the water.

It comes with a commercial-sized portafilter allowing for easy insertion, and also features an automatic tamping system. The Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso machine is perfect for those who desire both convenience and quality at the same time.

Solis Scala Zero Grinder Deal

The Solis Scala Zero Grinder is a coffee grinder that every coffee enthusiast needs in their arsenal. This grinder has unmatched precision, allowing you to achieve the ideal grind size for your coffee beans.

This grinder is now available at a reduced price on Seattle Coffee Gear. Coffee lovers can now take advantage of the sale and purchase the Solis Scala Zero Grinder at a lower price.

This coffee grinder has a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize your grind settings with ease. It features an LCD screen display and also comes equipped with zero retention, meaning that no coffee grounds are wasted between uses.

The quality of your coffee beans will never be an issue once you have access to the Solis Scala Zero Grinder.

Homegrounds Latte Art Sweepstakes

Homegrounds is a company that believes in helping coffee enthusiasts get the best coffee-making experience from their homes. Together with Atlas Coffee Club, Homegrounds is hosting a latte art sweepstakes on Instagram to celebrate National Coffee Day.

How to Enter Sweepstakes

To enter the sweepstakes, all you have to do is show off your best latte art skills. Take a photo of your latte art creation and upload it to Instagram using the #hglatteart hashtag.

Atlas Coffee Club and Homegrounds will randomly select winners from all the entries, meaning that anyone has a chance to win. It’s worth noting that multiple entries are allowed, so get creative and showcase your skills.

Sweepstakes Rules and Prizes

To ensure a fair competition, the sweepstakes have specific rules that must be followed. Participants must be US residents and over the age of 18 years old.

The prizes include a one-year free subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, giving you access to some of the best coffee beans from around the world. You’ll also receive a Homegrounds coffee gear package that includes a Homegrounds Scale, a Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle, and a Fellow Atmos Canister.


As National Coffee Day approaches, we encourage all coffee enthusiasts to take advantage of the exclusive deals on offer. Seattle Coffee Gear deals on the Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine and Solis Scala Zero Grinder are perfect for those who want to elevate their coffee-making game.

The Homegrounds latte art sweepstakes is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your latte art skills and win some exciting prizes. Don’t miss out on these great deals and opportunities to celebrate National Coffee Day like a true coffee lover.

New Subscriber Deal and Free Coffee

Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for good deals on their favorite beverage. To celebrate National Coffee Day, many coffee companies are offering exclusive deals and discounts on their best coffee products.

Here are two coffee deals that every coffee lover should take advantage of. Trade Coffee’s new subscriber deal

Trade Coffee is a coffee company that offers a wide variety of coffee flavors from different coffee roasters around the country.

If you’ve been planning to subscribe to Trade Coffee, National Coffee Day is the perfect time to do so. New Trade subscribers are eligible for a special deal that gives them $25 worth of coffee for free.

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is sign up for a Trade Coffee subscription. As a new subscriber, you’ll receive a $25 credit in your Trade account, which you can use to purchase coffee from any of the roasters available on their platform.

This deal is a great opportunity to explore new coffee roasts and flavors, and also a way to save some money on your coffee purchases. Seattle Coffee Gear Gives $25 in Free Coffee

Seattle Coffee Gear is a coffee company that deals with premium coffee products.

They offer everything from coffee machines to coffee grinders to coffee accessories. This National Coffee Day, Seattle Coffee Gear is offering a deal that gives customers $25 worth of coffee for free with any purchase over $200.

The discount is automatically applied, giving you the chance to try out some new coffee flavors without breaking the bank. This deal allows you to explore Seattle Coffee Gear’s amazing selection of coffee products and purchase any product that meets or exceeds $200.

In return, you get $25 worth of coffee for free, making this deal too good to pass up. Seattle Coffee Gear’s wide range of coffee machines, grinders, and beans make this an excellent opportunity to invest in high-quality coffee gear and taste different coffee flavors.


National Coffee Day is a great opportunity to try new coffee flavors and invest in coffee-making equipment. Trade Coffee’s new subscriber deal and Seattle Coffee Gear’s free coffee with purchase deal give customers the perfect opportunity to explore new coffee flavors as well as purchase high-end coffee-making equipment.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and make sure to celebrate National Coffee Day with a delightful cup of coffee. In conclusion, coffee lovers have plenty to look forward to on National Coffee Day.

The holiday provides a unique opportunity to explore new coffee flavors and invest in high-quality coffee equipment. From free coffee offers to limited edition box sets to Instagram sweepstakes, there are several deals and discounts on offer.

Trade Coffee and Seattle Coffee Gear’s deals, in particular, provide fantastic opportunities to explore the world of coffee and indulge in different coffee flavors. Celebrate National Coffee Day with a satisfying cup of coffee and take advantage of these incredible deals while they’re available.

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