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The Rich Flavors and Freshness of Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canadian-based company that has been making high-quality coffee since 1996. The company is situated in the beautiful British Columbia region and its growth has been remarkable since it first started out as a small garage-based operation.

Kicking Horse coffee is known for its wonderful flavor, and their range of roasts, packaging, and organic and free-trade varieties make them a leader in the coffee industry.

Background and History

Kicking Horse Coffee began in 1996, in the mountains of British Columbia, as a small garage-based business. The founders passion for coffee led them to take their roasting skills to the next level and provide coffee lovers with the best available coffee by using top-quality ingredients from well-known coffee farmers.

The company’s current location is a testament to its growth and success, and it continues to thrive in the Canadian coffee industry.

Varieties and Flavors

Kicking Horse Coffee has a range of light roast, dark roast, and flavored coffee varieties that will satisfy any coffee-lover’s taste buds. Their selection includes popular flavors like the Kick Ass dark roast, which is a bold blend with a deep, rich flavor.

If you prefer a light roast, then the Three Sisters offering is the perfect choice. This light-bodied coffee has a soft and sweet flavor that is perfect for the mornings.

Kicking Horse coffee is also known for its bold and bitter flavor. This is thanks to their dark roasts which are strong and robust, but still have a smooth finish.

These roasts come in a range of caffeine content levels to satisfy coffee drinkers of all types. The company offers both pre-ground coffee and whole beans, so that consumers can choose the best option for their individual needs.


Kicking Horse Coffees packaging is designed to keep your coffee fresh and tasty. The resealable bags are perfect for those who only want a few cups of coffee at a time.

The bags come with an expiration date to ensure that the coffee is always fresh. The bags also come with instructions for the pour-over brewing method, which is the preferred brewing method for Kicking Horse Coffee.

The company also offers a range of flavored varieties like spicy notes, holiday blends, and more.

Dark Roast Varieties

If you enjoy strong flavors and bitter coffee, Kicking Horse Coffees dark roasts are for you. The company has a wide range of dark roasts with different flavor profiles, so you can choose the one that suits your taste buds the best.

The companys roasts also range in caffeine content, so if you need an extra boost of energy, dark roasts are the way to go.

Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee offers both pre-ground coffee and whole beans, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to enjoy your coffee. Pre-ground coffee is a convenient option for those who want to save time, and for making coffee on the go, while whole beans are for those who prefer the freshness and flavor of coffee that is freshly ground at home.

Kicking Horse Coffee even offers a special grinder for those who want the absolute freshest possible coffee, allowing you to experience the full flavor of their dark roasts.

Organic and Free-Trade Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is proud to offer organic and free-trade coffee. This means that the coffee is produced without the use of harmful chemicals and is grown by farmers who are paid fair wages for their labor.

The company believes in supporting the farmers who grow the coffee beans, and they work hard to ensure that their coffee is produced ethically and sustainably. By drinking Kicking Horse Coffee, you can feel good about supporting a company that is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

In summary, Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canadian-based company that is dedicated to producing high-quality coffee using top-quality ingredients from well-known coffee farmers. Whether you prefer light roasts, dark roasts, or flavored coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee has something to offer you.

Their packaging is designed to keep your coffee fresh, and they offer both pre-ground coffee and whole beans, so you can choose the best option for your individual needs. And most of all, Kicking Horse Coffee is committed to making a positive impact in the world through their commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee production.


Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee

For coffee lovers, nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee. One of the most important factors that determine the taste and quality of coffee is the freshness of the coffee beans.

When it comes to coffee, there are two options for brewing: whole bean and pre-ground coffee. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is better?

Pros of Whole Bean Coffee

The main advantage of whole bean coffee is freshness. When coffee beans are ground, they begin to lose their flavor and aroma.

With whole bean coffee, the freshness is preserved until the moment you grind the beans. This means you get a better tasting cup of coffee every time.

When you buy whole bean coffee, you also have the option to choose the coarseness of the grind, which is important for different brewing methods like pour-over and French Press.

Pros of Pre-Ground Coffee

Pre-ground coffee is the most convenient option for coffee lovers on-the-go. Its ready to use, which means you dont have to worry about making a mess with your grinder or spending time measuring the right amount of coffee beans.

Pre-ground coffee is perfect for busy individuals who want to enjoy a cup of coffee without any extra hassle.

Grinding at Home

If youre a coffee lover who prefers whole bean coffee, grinding at home is the best option. It ensures that your coffee is always fresh and the flavor is not lost due to pre-grounding.

However, its important to note that the grind size matters. For example, if youre using a French press, a coarser grind is recommended to prevent the coffee from being too fine.

Experimenting with grind sizes helps to understand how the flavor of whole bean coffee changes with the degree of coarseness or fineness. 4)

Packaging and Freshness

For coffee lovers, theres nothing worse than a stale or flavorless cup of coffee.

Proper packaging and storage play a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of coffee beans and ensuring that they deliver the highest flavor profile possible.

Packaging Quality

The packaging quality of coffee plays an important role in preserving its freshness and flavor. Kicking Horse Coffee uses resealable bags with zip-lock seals, which keeps air from getting into the bag and helps to retain the freshness of the beans.

The bags are also made from high-quality materials that help to preserve the aroma and flavor of the coffee during storage and transportation.

Expiration Date

Coffee bean freshness is essential to a great cup of coffee, which is why most coffee manufacturers will indicate an expiration date on their packaging. The expiration date is an essential factor to consider when making coffee, as it determines if the coffee beans are still fresh or not.

If the expiration date is far in the future, it is safe to assume that the beans are fresh; however, if the expiration date is past, it may be best to purchase freshly roasted beans or grind at home.

Impact on Taste

The freshness of coffee beans has a significant impact on the taste and quality of the coffee we brew. When coffee beans are exposed to air or moisture, they begin to lose their flavor and aroma, resulting in a loss of taste quality.

When coffee is stale, it can develop a stale or bitter aftertaste, making it unpleasant to drink. As such, investing in fresh coffee beans and ensuring that they are properly stored and brewed is crucial to obtaining the perfect cup of coffee.

In conclusion, the choice between whole bean and pre-ground coffee largely depends on personal preference, convenience, and time. However, investing in high-quality whole bean coffee and grinding it at home can result in a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Proper packaging, freshness, and the expiration date of coffee beans are important to maintain the best flavor profile possible. With these factors in mind, coffee lovers can enjoy a delicious, fresh cup of coffee every day.

5) User Reviews

Kicking Horse Coffee has garnered a reputation for excellence in coffee roasting and production. The companys commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethics have led to many positive user reviews from coffee enthusiasts.

These reviews often praise the flavor, deep and rich, and the knowledge and expertise shown in the roasting process. However, there have been some concerns regarding availability and cost.

Lets delve into the various user reviews.

Positive Feedback

Kicking Horse Coffee has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who appreciate the company’s dedication to roasting high-quality coffee. Many users have praised the flavor of the coffee, particularly the delicious chocolaty and smokey notes, which are a result of the high-quality coffee beans and roasting method used by Kicking Horse Coffee.

Customers appreciate the deep and rich flavor of the coffee, which is perfect for sipping in the morning or enjoying throughout the day. Users were also impressed with the packaging and quick delivery, ensuring they always have a fresh, flavorful cup of coffee.

Concerns with Availability

One of the concerns regarding Kicking Horse Coffee is the limited range of varieties available in the market. The demand for Kicking Horse Coffee has created shortages in products and some varieties are hard to find.

Consumers have expressed disappointment at the limited range of organic and free-trade options available, which makes it difficult to find the right coffee flavor for their specific preferences.

Cost Analysis

Kicking Horse Coffee has always been considered an “expensive” coffee brand by some users. However, the price is often seen as reflective of the quality and expertise involved in roasting the coffee.

Despite the cost, many users believe that Kicking Horse Coffee is worth the price. The high-quality, flavorful coffee delivered by the company justifies the higher price.

Flavor Notes

The flavor profile of Kicking Horse Coffee is unique and beloved by coffee enthusiasts. Many users have praised the chocolaty, smokey, and strong flavors of the coffee.

Some have described the flavor notes as having an alluring aroma and a full-bodied taste that lingers. The aftertaste, while sometimes bitter, is still satisfying for those who enjoy strong coffee.

Chocolaty notes are often the most talked-about, with coffee lovers describing it as an indulgent, comforting flavor.


In summary, Kicking Horse Coffee not only has a reputation for being dedicated to the craft of roasting high-quality coffee but is also loved by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. While concerns regarding the availability and cost of the brand are still prevalent, the majority of users feel that the high price is reflective of the delightful flavor and unwavering commitment to quality.

The unique and alluring flavor notes of the coffee have been well received by the coffee-loving community. The rich, deep flavors of the coffee are perfect for those seeking a delicious and luxurious cup of coffee.

Despite the limited availability, Kicking Horse remains a favorite brand and continues to receive positive reviews from coffee enthusiasts. Kicking Horse Coffee, a Canadian-based company known for its high-quality coffee, offers a range of roasts, flavors, and packaging options.

Whole bean coffee provides the freshest and best-tasting cup, while pre-ground coffee offers convenience for those on the go. Proper packaging and freshness are crucial for a flavorful coffee experience.

User reviews highlight the delicious flavor notes and expertise in roasting, although some express concerns about availability and cost. Overall, Kicking Horse Coffee is revered for its commitment to quality and sustainability, delivering exceptional coffee for enthusiasts seeking a rich and indulgent experience.

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