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Discovering Victorian Elegance: Windward House Inn in Cape May

The Windward House Inn: A Victorian Gem in Cape May, NJ

Cape May is a charming seaside town located in southern New Jersey. Known for its beautiful beaches, quaint streets, and historical architecture, Cape May attracts visitors from around the world.

Those who come to experience the town’s unique charm often look for a place to stay that reflects its Victorian heritage. The Windward House Inn, located just blocks from the beach and close to many attractions, is a perfect choice.

The History of Windward House Inn

Built in 1891, the Windward House Inn was originally a private residence commissioned by the Hildreth family. The house was designed by George Zabriskie, a prominent architect of the era, and reflects the high Victorian treasures of that time.

In 1919, it was converted into a boarding house and remained a popular destination for tourists throughout the 20th century. The house was eventually renovated in the 1990s to become the bed and breakfast it is today.

Location and Proximity to Attractions

One of the main draws of the Windward House Inn is its location. It is just a short walk away from some of Cape May’s best attractions, including the beach, shopping, restaurants, and tour sites.

Visitors can easily spend the day exploring without having to worry about transportation. The Windward House Inn is also close to the Emlen Physick Estate, a Victorian home that has been turned into a museum, and Congress Hall, a historic hotel that has been welcoming guests since the 1800s.

Description of Windward House Inn’s Victorian Architecture and Features

The Windward House Inn boasts many of the features that were popular during the Victorian era. Guests will immediately notice the spacious rooms and high ceilings, which are typical of that time.

The house is also decorated with antique furnishings, which help to transport guests back in time. The inn’s porches are a highlight, providing the perfect place to relax and take in the town’s sights and sounds.

First Floor Rooms at Windward House Inn

The Windward House Inn has a variety of rooms available for guests, all of which are spacious and elegantly decorated. Two of the most popular rooms are the

Renaissance Room

The Renaissance Room is located on the first floor and features Victorian furnishings and a private bath. The room boasts an impressive Victorian bed, which is sure to make guests feel like royalty.

Marble topped side bureaus add to the luxury, while a stall shower provides modern convenience.

Summer Suite

The Summer Suite is perfect for travelers who are looking for a little more space. This room features a sitting room and a private entrance from a small porch.

The vintage chestnut door is a standout feature, and the convertible single bed makes this room perfect for families or groups. An antique bed adds to the charm, making this room a popular choice among guests.

In Conclusion

The Windward House Inn is a Victorian gem located in the heart of Cape May. With its elegant architecture, spacious rooms, and prime location, it is the perfect choice for those looking to experience the town’s unique charm.

The inn’s features and amenities make it a popular choice among visitors, and with its history and charm, it is sure to continue to attract guests for many years to come.

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