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Upgrading Wilfa Uniform Grinder Burrs: Worth the Investment?

The Wilfa Uniform Grinder: Burrs Upgrade

The Wilfa Uniform Grinder is a beloved coffee grinder among coffee aficionados, renowned for its consistent performance and ability to produce a perfect cup of coffee every time. However, some enthusiasts are driven to enhance their grinding experience further, seeking a more refined and precise grind.

Upgrading the grinder’s burrs presents a compelling solution. This upgrade not only refines the grind uniformity but also extends the grinder’s lifespan. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this upgrade, delve into the process itself, and discuss the potential outcomes.

Background of the Wilfa Uniform Grinder

The Wilfa Uniform Grinder has carved a niche for itself in the coffee world as a popular brewing grinder favored by coffee lovers worldwide. Its reputation for consistency and reliability is well-established, making it suitable for a range of brewing methods, including pour-over, drip coffee, and espresso.

Manufactured by Wilfa, this grinder utilizes flat burrs to grind coffee beans, ensuring a smooth and consistent grind.

Reasons for Upgrading Burrs

1. Enhanced Grind Consistency

The primary motivation for upgrading burrs is to achieve a more consistent grind, which is crucial for extracting the full flavor potential from coffee beans. Upgrading to higher-quality burrs improves the grind consistency, resulting in a more precise extraction and a superior coffee taste.

2. Finer Particles for Specific Brewing Styles

Upgraded burrs often produce finer particles, which can be advantageous for certain brewing methods, particularly espresso. Espresso requires a very fine grind for proper extraction, and upgraded burrs can provide the necessary precision.

3. Extended Grinder Lifespan

Upgraded burrs are generally made from high-quality materials, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to the standard burrs. This extends the grinder’s overall functionality and reduces the need for frequent replacements.

How to Upgrade Burrs

Upgrading burrs on the Wilfa Uniform Grinder is a relatively straightforward process. It involves acquiring new burrs, preferably the SSP burrs renowned for their consistent grind, and carefully installing them. The installation process is usually quick and involves replacing the existing burrs with the new ones.

However, it is essential to exercise caution and ensure you have the appropriate tools and expertise to avoid damaging the grinder during the installation process. Seek guidance if needed.

Results of the Upgrade

1. Improved Grind Uniformity

The most notable result of upgrading burrs is the enhanced uniformity of the grounds. This consistency leads to a more efficient extraction process, resulting in a more precise extraction and a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

2. Finer Particles

Upgraded burrs typically produce finer particles, which can be advantageous for specific brewing styles like espresso, where a fine grind is essential for proper extraction.

Downsides of the Upgrade

1. Difficulty in Calibration

One potential downside is that the adjustment rings may be more challenging to set up after the upgrade. This may require additional time and effort to find the optimal grind setting.

2. Potential Motor Damage

Some users have reported potential motor damage due to the increased power required to grind coffee beans with the new, high-quality burrs. This is a factor to consider, as it could lead to premature wear and tear on the grinder motor.

3. Loss of Versatility

In some cases, the upgrade might result in the loss of the espresso brewing function that was possible with the old burrs. This is because the new burrs might not be able to produce the desired uniformity between coarser grind settings.

Comparison to Other Grinders

Comparison to Premium Hand Grinders

When compared to premium hand grinders like the 1Zpresso Jx and Lido 3, the Wilfa Uniform Grinder performs similarly in terms of grind consistency. However, it lacks the tactile feedback and stylish appeal found in hand grinders.

Comparison to Less Consistent but Excellent Manual Grinders

The Wilfa Uniform Grinder stands out when compared to other manual grinders that are highly regarded in the specialty coffee community. While the Wilfa Uniform Grinder may be more expensive than some manual grinders, the extra expense is justified by its consistent grind results.

Comparison to High-End Grinders

When compared to top-tier grinders like the Mahlkonig EK43 and the Nuova Simonelli Mythos II, the Wilfa Uniform Grinder presents a logical next step due to its high-quality build, consistent grind, and more affordable price point.


The Wilfa Uniform Grinder is an exceptional grinder designed to deliver consistent, high-quality grounds. Upgrading to superior burrs can further refine the grind, producing finer particles and leading to an even more rewarding coffee experience. However, potential drawbacks like calibration difficulty, potential motor damage, and potential loss of versatility should be considered before making the upgrade.

Comparing the Wilfa Uniform Grinder to both premium hand grinders and high-end models can help you decide whether upgrading your grinder is the right move for you.

Considerations Before Upgrading Burrs

Availability Outside Europe

One major consideration is the limited availability of Wilfa products outside Europe. Obtaining a Wilfa Uniform Grinder might be challenging for those residing outside this region. Ordering online might be an option but may not be feasible for everyone.

Necessity for Satisfied Users

It’s essential to consider whether upgrading your burrs is truly necessary if you are already satisfied with the consistency of the standard Wilfa Uniform Grinder. Unless you are pursuing espresso-style brewing, the standard burrs should suffice for other brewing methods.

Considerations for US or Asia Customers

For users in the US or Asia, factors like increased shipping costs and price points might influence their decision-making process. While the Wilfa Uniform Grinder is not readily available outside Europe, it is possible to acquire one online. However, the higher shipping costs and price point compared to competitor products in those regions should be taken into account.

Personal Experience and Opinion

As a coffee enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to use the Wilfa Svart Uniform, and I can attest to its remarkable grind consistency, build quality, and reliability. I particularly appreciate its single-dose capability and suitability for various brewing styles, including espresso.

My interest in upgrading to SSP burrs stems from a desire to experience a more refined grind and potentially enhance my espresso brewing experience. While the standard burrs are capable of producing consistent grinds, I believe upgrading could open up new possibilities and produce even finer particles.

Analysis of Results and Opinion on Upgrade

After upgrading to SSP burrs, I have observed a significant improvement in grind consistency, leading to a more efficient extraction. I have also noticed finer particles coming from my grinder, which is particularly advantageous for espresso brewing. This upgrade has also helped me refine my brewing parameters and understand the importance of precise calibration.

In my opinion, upgrading burrs for the Wilfa Uniform Grinder is worthwhile if you prioritize grind uniformity and seek to experiment with espresso brewing. While potential downsides like a loss of versatility and increased shipping costs for customers outside Europe exist, the advantages of upgraded burrs make it a compelling investment. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade is a personal one, but it’s clear that the upgrade can lead to an even more enjoyable coffee experience.


When considering upgrading burrs for the Wilfa Uniform Grinder, thorough research is essential to identify factors that could impact your decision. Availability, satisfaction with your current grinder, and shipping costs are crucial considerations. My personal experience has been positive, but it might not be the right choice for everyone.

If you are a coffee enthusiast seeking a consistently fine grind and exploring espresso brewing, upgrading your burrs could open doors to a more nuanced and rewarding coffee experience. The decision ultimately rests with you, but the potential benefits of upgrading are undeniable.

In conclusion, upgrading burrs for the Wilfa Uniform Grinder is a fantastic option for coffee enthusiasts prioritizing a consistent grind. While factors like availability and shipping costs should be taken into account, the advantages of improved grind uniformity, enhanced extraction, and expanded espresso brewing possibilities make it a worthy investment.

Whether you choose to upgrade or not, the journey towards a better coffee experience is an exciting one. Experiment, explore, and discover what works best for you. Enjoy the delicious world of coffee!

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