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Unveiling the Bezzera Magica: A High-Quality Espresso Machine Review

Bezzera Magica: A Review of The High-Quality Espresso Machine

When it comes to making delicious espresso drinks at home, there is no doubt that having a high-quality machine is essential. One of the most impressive coffee makers in the market today is the Bezzera Magica.

In this article, we will review the history of Bezzera, discuss the features of the Bezzera Magica, and explore its brewing capacity.

History of Bezzera

Bezzera has a long history of producing commercial and domestic espresso machines. Luigi Bezzera, a Milanese man, is credited with inventing the first espresso machine in 1901.

The machine was a massive improvement from the previous method of boiling water separately and adding it to coffee grounds. Bezzera’s invention allowed for a full-on coffee-making system where water is heated and pressured through the coffee grounds, providing a better coffee experience.

Throughout the years, Bezzera has been devoted to creating high-quality, reliable machines that provide the best coffee experience. Among the many coffee makers that they have produced, one that stands out from the rest is the Bezzera Magica.

Overview of Bezzera Magica

The Bezzera Magica, a hand-built espresso machine made in Italy, combines a traditional design with modern features and advanced technology. With its sleek stainless-steel body, the Bezzera Magica is a stunning piece to have in any kitchen or caf.

One of the features that sets the Magica apart is its intuitive design. The espresso machine boasts a user-friendly interface with clearly labeled buttons.

The Magica is equipped with four programmable buttons, which can be programmed to over 180 execution systems, allowing you to customize your drinks to your liking. Another impressive feature of the Bezzera Magica is its PID temperature controller.

The PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller is an advanced system that maintains a precise temperature for brewing coffee, ensuring that no flavors are lost during the process. The PID temperature controller is an essential feature for brewing consistently delicious coffee.

Brewing Capacity

Heat exchanger boiler design

The Bezzera Magica is a heat exchanger espresso machine, meaning it heats the water for the coffee-making process using the same unit that is used to brew the coffee. This heat exchanger boiler design allows you to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously, saving time and effort.

For those who love to brew coffee, the heat exchanger boiler design is a major draw. The Bezzera Magica boasts a 2-liter boiler that is comprised of high-quality copper.

The copper material allows for efficient heating and heat retention, creating a consistent stream of hot water for brewing coffee.

Copper boiler and vibratory pump

The vibratory pump is another major feature of the Bezzera Magica. Unlike piston-driven and motor-driven pumps, vibratory pumps are less noisy, less expensive, and more compact, perfect for home or office use.

The Bezzera Magica comes equipped with a top-of-the-line vibratory pump and a copper boiler. The copper boiler is resistant to corrosion, conductive for the efficient exchange of heat, and has antimicrobial properties.

The combination of a copper boiler and vibratory pump ensures that the espresso machine lasts longer and brews high-quality coffee.

PID temperature controller option


PID temperature controller option takes the Bezzera Magica’s brewing capacity to the next level. The controller allows you to set the exact brewing temperature that is ideal for brewing coffee.

The PID controller is essential for those who want to brew consistently excellent coffee. The controller maintains a precise temperature for brewing, ensuring that every shot of coffee is brewed to perfection.

This feature is particularly important for coffee enthusiasts who are passionate about the art of brewing delicious coffee.


The Bezzera Magica is a remarkable espresso machine that combines traditional design with modern features and technology. From its intuitive interface to its high-quality vibratory pump and copper boiler, the Magica is a machine that coffee lovers will appreciate.

Whether you want an espresso in the morning or are hosting a coffee party, the Magica won’t disappoint.

User Friendliness

The Bezzera Magica is not only a stunning machine to have in the kitchen, but it is also user-friendly. With its traditional design and modern features, the Bezzera Magica has been designed to be simple to use, even for beginners.

Learning Curve for Heat Exchanger System

The heat exchanger system is one of the unique features that the Bezzera Magica offers, and some users may find the learning curve steep. The heat exchanger system eliminates the need for cooling down the boiler between brewing and steaming by using a single boiler that heats water for both brewing and steaming.

One of the advantages of the heat exchanger system is its efficiency in saving time, and it produces consistent results. To operate this machine, one should master timing the movements of brewing and steaming milk to get the desired taste in the coffee.

After mastering those skills, the heat exchanger system becomes quite easy to use.

Interface and LED Lights

The Bezzera Magica has an intuitive interface, with buttons and LED lights that are easy to navigate. The LED lighting is located in various spots on the machine, lighting up important parts such as the power switch, brewing button, hot water, and steam wand trigger buttons.

The machines interface makes it easy to control the temperature, the brew pressure, and when to dispense hot water. For beginners who may have trouble operating the machine, the prompts and labels on the interface will help them along.

Water Reservoir and Cup Warmer

The Bezzera Magica has a 3.0-liter water reservoir that can be removed and refilled at any time. The machines water reservoir is designed to be easy to fill, and it has a sight glass on the side that displays the water level.

Additionally, the Bezzera Magica comes equipped with a cup warmer that is located on the top of the machine. The cup warmer is designed to keep your coffee cups warm, ensuring that your coffee will be at the perfect temperature once it is brewed.

This feature is perfect for people who enjoy their coffee at a particular temperature.

Dual Pressure Gauges

The Bezzera Magica comes equipped with dual pressure gauges, which are strategically placed on the front of the machine. One pressure gauge shows the current boiler pressure, while the other gauge shows the brew pressure.

The brew pressure gauge shows how much pressure is being applied to the ground coffee beans, ensuring that the coffee is brewed at the correct pressure. The steam boiler pressure gauge shows the boiler’s pressure, which is used to heat water and steam.

Milk Frothing

The Bezzera Magica is perfect for those who enjoy lattes and cappuccinos, thanks to its impressive milk frothing system. The machine comes equipped with a powerful steam wand that creates rich, velvety milk foam that is perfect for latte art.

Steam Power and Joysticks

The Bezzera Magicas milk frother runs on a powerful steam wand that can froth milk quickly and efficiently. The steam wand is mounted on a separate knob and joystick-styled knobs that are easy to use, with the distinct difference being the ease of cleaning the joystick-styled knobs provide.

Compare Knobs and Joystick-Styled Knobs

When it comes to the knobs on the Bezzera Magica, there are two options: standard knobs and joystick-styled knobs. The joystick-styled knobs are comfortable to use, and they are easy to clean.

The standard knobs are typical and offer a good grip, but they may require a bit of effort to clean. The Bezzera Magica with joystick-styled knobs is perfect for people who are looking for a machine that is easy to operate and easy to maintain.


In summary, the Bezzera Magica is an impressive espresso machine that offers a range of features that make it simple to use, even for beginners. The machine’s interface, LED lights, and dual pressure gauges make it easy to control, while its milk frothing system and powerful steam wand can produce velvety milk foam that is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

The Bezzera Magica’s water reservoir and cup warmer ensure that your coffee is always at the perfect temperature, while its heat exchanger system makes it efficient and time-saving. Whether you prefer the classic knobs or the new joystick-styled knobs, the Bezzera Magica is the perfect espresso machine for those who enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Build Quality

When it comes to espresso machines, build quality is a significant factor to consider. The Bezzera Magica is no exception, and it is built to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Bezzera’s Reputation for Exceptional

Build Quality

Bezzera has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality espresso machines that are designed to last. Every component is carefully selected and tested to ensure that the machine is reliable and of the highest quality.

The Bezzera Magica is made with the same level of care and precision that Bezzera has become known for. From the machine’s sturdy frame to its interior components, everything is built to last, making the machine a reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliance.

Medium Size and Retro/Minimalist Design

The Bezzera Magica is medium-sized, making it perfect for home kitchens and small cafes. The machine’s modest size is also ideal for those who have limited counter space.

The Bezzera Magica has a retro/minimalist design that combines classic and modern elements, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen decor. The machine’s sleek stainless steel exterior gives it a refined and polished appearance, while its simple design and clean lines give it a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Mirror-Finish Exterior and Drip Tray

One of the Bezzera Magica’s most distinguished design features is the mirror-finish exterior that is polished to perfection. The machine’s mirror-finish provides a reflective surface that looks especially impressive when it catches the light, giving the machine a luxurious look.

The Bezzera Magica also comes with a drip tray that is designed to be easy to clean. The drip tray can be easily removed and washed, ensuring that the machine is always clean and in good condition.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Like any household appliance, the Bezzera Magica needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Basic

Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

The basic cleaning and maintenance of the Bezzera Magica include wiping down the machine’s exterior with a damp cloth and cleaning the drip tray regularly.

The machine should also be descaled every three to four months to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits in the boiler and other internal components.

Use of Filtered Water and Scale Build-Up

Filtered water is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of the Bezzera Magica. Using filtered water not only reduces scale build-up in the machine but also ensures that the machine produces better-tasting coffee.

The use of filtered water extends the life of the components by reducing the amount of mineral deposits that develop over time. Scale build-up can cause significant damage to the machine’s internal components.

Regular descaling using a citric acid solution can help to remove scale build-up and keep the machine in optimal condition. The Bezzera Magica also comes equipped with a built-in programmable water softener that reduces the amount of calcium in the water, further reducing the risk of scale build-up.

Emergency Shut-off and Longevity

The Bezzera Magica has an emergency shut-off feature that automatically shuts off the machine in case of a malfunction or safety concern. This feature protects the machine from damage and ensures user safety, making the Bezzera Magica a reliable and safe appliance.

The Bezzera Magica is built to last, and with proper cleaning and maintenance, it can deliver a quality coffee experience for many years. The machine’s high-quality components, durable construction, and emergency shut-off feature make it a worthwhile investment for coffee enthusiasts.

Don’t Buy the Bezzera Magica If… While the Bezzera Magica is a fantastic espresso machine with numerous features and capabilities, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

Here are a few scenarios where the Bezzera Magica may not be the best fit.

Rarely Make Milky Drinks

If you rarely make milky drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos, the Bezzera Magica may not be the ideal machine for you. The Magica is a single-boiler espresso machine, which means it can only perform one task at a time – either brewing coffee or steaming milk.

If you primarily enjoy straight espresso and only occasionally indulge in milky drinks, you might want to consider a different Bezzera model such as the Bezzera Unica. The Bezzera Unica is a single-boiler machine that offers similar features to the Magica but is more focused on espresso brewing and does not include a steam wand.

This type of machine could be better suited to your needs if you rarely make milky drinks.

Want a Dual Boiler

If you are someone who values the ability to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously, you may want to consider a dual-boiler machine instead of the Bezzera Magica. The Magica’s single-boiler design means that you have to wait for the boiler to switch from brewing temperature to steaming temperature and vice versa.

For coffee enthusiasts who desire more control and efficiency, a dual-boiler machine like the Bezzera Matrix could be a better option. The Matrix features two separate boilers, one for brewing and one for steaming, which allows for simultaneous operations and more precise temperature control.

This type of machine is ideal for those who prioritize convenience and workflow in their coffee-making process.

Want a Statement Piece

If you are looking for an espresso machine that doubles as a statement piece in your kitchen or coffee bar, the Bezzera Magica’s understated design may not fulfill your desires. While the Magica’s minimalist and retro appearance is elegant, it may not have the bold aesthetics you seek.

For those who want a visually striking espresso machine, Bezzera offers the Bezzera Strega. The Strega is a prosumer machine that features a lever-operated design, making it both visually impressive and mechanically unique.

If you are seeking a machine that is a true showstopper and conversation starter, the Bezzera Strega or even the Slayer espresso machine could be the perfect fit. These machines are designed to make a statement in any coffee environment.

Overall Verdict

The Bezzera Magica strikes a balance between functionality and cost, making it an excellent choice for many coffee enthusiasts. Its blend of modern technology and Italian tradition creates a machine that delivers exceptional espresso with every brew.

With its timeless design and reliable performance, the Bezzera Magica offers excellent value for its price point. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore the world of espresso or a seasoned home barista seeking a dependable machine, the Bezzera Magica is a reliable and satisfying choice.

However, keep in mind that if you rarely make milky drinks, desire the ability to brew and steam simultaneously, or want a visually bold statement piece, other Bezzera models may better suit your needs. Consider the Bezzera Unica for espresso-focused brewing, the Bezzera Matrix for dual-boiler efficiency, or the Bezzera Strega or Slayer for a visually striking machine.

Ultimately, the final decision will depend on your personal preferences, brewing style, and budget. Whatever your choice, Bezzera is a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality, and you can trust their machines to deliver an exceptional espresso experience.

In conclusion, the Bezzera Magica is a high-quality espresso machine that combines modern features with a traditional design. It offers a range of functionalities, such as the heat exchanger boiler, PID temperature controller, and powerful steam wand.

The machine is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and LED lights, as well as easy maintenance and cleaning tasks. The Bezzera Magica’s build quality is exceptional, reflecting Bezzera’s reputation for reliability.

However, it may not be suitable for those who rarely make milky drinks, prefer a dual boiler system, or seek a visually striking statement piece. Overall, the Bezzera Magica provides a balanced blend of functionality, cost, and Italian tradition, making it a timeless machine that offers excellent value for coffee enthusiasts.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting the perfect espresso machine for your home or caf.

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