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Unleashing the Flavor: A Guide to French Press Coffee Beans

Introduction to French Press Coffee

There is nothing like a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee. Each morning, millions of people start their day with this pick-me-up, and for many coffee enthusiasts, the French press is a popular choice for brewing.

French press coffee is known for its robust flavor and minimalist brewing device. In this article, we will explore the benefits of French press coffee and the best coffee brands suitable for this type of brewing system.

Benefits of French Press Coffee

The beauty of the French press lies in its simplicity. This brewing method doesn’t require expensive equipment, and all you need is hot water, ground coffee, and a French press.

The result is a rich, flavorful cup of coffee. Let’s explore the benefits of French press coffee in more detail.

Minimalist Brewing Device

The French press is a compact and straightforward brewing device that gets the job done without any complications. It consists of a carafe, plunger, and a filter.

The French press brews coffee by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in hot water and then pressing the plunger down to separate the brewed coffee from the coffee grounds.

Rich Cup of Coffee

French press coffee produces a richer cup of coffee with more full-bodied flavor and less acidity compared to other brewing methods. This is because the filter used is a metal mesh that allows the coffee’s natural oils and flavors to seep through into the brew.

The result is a smooth and silky cup of coffee that awakens your senses.

Choosing the Best Coffee for French Press

To get the best cup of coffee from your French press, you must choose the right coffee beans. The coffee’s flavor, quality, and freshness will have a significant impact on the final result.

Here are the primary factors to consider when choosing the best coffee for French press:

Types of Coffee

There are two types of coffee beans arabica and robusta. Arabica beans have a sweeter, fruitier flavor and are less bitter than robusta beans.

However, robusta beans contain more caffeine and cost less than arabica beans. To get the best cup of coffee from your French press, we would recommend using arabica beans.

Top Brands

Choosing the right coffee beans can be challenging, with so many brands to choose from. The best coffee brands suitable for French presses include Bean Box Subscription, Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry,

Sleepy Monk

French Roast Sumatran, Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee, Peets Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend,

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee


Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian, and

Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean.


The price of coffee beans usually reflects the quality of the coffee. High-quality coffee beans are usually more expensive than lower-quality ones.

However, this isn’t always the case, and you can find high-quality coffee beans at reasonable prices.


Flavor is subjective, and everyone has their preferences. When choosing coffee for French press, consider the flavor profile you prefer.

Some people prefer fruity, while others prefer chocolatey or nutty flavors.


The quality of coffee beans is dependent on various factors such as the growing conditions, processing method, and storage. High-quality coffee beans have a smooth and pleasing taste, while low-quality beans produce a harsh and bitter taste.


Freshly roasted coffee beans produce the best cup of coffee. The longer the coffee sits, the more its flavor deteriorates.

Therefore, when choosing your coffee beans, consider the roast date and consume them within two weeks of roasting.

Review of Best Coffees for French Press

There are several excellent coffee brands suitable for French press brewing. Here are some of the best coffee brands we recommend:

Bean Box Subscription Best Overall

This coffee subscription service supplies freshly roasted coffee every month. They offer both small samples and full bags.

This coffee is perfect for those who want to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee every day.

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry Best Coarse-Ground Coffee

These peaberry beans are pre-ground for you to use immediately. The consistency of the grounds is perfect for French press brewing.

Moreover, Volcanica is Rainforest Alliance-certified, ensuring that you get quality coffee.

Sleepy Monk

French Roast Sumatran

Perfect for those who love smoky and toasty flavors, this coffee has a velvety texture and a full-body taste.

Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee Best Decaf

Verena Street offers naturally decaffeinated coffee using the Swiss Water Process. This medium roast coffee is smooth and has a pleasing profile.

It is Rainforest Alliance-certified, ensuring high-quality.

Peets Coffee Major Dickasons Blend

This blend of dark roasted coffee has a full-body flavor and tastes true to the roast strength. It’s perfect for those who want a bold and robust cup of coffee.

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee


This coffee has a captivating aroma with strong chocolatey notes. It has a sweet finish that compliments the light-roast flavor.

Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian

This coarsely ground coffee is specifically designed for cold or iced coffee. The roasty-toasty flavor and rich penetrating aroma make it an excellent choice for coffee lovers.

Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean

Dark roasted beans from Sulawesi have a low acidity level with a creamy texture and smooth finish. The quality of this coffee is outstanding.


In conclusion, the French press is a simple and easy brewing device that produces a rich and robust cup of coffee. To get the best taste, you need to choose the right coffee beans.

With this review of the best coffee brands for French press, we hope that you can select the perfect coffee for your morning cup. Cheers to a robust and flavorful cup of coffee!

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Coffee for French Press

The French press is a classic brewing method that produces a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee.

However, to get the most out of your French press, you need to find the right coffee. In this Buyer’s Guide, we will explore the factors that affect the taste of coffee brewed in a French press.


When brewing coffee with a French press, the grind size is crucial. The coffee beans should be ground coarsely, like sand.

A fine grind doesn’t work well in a French press because it can slip through the mesh filter and make the coffee bitter and muddled. A coarse grind makes it easier for water to flow through the grounds, allowing coffee to extract evenly, making it rich and nuanced.


Finding the right balance between the brewing time, water temperature, and grind is crucial. If the grounds are too finely ground, the coffee may end up bitter.

On the other hand, if the grind is too coarse, the brewing time is too short, under-extracting the coffee. The result will be a thin flavorless liquid.


The French press brewing method has the potential to bring out and showcase unique flavors that may not be readily apparent in other brewing techniques. Because French press allows the coffee to steep, delicate, nuanced flavors of the coffee beans are transmitted.

Brewing time plays an essential role in extracting these flavors. Maximum


French press coffee is all about maximum flavor.

When brewing coffee with a French press, it is necessary to use high-quality coffee beans to extract maximum flavor. The coffee beans should be freshly roasted within a week or two of purchase.

This guarantees that the beans are at their peak when you grind and brew them.


The beans you choose for your French press coffee depend on your preferences. Not all beans are created equal, and personal preferences play a significant role when it comes to selecting beans.

However, here are a few essential factors to consider:

Personal Choice

When selecting coffee beans, consider your personal taste and preferences. If you prefer bold flavors, opt for dark roast, while those that prefer subtler flavors may opt for medium roast.

Coffee is personal, so it’s essential to choose a coffee that agrees with your taste buds.


Pre-ground coffee is convenient, but it’s essential to recognize that pre-ground coffee degrades quickly. Oxygen saps coffee of its flavor and aroma, so pre-ground coffee won’t be as flavorful as freshly ground coffee.

If you opt for pre-ground coffee, it’s recommended that you use it as soon as possible.

Dark Roast

Beans roasted to the point of darkness emit a bitter and ashy taste that some coffee drinkers despise. However, if you are a fan of deep, intense flavor profiles, dark-roasted coffee might be perfect for you.

Dark roast coffee often has cocoa and caramel notes and pairs perfectly with sweet cream.

French Roast

French roast coffee is a popular option for French presses due to its robustness and depth of flavor. The brew has a rich, earthy taste and is ideal for coffee drinkers who favor a bold cup of coffee.



Coffee grinders allow you to control the consistency of your coffee grind level. We recommend investing in a quality burr grinder to achieve the perfect texture of coffee grounds.

A burr grinder produces consistently sized coffee grounds, resulting in an even flavor extraction with each brew.

French Press Coffee Recommendations

Here are some of the best coffee bean recommendations for French press:

Convenient: If you’re looking for convenience, consider signing up for a coffee subscription service like Bean Box. They offer freshly roasted coffee every month, making it easier for you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

Indulgent: For an indulgent French press brew, try the Blue Bottle Coffee Three Africas blend. This coffee has an exciting and distinct flavor profile and a bright and citrusy finish.

Bright: Some coffee drinkers prefer a brighter coffee experience, and that’s where Ethiopian coffee comes in. Ethiopian coffee is known for its floral and fruity flavors, and it’s perfect for those who want to start their day with a light and bright cup of coffee.

Mellow: Sumatran coffee is known for its mellow and earthy flavor. This coffee is suitable for those who prefer a less bold and assertive cup of coffee.

Experimentation with French Press Coffee

French press coffee is an excellent option for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy playing around with coffee’s underlying flavors. The French press is a fun tool for experimenting with different coffee flavors and ratios.

Rich: For a rich and smooth coffee experience, try the Ethiopian Harrar beans. These beans are known for their complex and deeply flavorful profile, making them perfect for French press coffee brewing.

Smooth: For those who prefer subtle and smooth coffee flavors, Colombian coffee is an excellent choice. This coffee has a light and mellow flavor, making it perfect for those who prefer a less bitter coffee experience.

Personal Pick: Ultimately, it’s up to the coffee drinker to determine which coffee flavor is perfect for their preferences. Everyone enjoys different coffee flavors, so the secret to nailing the perfect French press coffee is to experimentfind the coffee that delights your taste buds and incorporate it into your breakfast routine.

In conclusion, finding the best coffee for French press brewing is all about your personal choices. It’s essential to consider the grind, balance, nuance, maximum flavor, and beans to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

We hope that our buyer’s guide will guide you in enjoying a perfect cup of French press brewed coffee. In conclusion, finding the best coffee for French press brewing is crucial to achieve a rich and flavorful cup.

By considering factors such as the grind, balance, nuance, maximum flavor, and the type of beans, coffee enthusiasts can enhance their French press experience. Experimenting with different coffee flavors and ratios allows for personalization and discovery of unique tastes.

Remember to choose freshly roasted beans and grind them coarsely to release the full potential of flavors. Whether indulging in the convenience of a coffee subscription or immersing in the fun of trying various coffees, the French press offers a delightful and satisfying brewing experience.

So, grab your French press and embark on a journey of taste and exploration with every sip.

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