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Unleash Your Inner Barista: Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine Review

Quick Mill Espresso Machines: The Go-to Choice for Espresso Lovers

Are you an espresso lover searching for the ultimate machine to help you make the perfect cup every time? Look no further than Quick Mill.

For over 70 years, Quick Mill has been crafting high-quality espresso machines designed to cater to the needs of specialty coffee enthusiasts. Quick Mill’s range of espresso machines features a variety of options for every type of user, from single boiler machines to double boilers, as well as heat exchangers.

With their innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, Quick Mill has established itself as the go-to choice for serious espresso enthusiasts.

Best Overall: Vetrano 2B Evo

Leading the charge as the best overall espresso machine by Quick Mill is the Vetrano 2B Evo.

This machine is perfect for those who need a reliable machine that offers top-tier performance in making specialty coffee. The Vetrano 2B Evo is equipped with double boilers designed to provide precise temperature control while using the machine, a PID temperature control system, and an E61 brew group for optimal espresso extraction.

Its other features include a rotary pump, automatic shut-off controls, and an upgraded design.

Best Double Boiler: QM67

If you’re looking for a machine that provides excellent performance while staying compact, look no further than the QM67.

The QM67 features a vibration pump and a water reservoir, making it an ideal choice for those who have limited space. With its intuitive user interface, the QM67 is designed to impress even the most demanding coffee enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer brewed coffee, cappuccinos, or lattes, the QM67 can provide a consistent and high-quality experience every time. This machine is perfect for those who have medium to high profile cafes or coffee businesses.

Best Heat Exchanger: Andreja Premium Evo

The Andreja Premium Evo is superb in terms of performance and aesthetics. This machine is perfect for those who require a compact machine that provides simultaneous brewing and steam capability.

It is equipped with a T.E.A. coated brass boiler, an E61 brew group, and an Ulka pump that ensures quality, consistency, and reliability. This machine is easy to use and comes with excellent features, including a compact size, no-burn steam wand, user-friendly controls, and a built-in cup warmer.

It is an ideal choice for medium to high profile coffee shops and restaurants.

Best Single Boiler: Alexia Evo

The Alexia Evo is an excellent option for those looking for a compact, yet powerful, espresso machine for home or office use.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the Alexia Evo can provide a consistent and high-quality espresso experience without the need for too much space. This machine is equipped with a no-burn steam wand, 58mm commercial brew group, and a compact size, making it an excellent choice for home or office use.

Plus, its intuitive design makes it easy and straightforward to operate.

Best Value: Silvano Evo

The Silvano Evo is perfect for those looking for an affordable espresso machine that does not compromise on quality, performance, or design.

Equipped with a thermoblock, vibratory pump, and adjustable PID, the Silvano Evo is a true workhorse that produces excellent results. Moreover, it is compact, user-friendly, and packs a punch in terms of features.

This machine is ideal for individuals who are new to the world of specialty coffee and want a dependable machine that provides top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

All About Boilers

Now that we’ve covered Quick Mill’s espresso machines, let’s delve more into the different types of boilers used in these machines.

Single Boilers

If you need an espresso machine that does not take up too much space and is relatively inexpensive, a single boiler espresso machine might be the best option for you. The Quick Mill Rubino is an excellent example of a single boiler espresso machine that offers great performance at an affordable price.

It features a compact design, easy to use controls, and a cup warmer that ensures your espresso remains hot.

Double Boilers

Double boilers are designed to offer optimal temperature control for various applications such as brewing, milk frothing, and steaming. A double boiler machine has two independent boilers, and as such, allows you to make espresso and steam milk simultaneously.

The Vetrano 2B Evo, Quick Mill’s best overall espresso machine, is an excellent example of a double boiler machine. Its dual boilers provide accurate and fast temperature control, resulting in consistent quality espresso and milk steaming.

Heat Exchange System

Heat exchange machines offer a combination of the performance of a double boiler and the affordability of a single boiler. By using a single boiler to heat water and a heat exchanger to heat the water for the steam wand and group head, these machines provide the ability to brew and steam at the same time without any waiting periods.

The Andreja Premium Evo, Quick Mill’s best heat exchange system espresso machine, is the ideal option for home or office use. Its compact size and simultaneous brewing and steaming feature make it an exceptional choice for small cafes and coffee shops.

In conclusion, Quick Mill espresso machines provide enthusiasts and businesses with cutting-edge technology and top-tier espresso making capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a machine that is simple and affordable, or one that includes advanced features, there is a Quick Mill machine available that can meet your needs.

With a range of top-notch options to choose from, Quick Mill can help you find the perfect espresso machine for you. When it comes to choosing espresso machines, there are many factors to consider, including pumps and size.

Quick Mill offers a range of machines with different pump types and sizes to meet various needs and preferences. Rotary or Vibratory Pumps: What’s the Difference?

One of the most significant differences between Quick Mill espresso machines is the type of pump they use. There are two types of pumps: rotary and vibratory.

Each has its unique characteristics that cater to specific preferences and needs.

Rotary Pumps

The Vetrano 2B Evo features a rotary pump, which is commonly found in commercial-grade coffee machines. Rotary pumps use a direct water line, allowing for a consistent and powerful water flow.

This pump is quieter and produces less vibration than vibratory pumps, making it ideal for home use. Rotary pumps are more durable than vibratory pumps and require less maintenance.

They provide higher pressure and a more even flow of water, allowing for a more precise and consistent extraction of coffee. Additionally, they can handle back-pressure better than vibratory pumps, which makes them perfect for multiple brewing groups.

In summary, rotary pumps are ideal for espresso enthusiasts who prioritize precision, consistency, power, and a quieter machine.

Vibratory Pumps

On the other hand, the QM67 features a vibratory pump, which is more commonly found in espresso machines designed for home or small office use. Vibratory pumps are not as powerful as rotary pumps but are significantly more cost-effective and smaller, making them a great option for those on a budget or who have limited space.

Vibratory pumps work by using a magnetic solenoid to piston an arm and create pressure. This pump type allows for pre-infusion, where the machine is held at a lower pressure before full extraction.

Pre-infusion results in a better extraction and helps to achieve richer espresso. In conclusion, vibratory pumps are ideal for home or office use, where space and budget are significant considerations.

They are also suitable for those who prefer the benefits of pre-infusion, which rotary pumps do not offer.

Size and Capacity Considerations

When purchasing a Quick Mill espresso machine, size and capacity are important factors to consider. Knowing the exact measurements of the machine will help you know how much space to allocate in your home or business.


Quick Mill machines range from compact to medium sizes, due to their commercial-grade components. It is essential to measure the space where you plan to keep your machine to ensure that it fits comfortably.

Keep in mind that some Quick Mill machines require extra clearance for easy water tank refilling or adding and removing the portafilter. Most Quick Mill machines are tall and need room for overhead clearance to remove and refill the water tank.

The height dimensions of Quick Mill machines range from 13 inches to 16 inches, making them one of the tallest espresso machines in the market. The compact size and extra clearance of the Quick Mill machines make them easy to use in tight spaces.


Quick Mill espresso machines usually come with water reservoirs that have different capacities. The water reservoirs range from 1.4 liters to 2 liters.

However, some models, such as the Vetrano 2B Evo or Andreja Premium Evo, come plumbed directly to the water line. In addition to this, Quick Mill espresso machines come with powerful heating elements that are capable of delivering consistent and instant steam power and hot water.

The boilers’ size is essential to consider as well since it determines how much water the machine can hold in a tankless boiler. Finally, the heating element size, water volume, and tubing size determine the rate at which the water heats up and flows.

The larger the boiler, the more water it can hold and the faster it can produce steam and hot water. Ultimately, the size and capacity of Quick Mill machines make them ideal for a range of users, from home to business use.

With their tall, compact sizes and powerful heating elements, Quick Mill machines can deliver barista-quality espresso effectively.

In summary, when selecting a Quick Mill espresso machine, you need to consider the pump type, size, and capacity.

Consider your needs and preferences and choose the machine that best suits you, whether it is a rotary pump option or a vibratory pump. In addition, measure your space for easy accommodation and obtain a machine with a great capacity for your water needs.

After exploring the range of Quick Mill espresso machines, it is evident that the brand sets the bar high in the specialty coffee industry. With its innovative designs and quality materials, Quick Mill provides customizations to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs.

However, there is one machine that stands out as the best model that Quick Mill offers.

The Best Model – Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo

The Vetrano 2B Evo is one of the top-of-the-line espresso machines currently available, and it has recently been updated and made better than ever before. This machine comes equipped with double boilers, PID temperature control, and an E61 group head.

The double boilers allow users to control the temperature precisely, making it easier to brew espresso that is consistent in flavor and temperature. The Vetrano 2B Evo has a powerful rotary pump that provides direct water lines for consistent and powerful water flow.

Compared to vibratory pumps, rotary pumps are much quieter and result in less vibration. The pump produces reliable pressure, ensuring optimal extraction for different brewing conditions.

Moreover, the Vetrano 2B Evo is compact, making it a great choice for those who have limited space. The machine’s overall user interface is user-friendly and allows you to access intuitive controls effortlessly.

Via the controls, you can program the machine to start and stop automatically based on your specific water needs. The Vetrano 2B Evo’s steam wands come with no-burn technology, making them safe to use when frothing milk.

The heat exchanger allows you to make espresso and steam milk simultaneously, significantly reducing your work time. With its top-of-the-line features and recently updated design, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo is the best model of espresso machine that Quick Mill offers to cater to all your specialty coffee needs.

Why Choose Quick Mill?

Quick Mill is a reliable and trustworthy brand that has committed to providing its customers with high-quality espresso machines for over 70 years.

The materials used to make Quick Mill machines are of high quality and come from the best suppliers in Italy and Europe. Quick Mill machines also provide customizability options to cater to different user preferences and needs.

Whether you are looking for a small, compact espresso machine to use at home or require a powerful machine with a direct water line for use in a cafe or office, Quick Mill has a machine for everyone. Moreover, Quick Mill offers great durability, reliability, and maintenance to all its machines.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying multiple machines in a short period, as your Quick Mill machine is designed to last.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo stands out as the best model of espresso machine that Quick Mill has to offer. With its top-of-the-line features and recently updated design, this machine can cater to all the specialty coffee needs of both enthusiasts and coffee businesses.

Quick Mill provides a range of espresso machines that cater to the needs and preferences of different users. With its use of high-quality materials, customizability options, and top-tier performance, Quick Mill stands out as a reliable and trustworthy brand for anyone looking to purchase an espresso machine.

In conclusion, Quick Mill espresso machines offer a range of options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of specialty coffee enthusiasts. The Vetrano 2B Evo stands out as the best model, with its top-of-the-line features and recent updates.

Quick Mill machines excel in quality, durability, and performance, making them a reliable choice for both home and commercial use. Whether you prefer a rotary or vibratory pump, need a compact size, or require a machine with a high capacity, Quick Mill has the perfect espresso machine for you.

With Quick Mill, you can experience the art of brewing exceptional coffee right at your fingertips. Choose Quick Mill and elevate your coffee experience today.

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